DISCUSSION : What are your 2019 goals as a writer 🎉 [CHECK IN]

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I have one question for you all who answered the previous thread…

How are your goals going?


I’m failing miserably :see_no_evil:


I… I’m doing better than I thought.

I beat my unserious goal by a long shot hehe. I haven’t started my serious goal, I’m doubting I ever will, I’m having trouble ending my on going stories hahacries

I defiantly strengthened my connection to my readers. I’d consider a good twenty of them them my friends since like, they genuinely care for me and reach out to me when I don’t post very often and make sure I’m alright if I’m a wee-bit depressed.

So, I didn’t write a romance story BUT I did the next best thing, I made a bromance between two characters and literally 90% of my readers want the two to date and I’m like if I can create a bromance that makes my readers cry, laugh and feel emotionally attached I can do ANYTHING.


I thought about this the other day! And already have next years one planned since I’ve decided I’ll just do better then lol

Here’s my comment for reference.

Ok, so something happened that I didn’t think was going to happen and I used my idea for the story I was going to write over my crap spotlight story for a contest. This was the one that I didn’t think I would have a gender choice… but now it has a gender choice that also include the transgender body type Episode did for their Pride release. Plus it has options to add the religious assets, freckles and moles, etc. Despite not updating it since the contest, I’m super proud of it. I consider it the closest I will ever get to the ultimate YOU-insert story. And it’s not that I’m in over my head or anything, because once I start writing it, it’s easy, but I just can’t seem to write it right now which frustrates me because I don’t want people to think I’m abandoning it. I just really can’t write it because people are demanding updates for other stories and idk why I thought I could manage three ongoing stories but I can’t and so I sorta hate myself as a result :grimacing:

So I feel like this is a half tick. I achieved something I set out to do, but ultimately it’s hurt me in other areas of my episode life :sob:

As for updates. Idek. I will never be a weekly updates girl and that makes me sad. I still really want to do it, but it’s not going to happen this year. Idk how others do it, but I am jealous.




eh. my main goal is to get off my a* and write continue to write my story :skull::rofl:

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I want to be able to get up to 1,000 total story views one day, but I’ve still got a long way to go…


stay positive bb :pleading_face::raised_hands:


Thank you, I will try! I need to just keep on writing!


do what makes you comfortable and happy :pleading_face::hugs:


Umm… I was a little afraid to reread this, but here is what I wrote

  • So I wanted to revamp my first two stories -> I fixed some speechbubbles with the second one and I archived the first one :laughing: I actually revamped the first 3 episodes of this, but like, I fully rewrote the plot, so I’m not planning to publish until I have at least an outline for the whole story. Does this mean I’m getting more patient and organized? :open_mouth:
  • I wanted to strenghten my directing skills -> well, it’s in progress I guess? I’m seriously working on it, even if my readers can’t see much improvement lol
  • I actually wrote an outline for my ongoing story! This is a huge achievement to me, because even though I’m still pretty slow with updating, this is the first time I know (more or less) where my story is going.
  • Adding meanigful choices -> well, maybe next time? :smiley: I just started learning about branching and stuff, so it’s pretty new to me, but I’m planning to implement this knowledge in my revamped/future stories.

Thanks for reminding me about this, Fallen. Bookmarked :eyes:


Okay so now that I have more time (as in, I’m at work procrastinating as usual), here’s a proper update:

For 2019, My goals as a writer is to…
As above I’ll do a list:

  • Finally publish (and complete) seasons 2 & 3 of Hit and Run and Cyberstalk 3
  • Enter at least 2 creator’s contests (preferably more)
  • Get to 1 million total reads

1a. I want to strengthen my…
Character development.
1b. Something new I want to try is…
While I honestly think I’ve “found” my best genre, I’d like to try and out some new genres or even new sub genres. I also mostly do short stories and I’d really like to have something longer that’s ongoing.
1c. To achieve these goals I am going to…
Attempt to find more days in a year than 365.

Well… Cyberstalk 3 has been canceled lol so that will never happen. I still plan on doing a Hit and Run 2 but 3 probably won’t happen this year.
I’ve entered one contest. Unless the theme of October/Halloween’s or December’s really speaks to me, I don’t think I have the time for a second one.
I might actually hit goal #3 thanks to Agent Cinderella. But since that’s a collab, am I supposed to split those reads in half? :rofl: I’m on about 980k now I think

I guess Agent Cinderella was technically a different genre to what I usually do so… I guess I kind of achieved 1b? It’s technically an ongoing story, too, although each season/mission is more or less a standalone story.
Still struggling to find more than 365 days in a year though lol.


Annnnnd I officially won’t be meeting that goal anymore lol :rofl:
On the plus side, I should be hitting my 1m reads total next week :crossed_fingers:t4:


Finishing Exanimate and Insecure

Since this is not closed yet, and it’s almost the end of the year: bump :eyes:


Well, it’s safe to say I’ve “failed” spectacularly :rofl:
Although, it’s not entirely my fault since creator’s contests were canceled.

I hit 1m reads so… 1/3 goals met lol


Ew, it’s been a whole year? :weary: