DISCUSSION: We need BETTER featured stories

Um, this probably will get merged or closed because its a duplicate topic of a topic i don’t know, of but i’m hoping that doesn’t happen and i can have my own topic/thread for it.

Okay, by now we all know this. Episode needs more I mean better featured stories. Like it’s a thing, I find everything super cliche and i’m writing a story that might even be a cliche but it’s kind of unique idk its not about that. The trending section is the same stories over and over again, it keeps going and you will rarely find one that has a good plot. Most of the time I don’t even use the app because i don’t want to waste like 1-2 hours to find a story and leave it after. Yeah honestly the stories most of you guys make are 100 times better than ones on the trending section or the featured stories.


True that, community all the way!

I have to add however that it mostly comes from the author who is writing the featured story. Not just having decent or amazing directing but also ones which think outside the box, like Episode not even two-three years ago.


I agree. The trending section and the featured stories steal all the limelight away from stories that deserve it.

Many user stories are a lot, like a lot lot better than the featured stories. And yet, they remain unnoticed because the overused cliches are stealing all the limelight.

Many stories with great and unique storylines that outrule the featured stories in many ways, barely have any reads which is quite upsetting.

As a reader, I find it so hard to find a good story sometimes unless I am recommended some story. I do think that episode should hire authors that are not only good at directing but also have the ability to think outside the box and showcase their thoughts properly.


Yes :pray:


They need to have a story in horror or fantasy or in comedy. Not like romance and drama over and over. I liked the little liars but they didn’t continue it and if they did it took months for them and I was getting so angry. I really don’t like the pitch-perfect or the demi stories etc they ain’t making you wonder what will happen next, in the episode and at the end of the episode. They are just boring. For me, those 4 chapters that I played on pitch perfect was only because of the music and the nice overlays. I prefer reading user stories. I mean I only enjoyed playing the kiss list :roll_eyes: for the featured. Also, why the hell is they publish the bad boy stole my bra :see_no_evil: just ridiculous


I like to think of the featured stories like the hallmark channel - the same story over and over again but it makes the watcher feel good. Even though it’s literally the same movie plot over and over again, it’s working because people still watch the same plot in a movie and over again.

Now, I am not one of those people, I like stories and movies that keep me at the edge of my seat but clearly a majority of the app (not members of the forums) like to read those type of predictable stories or else they wouldn’t be making them / ‘always’ trending.

I do think that the app should have a horror / true-fantasy / mystery / thriller featured story because that way new users on the app aren’t required to just read romance. (reference to the new rule where one has to read featured story episodes before they can make a profile / read user stories). While those stories won’t be as popular, I think that seeing something other than romance will attract a wider audience thus more people who are likely to keep the app.


I agree! We NEED them now!

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I totally agree with you. I’m tired of seeing the same cliches over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes cliches can be done well and made interesting. But honestly I doubt they’ll change up the type of featured stories. Their main objective is to get reads, & unfortunately those cliches are what sells.


Yup. As a whole, featured stories are way too similar.

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I’d really like a good action or mystery story that doesn’t involve much romance tbh

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