DISCUSSION: What are your 2020 goals as a writer?

Completely publish at least one major interactive fiction work. If I can do that, I’m golden. :slight_smile:


It’s absolutely the same. I- :skull:


Nah, but to be honest, I think I’ve learned a lot this year, even if I haven’t published anything.

Last year around this time, I was making stories I didn’t enjoy but thought the reader base would enjoy… this was terrible and put me behind my non-existent schedule. Over the course of this year, I’ve learned to write stories people would like but most importantly I would like.

I’ve also learned a few different things, like how to promote a story in the best way possible, but, none of it really matters if you don’t put it to use. Afterall, knowledge is a tool, not a crutch. Or not… At least that’s what Co-star said :eye::lips::eye:

For 2020, My goal as a writer is still the same, but more achievable and realistic this time :sickburn:


1a) Get an update schedule lol
1b) I want to finish all my stories before publishing a new one
1c) Finish Sorry, Wrong Number, Finish Sorry, Not Sorry, Publish and finish my K&T story, Revamp Time Immune

  • I entered a contest, made it on a weekly shelf, and won an Epy Award!!

My 2020 goal as a writer is to –
1a.finish one of the 3 stories I started this year. :woman_facepalming:
1b Something new I want to try is : creating backgrounds. The choices are so limited and are hardly ever updated.
1c. To achieve these* goals I am going to: idk, get off my behind and finish coding my stories? And practice my art/editing skills. :slight_smile:
2. Something I achieved this year is : I went from knowing NOTHING about donacode to being pretty good at it :slight_smile:

  1. Completing the two stories I’m working on
  2. Making sure they become popular on the app
  3. Be an expert at coding, creating backgrounds and Overlays
  4. Hopefully coming up with a third story that will make people see the depression I am fighting

Bump :fist_bump:


Complete my story. I’m on the 3rd episode already so I’m feeling positive about that. Also explore other genres and or different writing styles I’m not comfortable writing in


Me too


For 2020 my goals as a writer are to:

  1. Publish my K&T entry in time for the contest. I keep on running into roadblocks so it would be nice to overcome them and get the story done.
  2. Finish Perfectly Aligned by the end of 2020.
  3. Write at least one or two short stories in a genre I’m not comfortable with writing in.
  4. Hopefully enter a contest or two.
  5. Get 100,000 reads in total.

Something I accomplished this year was publishing Perfectly Aligned and getting 2k reads on it. Also, meeting some great wonderful people in the community!

Previous Answers

1. For 2019 my goal as a writer is to beat 144 endings with 145 endings - but in seriousness I’d like to accomplish whatever goal I set myself because I can’t think of anything right now. YET I’ve been wanting to write a (re)story with a black-female veteran that returns from war (and deals with mental health issues along with some physical?) but that’s out of my comfort zone plus, I’d have to research for days maybe even weeks, and when I did so prior it’s really hard to find topics on PTSD in women.

1a. I want to strengthen my connection to my readers. I know that sounds really weird but I want to get to know my audience better. (Right now some are mad at me because I killed their Dragon ahahah). I don’t want to be that author who is “up on a tower” (tho I do have a pretty big ego on somedays… most days…). I’d like to read their stories but not be doing it because I am a / will be a ‘big author’. I want to be able to be like… a fellow author (?) fellow reader (?)

1b. Something new I want to try is… write a romance story. I already feel someone going like that’s going to end well or maybe that’s just me having little faith in myself. No magic, no killing of thy parents, no siblings returning from the dead - just a basic ass romance story that isn’t totally predictable…

1c. To Achieve these goals I am going to… I have no doubt that I will somehow achieve these goals. I just need to not get distracted. I’m like all over the flinking place.

2. Something I achieved this year is… I created my alter author ego. This time last year I was still Fallen >.< (I mean, there’s almost nothing wrong with Fallen persona, tho I’ve been almost suspended from the forums twice lol), but I wanted a pen name and consistency with all of my stories.

One of my twenty-nineteen goals were to beat one hundred and forty four endings. I, regretfully, did and never want to code that much again. I wasn’t able to revamp that PTSD story but I did work on another story which has very similar mature themes and has been a stress releasing. Eventually, I’ll be able to publish that and appeal to an audience that likes more-realistic stories. I’m excited to release that story soonish, as it’s brought me to tears twice and I’m only on episode five.

