DISCUSSION : What are your 2019 goals as a writer? 🎉

I just want to publish one (1) story and update it even if it’s monthly…please…have mercy on me creators…


Publish my latest story. I’ve been working on it for a long time, but I’ve never gotten round to getting the first three chapters published. I’ve only ever completed one story on episode, my thriller entry (which was like 3 chapters long🤦‍♀️.) I’ve got a lot invested in this story and know how it’s going to pan out, so I really hope to finish it maybe by this time next year.

Directing skills. I’m kinda proud of them atm, but I want to increase branching and remembering choices across episodes. Although the story I’m working on is a romance I should’ve probably included remembering choices across episodes when I wrote my previous thriller stories. I want my readers to feel like they can see that choices do matter in my stories, not just major ones. I hope I can do this, we’ll see…

Writing a romance? It’s what I’m currently doing and I’ve never written romance before. I’m a comedy writer at heart :woman_facepalming: So I want my characters to have real chemistry and compliment each other. I’m not really a sentimental person and writing things like “you’re prefect” & “I love you” cringes me out. I think I’ve kinda given my MC this view as well in the story…

Really try not to lose motivation. Another story idea has already popped into my head and I’m subconsciously planning it out. I’ve got to keep on with my current story before I start a new one otherwise I’ll think I’ve got loads to do and I’m so behind blah blah blah and I’ll just stop writing. I’m also going to set aside time to write once I know I’m caught up with all my assignments and revision, I’m the kinda person that feels guilty writing episode cause I think I should be revising more school work, I need to realise that I need a break sometimes😂.

I finished my first ever story! I’ve been writing since like 2014 so it was about time tbh…

I finished my last exam yesterday and safe to say hehehe it didn’t go well. I’ve already deferred going to uni for till next year, my grades need to be good cause I’ve got to go at some point!

Watch ‘One day at a time.’ The reboot version centres on a Cuban veteran mother with ptsd, specifically the episodes “Hello, Penelope.” & “Hold, please.” I know it is a tv show so you can’t get all your info from it but it is really good to see characterisation. Keep researching, you’ll find something! :wink:

  1. For 2019, My goal as a writer is to become familar with everything
    1a. I want to strengthen my self of being active
    1b. Something new I want to try is a new story one day
    1c. To achieve these goals I am going to do my best
  2. Something I achieved this year is speaking up for my self and speaking my mind
  • For 2019, My goal as a writer is to actually read some more because a good writer is a good reader as well.

1a. I want to strengthen my everything. …Just everything needs improvement all the time.
1b. Something new I want to try is a shorter story, not a long ass story like I usually prefer. All these epics. OOF
1c. To achieve these goals I am going to have some damn self control would be nice!!!

  • Something I achieved this year is nothing. LOL, what? Achievements? Pfft, I don’t achieve anything. I just try and fail. XDXD

Ooh, how perfect! I was just thinking about stuff like this :blush:

1. For 2019, My goal as a writer is to…
Experiment with new things to implement in my stories, like mixing spotlight and directing, using tappables, having a story of one-shots, etc. I would like to have all my stories somewhat connected to each other, like a weird MCU type but with interactive stories. Also, just being more active in the Episode community, like talking on the forums and using Instagram. (I swear I’m an old lady… I don’t even know how to make an Instagram)

1a. I want to strengthen my…
Dialogue. Definitely dialogue.:sweat_smile:

1b. Something new I want to try is…
Write at least 1 story in every genre. Even the cursed romance… shudders

As well as having an overall theme of each story from real life, (the current story I’m writing is about classism) and writing from one prompt a day. I can finally dig out my unfinished scripts and ideas, maybe even asking people on here for some too!:grin:

1c. To achieve these goals I am going to…
Work on consistency. Just scheduling 3 hrs a day to writing would suffice. I also need to get better at coding, since the last time I did anything was 2 years ago…

2. Something I achieved this year…
Since being on Episode from the beginning, I’ve always wanted to write a story. I usually would stop midway through though and have a bunch of unfinished scripts collecting dust on my drive. I also just sort of snooping around the forums and not actually say anything.

