DISCUSSION : What are your 2019 goals as a writer? 🎉

Lol, sorry if I wasn’t meant to see it :rofl: but I’m flattered you think I can do it. Because I’m getting close to my goal, I’m already starting to think of what my next Episode goal will be (So don’t worry, no plans on stopping :grin:). I think my next may be Episode cliches. I’ve done Vampire, Bad Boy Gang Leader, Falling for your teacher, Celebrities… So there’s plenty more of those to go :rofl: Just putting my own spin on them.

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:sweat_smile: Thank god!

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Great idea for a discussion thread! Even though it’s already February, I wanted to hop onto the goal train :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
1.) For 2019, my goal as a writer is to publish a completed story.
a.) I want to strengthen my coding skills and work my way into publishing a story with complicated branching and directing.
b.) Something new I want to try is watching more of Joseph Evan’s videos! They’re actually super insightful.
c.) To achieve these goals I am going to put myself on a writer’s schedule and get these chapters out. No writer’s block for me!
2.) Something I achieved in 2018 was self-control. I learned my limits and I cut back on what was limiting my growth.

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