Hello, you cool beans :sparkles: :purple_heart:

I’m happy to let you know that I watched W.I.T.C.H when I was younger, played the games on Jetix and read the comics- I even attempted to watch it in French as a kid lol :joy:

Hay Lin was my favorite (her element is air), but I also loved Will. It was an epic & very funny, action packed magical show and I had great memories with it :disco:

Theme song:

You can find the first episode on YouTube, it’s a wonderful series ^^

So, anyways, who was your fav character? Fav couple? Most disliked character? Most disliked couple? Fav Episode? Least fav episode? Fav villain? Least fav villain? Any other thoughts on this? (Yes I took some of this from my Winx Club :fairy: fan thread) :blob_sun:

P.S I might create some polls later in regards to this ^^

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I think ive seen this before, hm I cant remember…omg the memories.


I watched this when I was younger too! My favorite was Will. :blob_sun:
But I don’t remember much…

And I also watched Winx Club :star_struck:

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Bro yes.

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Fav character Will she was so cool in season 2 developing her powers that’s I have one character whose name is Will

Least Cornelia, the Earth girl… She kinda reminds me if Stella from Winx…

But I don’t remember the couples

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this looks like a winx knockoff lol

FF: I believe W.I.T.C.H comics were released in 2001 for the first time and Winx came out in 2004 but creator had the idea since 1990’s (working in comic industry) and worked on it in 2000’s (also both originate from Italy): it does make you wonder :thinking:


OMG! I remember this. Bruh I used to watch this all the time. I even memorized their rooms and stuff. :skull:


winx came out before w.i.t.c.h did so that’s what i was basing it off of. :woman_shrugging:

I’m supposed to be on vacation but I saw this and had to post before sleeping. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy::sweat_smile:

OMG! You don’t understand my obsession with this show when I was younger. Like I was OB-sessed! :joy: our McDonald’s had the toys at one point and my mother got to the point that she used her friendship with an employee to get them all for me. I had the whole series recorded on a VHS tape, had all the comics and books, had the game on the DS, and played the game on Jetix all of the time too. :joy: I can never describe enough my love for this show.

So my favorite was Cornelia (I didn’t appreciate her snobby attitude but she was always so graceful and elegant and her outfit was my favorite) and my least favorite was Irma. (The irony is not lost on me when hurricane Irma came through last year and knocked my power out for a few days. :joy:) I didn’t hate Irma though, I just liked her the least of them all- I honestly really liked all of them.

So favorite couple show wise, hands down, was Cornelia and Caleb. This could also be, however, because I had I massive crush on Caleb at the time. :joy: But he was amazing. Their romance in the books, however, shattered my heart into a billion pieces.

Least favorite couple was Taranee and Nigel. They just never really clicked for me when I was younger. Hay-Lin and Eric get a bonus mention because they were too adorkable and cute.

I used to draw the characters and symbols all of the the and I wish that I had saved those. I might have even shown a couple. :joy: baby me was so obsessed it’s sad. Lmao

Okay I’m gonna go pass out and die now. I’m just happy to see others who loved the show because I swore I was the only one who watched it when it aired. Lmao


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I’ve watched W.I.T.C.H too! All of them are my favourites :grin:
But I’ve just finished watching season 8 of Winx :laughing: I love them! (Don’t judge)

And yass I’ve also watched the bratz :joy:

I’ve basically watched all of them XD

Omg I love this story!!!

I’m a Will by hairstyle and leader
A fashionista like Cornelia
A smarty pants like Teranee
A witty sarcastic like Irma
A carefree spirit like Haylin

Side note: I like CEDRIC in human form as he is handsome …to me

I believe he turns good in the comics then dies

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Yesss omg! I feel so sad and sorry abt that​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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Bump :blob_hearts:

Is it kinda weird that I look like Will, love Cornelia and adore Hay Lin…

But fully towards Team Elyon.