But, although at the end of the year, I finally made an account on here, and started writing again. It might possibly be that I got rid of my mentality that “if people don’t read it, it isn’t good”. I decided that when I write, it isn’t because of how many views I get, but because I want a certain message to be spread, and to have new refreshing ideas that inspire others too.

Overall, I’m excited to see where the new year takes me!:smile:


1. For 2019, My goal as a writer is to… improve my writing and revamp my stories.
1a. I want to strengthen my… directing skills. For starters I want to find out how to use those freaking overlays properly!
1b. Something new I want to try is… to be patient and organized. HAHAHA But seriously, I tend to publish and update stories without outlining and I just go with the flow sometimes. Plus I’m pretty sure I should wait at least a day with updating when I finish an episode because even though I review it multiple times, I always find the errors only the next day, when it is already published.
And I’m planning to add more choices to my stories. Maybe some choices that actually have some impact on the story? :thinking: Probably will never happen, but a girl can dream.
1c. To achieve these goals I am going to… start meditating / buy glasses/invent a time machine/hire a professional coder/I have no idea.

2. Something I achieved this year is…
I completed 3 stories. Well okay, I started writing two of them in 2017 and all 3 stories are quite short, but still… I actually would like to revamp at least the first two after I finally learned how to direct better, so it feels like I didn’t really achieve anything? :smile:
Ah yes, I did, I’m happy that I managed to put a smile on some people’s face with my stories.


To actually publish a story, gosh dang it

didn’t notice the questions till now

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  1. For 2019, my goal as a writer is to…
    Correlate scenes better, do more showing and not telling, and improve my directing.

1a. I want to…
Strengthen my dialogue. I feel like it has no impact on my stories, and I tend to compare my writing to other stories… This also has to do with my confidence. I feel like emotions impact my story unconsciously, without me knowing. I want to be emotionally well enough to write my stories and have enough confidence to complete it. Plus, I want to do better cliffhangers too. My cliffhangers are so bland.

1b. Something new I want to try is…
Another mystery story. I absolutely love the story that I created for the College Days contest. Or maybe a drama, but something with not-so-much revenge! Aish, novellas and k-dramas are taking over my mind!

1c. To achieve these goals I am going to…
Read more books, look at more shows, and review my own stories as well as others. Try not to get distracted, too.

  1. Something I achieved this year is…
    I actually had a few goals too.
  • Incorporate advanced directing in my stories. :heavy_check_mark:
    Done, done, and done! I’ve used filters, zooms, choices that actually impact the story, the points system, and even started to use spot directing! Well done indeed!
  • Use more diversity. :heavy_check_mark:
    I live in one of the most populated cities in the world, this was fairly simple.
  • Character development. :heavy_check_mark:
    I’ve noticed that in most of my stories, people love the villain and not the protagonist. I’m still working on it, but my characters have come a long way.
  • Enter a Creator’s Contest. :heavy_check_mark:
    I entered 2, “Thriller” and “College Days”. For the latter, I was able to publish my story before the deadline!

I also want to complete and improve my first story, “Cruelty of Ice”.


Since I can no longer post three times in a row without going through a loop hole, I will have to shrink it onto one long post :stuck_out_tongue:


As someone who has done weekly-updates, I find it a bit challenging and not a large ‘spike’ but I def keep readers interested :slight_smile: I wish you the best of luck in writing something in every category because I don’t think I could. Is there anything you wish you achieved this year?



A suicide mystery? Sounds entrancing and inviting in mysterious thriller way. What’s one feature of Episode Writing you want to master in 2019?


I really need that goal to have all my stories completed because I am I think I’m like 5 : 4 right now? (4 are completed xD) I’m going to steal that >:) , congrats on hitting your read goal amount and I bet you are going to get to a Million in no time. Why do you think you need to strengthen your character development?



