DISCUSSION : What are your 2019 goals as a writer? 🎉

No problem! Probably not, I’ll never get round to finish the one I’m currently writing! :woman_facepalming:


I want to try writing a story in Spotlight. I don’t know I think it’ll challenge my creativity.


That’s cool to read! Makes me think I’m not totally off the mark with my ideas. :blush: I wanted to try it because I’m a huge RPG fan and grew up playing “old” RPG’s (still do) and the personality of the MC is always one of the things I like to focus on. Even back then they allowed for a lot of different types of MC’s and I haven’t really seen any story on episode that reflects that. Not that changes the story (longterm) based on personality. :thinking:


I definitely love the moving animations in episode. it makes the story just that much more believable like pour coffee, closing doors, and i have no idea how people do it but i’ll learn :joy:

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:rofl: It’s honestly the best feeling in the world to know you have a completed story and will no longer have to deal with questions about updates.

As for the character development, for most of my stories I tend to focus more on the plot than the actual characters. To be fair, a lot of them are “YOU” stories, but for my future stories I want to focus on actually creating real main characters, figuring out what their likes, dislikes, flaws etc are and also put more effort into making sure my side characters do more than just exist.
The one story that I think I did a good job with- the characters actually ended up taking over the story. In a way they kind of wrote it because their back stories and their development is what caused the plot to develop. I still had a plot before I started, but I really sat down and thought about the characters and “created” them if that makes sense. I want to focus more on doing that for future stories.


(bump, totally forgot about this thread >.<, I’ll think of questions and reply to everyone else tomorrow or so)


My goal for the next year as a writer is to finally publish my story which I haven’t done on episode as yet.


I feel like I have achieved a lot this year because it was only this year that I discovered my interest in writing after toying around with the idea.


To finally master coding so I can publish my story :laughing:, hopefully by the summer!


As a writer I want to be more active in the episode community on the forums again

I left for reasons to do with specific people on the forums but the year’s almost up and I want to end it on a high

I want to be more professional as a writer here. I got into some sticky situations because I let the forums become part of my personal life and it messed me up.

For next year, I want to continue my story (which has been on hold since I left the forums due to this personal issue) and promote it. My goal is to reach 500 reads by February and have a new story in the works, for release in March.

(This was way too long sorry) :joy:


long ass story xD if you ever complete a short story- share advice with me bc I can’t end a story before like episode 30 without being dissatisfied in some way.

“I didn’t fail, just found 1000 ways that don’t work” - me trying to think optimistically ~ Is there anything you wish you accomplished this year?

@NelidaU (happy bd)


writing in romance seems to be a common goal for most authors who have posted on this thread - guess we gotta keep each other in check xD

Welcome to the community (well kinda, from lurker to forum stalker xD)! – what made you decide you wanted all your stories to have a ‘hidden’ message to spread?


Anniways :)

find errors the next day - I’m currently hiding from instagram bc I don’t want to read about all the mistakes my most recent episode had (though I checked it like three times from start to finish).

Congrats on finishing stories (that’s more than I’ve completed in like three years >.<) - even if you don’t feel like it’s an achievement, I would love to say I’ve finished three stories! jumps on table & dabs Do you plan on writing any new stories this year?


What’s your game plan to publish your story? (Like sit for hours and type, try to find motivation skills?)


^^ thanks ^^

But I try to be optimistic, just have a bar way too high for myself. The best advice is to just let go when you find yourself holding on too hard too much.

I’ve written 2 short stories, and they were both too long for what they were supposed to be, lol, but short nonetheless. Best advice is to have one, single point, one single goal and a very limited cast. Maybe something like a fable. Construct it like that ^^

… I wish I would have gotten more chapters drawn in my graphic novel. That would have been nice ^^


Well the only problem I’m having is with some dialogue and coding, I get bored real easily. But managed to publish the first chapter of my book on wattpad. :woman_shrugging:

  1. For 2019, my goal as a writer is to… write
  • I want to strengthen my… writing
  • Something new I want to try is… writing more
  • To achieve these goals I am going to… write more and more
  1. Something I achieved this year is… just writing
For real though...
  1. For 2019, my goal as a writer is to…
    Stick to the app and don’t give up. My new story has so much potential, as long as I continue to write it. Also, Rosie and I need to start converting our Jump Street SG into an episode story. The story cover and the cops (characters) have been completed, but no writing has started yet.
  • I want to strengthen my…
    My confidence in my writing. I have really low confidence when it comes to my writing, and as much as I love writing, I never think I’m good enough. However, I know I can approve because our RP/SG community has helped it to grow a tiny bit.
  • Something new I want to try is…
    Maybe trying to have some kind of consistency with chapter releases, but I know this will be almost impossible.
  • To achieve these goals I am going to…
    I find when I have multiple stories going I remain motivated. So I’ll continue to have my RPs, SGs, Caliope-Checker thread, and my Episode story going simultaneously. Then that should, HOPEFULLY, work!
  1. Something I achieved this year is…
    Leaving the app at the beginning of the year, only to return two-three weeks ago. I also started RPing/SGing at the start of the year, which allowed me to work with TRULY AMAZING writers who I can call my friends. :wink:

Why thanks! The whole hidden message thing came from here on the forums actually.:sweat_smile: I’ve seen so many people talk about different things they want in a story, plus just liking to discuss real world topics. Like I said earlier, my story is about classism, but I also want to write about healthy/unhealthy relationships, prejudice, isolation, and probably a bunch more.


Thank you! I entered the College Days contest so I’m planning to continue that story. I hope I will have enough time and inspiration to work on it because I’m not exactly sure where I am going with this (again I failed with outlining), but at the beginning I imagined this with at least 20 chapters. Actually this is a quite interesting challenge to myself: how many chapters I can write out of the blue without killing the story and making it obvious that I don’t know what I’m doing :sweat_smile:


I hope I can publish the chapters faster in 2019<33
I always struggle with writer’s block which lasts like 3 months wtfddsfs

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1A. I want to strengthen my coding skills
1B. Something new I want to try is advanced coding, and add art scenes.
1C. To achieve these goals I am going to work on more stories and watch advanced directing skill videos.

  1. Something I achieved this year is that I finally found a story idea I’m going to finish.

1. My goal as a writer, is to get to 20k reads and move my story to a proper book, writing is a passion for me and I want to turn it into a main priority.

1a. I want to strengthen my storytelling skill, I want my readers to really connect with the story and make it feel real to them.

1b. Something new I want to try is to enter a contest, I did last year, but this year I have actual ideas and more development than before.

1c. To achieve these goals I am going to use my English lessons (literacy) and some Youtube videos as a way to develop my skills and storytelling.

2. Something I achieved this year is reaching 10k reads in my story! It made me so proud of myself!

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I’m still working on my goal of having a story in every genre :rofl: only got two left. Romance being one of them, very nervous about if I can pull that off or not. Probably why it will end up being the last one I do :joy: but I’m determined to fulfil my goal.


AH! :see_no_evil: You weren’t supposed to see that!

Anywhoo… Not that I actively stalk you and read everything you have written or anything crazy like that, but I think the by way you have incorporated romance sub-plots into the stories of yours that I have read, I’m certain you’ll be able to pull it off. Um, but… please don’t stop once you have one each genre? :pleading_face: Please.

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