DISCUSSION: Walls and Shut downs?

So for those of you who don’t know:

Donald Trump the US president, is fighting for a wall to go up between Mexico and the US border. He claims bad people are coming into the country from there. There’s currently a government shut down going on regarding it, where many people have to be going to work without pay.

I want to hear your opinions and thoughts on the issues of the wall and shutdown. It’s an open discussion.

But please remain civil. Don’t bash anyone for their opinion, if you disagree it’s fine, and it’s fine to state that but aggression and rude behavior is unnecessary. It’s a discussion not an argument.

  • Build Wall
  • Don’t Build Wall

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I don’t know much about it but I’m pretty sure there are other ways to stop unwanted immigration than building a wall


Jim Acosta helped us out, lol…walls work, he showed it. Walls have worked forever. A physical barrier will work, and I’d like a wall. Works in Israel and America helped with that one shrugs

If that’s the route we’d go anyway. What I think we should do, that we actually can’t do, at least not right now, I’d like to just take Mexico, make it the 51st state and use their wall that is already built. X’DDDD


This makes me laugh everytime I see you say it because I know it’s all a part of your Texas-Takeover plan :rofl:



Man, if we ever get into a situation where it’d be possible, it’d solve a lot of problems. LOL

We’ll fix Mexico’s problems, jack up all the great things about Mexico, and we won’t even have to maintain a HUGE wall across Texas, the biggest state on the mainland and the…little sliver on the blue state >.> We’ll just have to maintain the little one at Mexico’s southern border ^^ Less cost, not near as much mileage. It’d be great.

However, since that’s not a thing right now…>.> I’d like a wall on our southern border as well. It works in MacAllen. So >.>


Personally? What’s a wall gonna do?

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It might have kept the peace, but some people in Mexico do need to go to the USA to make things better for their kids. I feel bad for those who are Mexican heritage. After all, Abraham said, ”A house divided can not stand alone.” It was because the people were divided. He was saying, ”We won’t get anything done if we are fighting and divided.” I’m just saying why.


I don’t understand why people voted for him in the first place…oh well…



NOTHING!!! That’s all I can say!


I don’t know much about this but I wouldn’t build a wall… because how is that going to stop people ? they will always find a way and when they do that wall becomes useless and a complete waste of time and materials


For me…

First of all: Not everyone who crosses over is bad, they might just want a better life for themselves and family.

Second of all: The US-Mexico border is huge, that would take a hell of a lot of money to build. Money they can use on better things like healthcare, education, etc.



For me the wall is unnecessary and stupid and not worth the money and resources we are losing. This honestly seems like a Texas and racist redneck issue, not something the entire country should pay for. Also whatever happened to Mexico paying for the wall?


okay, i agree. we’re having a border crisis. the US-Mexico border is the most commonly crossed border in the world.

but, you know what else we’re having?
a opioid crises that’s killing millions, a water crises robbing people of a basic survival necessity, terrible foster care systems, poor education systems with overworked and underpaid teachers, millions of homeless animals on the street, a gun control crises i could go on for the next 30 minutes without so much as a moment to breath.

and we’re choosing to send our money to a wall.

i believe we need to change our immigration policy. encourage immigrants to enter legally rather than illegally. make it more efficient and fair.

is this wall even worth the longest government shutdown in all of American history? is it even worth forcing federal workers to rely on food banks as they wonder when their next paycheck is coming? i don’t think it is.


It’s true. Some people want to come here for better economic opportunity. There’s a correct way to do it. Not illegally.

For anyone who says “What’s a wall gonna do? Illegal immigrants are still going to come here.” - A wall helps prevent it by making it harder. Of course, nothing, and I mean NOTHING will ever STOP illegal immigration 100%. But a wall will help lessen the strain, as proven in Israel. Ya know, the wall America helped pay for. Walls do work. A wall will help.

If you’re worried about money, illegal immigration costs us more and more over time and than a wall will.




Well some people have to provide for their kids. And what better way than to move to America.


And I’m down for that. So long as you do it correctly/legally and assimilate.

So your saying someone can rather die then com here illegally. Some people are not as fortunate as people including me are like. Correct me if I’m wrong.


It sucks sometimes, but Americans and American people have to come first. We have people in America that are dying as well and could use help from its own people. Why would we waste our time with people that aren’t even American and help them instead?

It isn’t an easy decision, either way, people will be in worse situations. I will help an American person before I ever help someone who is not American. As an American, they’re more important to me.

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I think the idea of a border wall is absolutely ridiculous and I refuse to believe Trump wants to keep our country safe. If he did, he would not have frozen the pay for federal civilians which include TSA agents, air traffic controllers, and border security agents. I’m doubtful the Democrats will cave, but if they do, I wouldn’t count on seeing a border wall in the near future anyway.

For starters, Trump’s request for $5.7 billion would likely not even begin to meet his needs. In an internal report back in Feb 2017, the Department of Homeland Security estimated that it could cost roughly $21.6 billion. This cost already makes it logistically impossible, given our current deficit.

But let’s say we go ahead and get to building the wall. The border wall is about 1,945 miles long. Roughly 650 miles of which, already have fencing. About 190 have natural barriers. Building a wall on top of it would be wasteful and redundant. As for the natural barriers, lol best of luck building a wall along the mountains near the border. And I’m not sure Texas would see much of one either. Texas might be the state with the longest stretch of land bordering Mexico, but most of what separates the Texas Mexican border is the Rio Grande river. There are international treaties and flood zone requirements which would make a border wall along this area pretty difficult to justify. And for these portions of Texas, the walls that do exist are inland, but they cut into private property. And as you can predict, these landowners aren’t exactly thrilled.

And to go a bit further, if curbing illegal immigration is really, truly, a chief concern, prioritizing a border wall is a mistake. Roughly half of the illegal immigrants that come into the United States may have entered legally, but they simply overstayed their visas. There are definitely still people entering through the border, but it this really where we should focus all our resources? I don’t think so.

If we’re going to beef up on immigration, then the borders will need more surveillance tools. More cameras, more motion sensors, more lights, more border security agents. A wall can only do so much. Maybe I’m more out of touch than I like to think, but I have yet to hear Trump say anything beyond his campaign stump speech about building a wall.

It really is starting to feel like this is about keeping his base happy than actually taking a serious look at immigration policy.


You are not superior. Stop believing that please. And if you were on the other side. We all know you would think differently. I really don’t want to get into a fight. So this is my statement. And all human beings are equal.