The author community missed you too, when I saw you win Epy-Awards I was like FLINK YEAH GO MOON! (dropped my phone in the process but I was hyped xD). The Epy-chatty idk what we are called (discussion stalkers?) will be here when you are back to chat :slight_smile:

That’s a good goal, to want to work on telling to showing, because some authors struggle with this and it’s been talked about on the forums that most readers like to be shown and not told. Do you think you’ll enter more contests in the future?


I’ll be back to do more people in a bit >.<



Thank you for your insight about the weekly updates thing :slightly_smiling_face:

Something I wish I had achieved this year… I wish I had got all my revamps done and dusted. To be fair, it’s only one I’m doing that is a major revamp, the other one is basically me adding full stops to the end of every line of dialogue because I wasn’t doing that when I first started lol. But I do wish I was ending 2018 with consistency across all my stories in terms of quality


Oh goodness, :see_no_evil: thank you! I’m really excited to getting back into discussions and talking again! Fresh start!

And I might! I don’t think I’ll feel comfortable joining any until I get myself back on track and back into the swing of things though. And it’ll have to be a theme that really catches my eye, but I know by now to never say never! lol


As someone who hasn’t updated in like three months, I feel you. I really want to start to publish consistently again. I totally understand the personality point system - I recently asked my readers what they wanted to see in my upcoming stories and I’d say at least 1/5 of the comments wanted a ‘personality point system’ (!!!) I totally think you can achieve it! Congrats on entering and publishing in a contest (a good majority of people can’t make the deadline) . What made you decide to want to try the personality point system?



sends mercy ---- How are you going to achieve this goal?



I see we are in the same ‘I want to write a romance’ boat. I was (somewhat) joking with my readers that if they wanted cough romantic scene’s I’d watch porn to figure out what to write :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats on publishing your first story ! — I’m still not studying for finals and I have one tomorrow :clap: :clap: :clap: xD bookmarks post to remember tip Thank you ! Do you think you’d be able to handle writing two stories at once this year?



Familiar with everything, that’s seems like a challenging goal - but I’ll be rooting for you ^-^ , What do you want to be active in? Writing, directing, socializing?



By hitting the publish button, if I ever write 3 completed episodes :skull:


No problem! Probably not, I’ll never get round to finish the one I’m currently writing! :woman_facepalming:


I want to try writing a story in Spotlight. I don’t know I think it’ll challenge my creativity.


That’s cool to read! Makes me think I’m not totally off the mark with my ideas. :blush: I wanted to try it because I’m a huge RPG fan and grew up playing “old” RPG’s (still do) and the personality of the MC is always one of the things I like to focus on. Even back then they allowed for a lot of different types of MC’s and I haven’t really seen any story on episode that reflects that. Not that changes the story (longterm) based on personality. :thinking:


I definitely love the moving animations in episode. it makes the story just that much more believable like pour coffee, closing doors, and i have no idea how people do it but i’ll learn :joy:

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:rofl: It’s honestly the best feeling in the world to know you have a completed story and will no longer have to deal with questions about updates.

As for the character development, for most of my stories I tend to focus more on the plot than the actual characters. To be fair, a lot of them are “YOU” stories, but for my future stories I want to focus on actually creating real main characters, figuring out what their likes, dislikes, flaws etc are and also put more effort into making sure my side characters do more than just exist.
The one story that I think I did a good job with- the characters actually ended up taking over the story. In a way they kind of wrote it because their back stories and their development is what caused the plot to develop. I still had a plot before I started, but I really sat down and thought about the characters and “created” them if that makes sense. I want to focus more on doing that for future stories.


(bump, totally forgot about this thread >.<, I’ll think of questions and reply to everyone else tomorrow or so)


My goal for the next year as a writer is to finally publish my story which I haven’t done on episode as yet.


I feel like I have achieved a lot this year because it was only this year that I discovered my interest in writing after toying around with the idea.