Another goal was to strengthen my connection to my readers. Similar to the update, I’d say it’s pretty strong considering I’m never the one to make conversation. A dozen or so wished me a Happy New Years :heart: I probably could be a bit nicer to some though but I really… really… really… dislike being asked what time is the next episode coming out? Like man, I don’t fking know.

I wanted to write a romance story. I didn’t achieve this. Partly because I read like… fifty plus romance stories in two months and I need a breather haha.

I didn’t achieve as much as I thought but as much as I want to blame distractions, it was things that couldn’t be avoided.

2019 achievements : Looking back, I’m really happy I was able to finish my most well known story. Even though three weeks later I locked it and hid it from my page, it’s what introduced me to some of my reader friends. I was able to grow in coding styles. I’m trying to find a good median of cool coding skills that isn’t destroying my life without being lazy.
I also got Procreate, and man, I love making overlays and chopping Episode’s backgrounds to make overlays.

For 2020, my goal as a writer is to complete every story made in 2019. It’s 2020 and I want to write some new stories. Which means… three stories? Technically just one… since the other two have one episode left (!!!) ----- I’m aiming to get picked up by this competitor of Episode. They wanted to buy one of my stories but I kind of flat out told them that my stories won’t work in spotlight (I mean, it’s true…?) - nevertheless, if and when I can write my own story with their team and that would be a radical goal for 2020.

Something I want to strengthen is my presence on Social Media. I’ll post like four times a day then I won’t post for two weeks. Gotta aim for once a day… I think I can do this?

Something new I want to do is… is… is… uh… ideas?

To achieve these goals, I’m going to stop binging TV shows to dedicate more time to Episode. I’m also going to work on this twelve rule - which I started for most of my unpublished stories - where I have to plan only twelve episodes (and complete it) thus I’m not planning a never ending story.



Oh my God. That’s one record I never want to try and break :rofl:


So you all thought I would allow you to announce your goals and then not follow up and check in monthly?


I’ve decided it’s my job for 2020 to ensure you’re all on track to achieving your writing goals :smirk:

So let’s check in, shall we?


How many episodes have you written so far?
Are you finding any new challenges or obstacles along the way?


Sooo… how many do you currently have ongoing? :laughing:
And for your 100k goal, you mentioned you weren’t far away from it, so has January brought you closer to that line?


Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Well, I basically already know what’s happened here haha. Do you have any January amendments you’d like to make?


Whoops, bet you didn’t expect me to hold you accountable! :new_moon_with_face:

How many episodes to go?
And do you have a new story already outlined or will you start that goal once you reach your first one?

Note: I had these drafted out about 10 days ago hence me asking something I half know the answer to, lol. But still answer them!



Ah you got me here. I can’t ask where your revamp or new story just yet because of this goal here. You’re taking your time and :air_quotes: planning :air_quotes: :pleading_face: I guess I can ask if the new contest prompt has tempted you though? :smirk: Or if you’ve started practicing some stuff in limelight?


Ah, now see… I don’t know you very well but I’m fairly sure you have two ongoing ones? One for the recent K&T contest and one that was featured last year? And… I think if I’m remembering your pfp correctly I also saw you might possibly be entering the magickal contest too? I’m not trying to story shame you but I def know the struggle of having three ongoing stories, so I just want to ask how are you? I these ongoing stories ever overwhelm you, I want you to know you’re not alone and also to take some deep breaths and relax. It’s only January. You still have 11 months to achieve your goal :blob_sun:


Mmmmmmmultiple? Did I read this correctly?
Have you mapped out a rough release plan?


Woooo! How many episodes left? I know you updated twice towards the end of last year and I think I read somewhere that you don’t have heaps of episodes planned for this story. I think it was less than 10 but I don’t remember tbh :flushed: However, I think this goal is pretty realistic of you to set haha


Well, if I’m not wrong then I believe you have indeed published those two stories this month :smirk: So… how do you feel? That’s all I want to ask you for the month of January. You should be so proud for hitting that publish button, I hope you celebrated.


Well… I don’t expect you to have published yet but I am wondering since we’re 31 days into the year, how is that first goal going? :slight_smile:


I’ll focus on this first part for now… Since you’re writing in a genre I have no idea about (sci-fi), I’m actually just interested to know if you have the ending/s planned out fully at this point? And if so, do you know how many episodes it will take you to get there?


Did you say… at least 3 of your WIPs out? Girl-
I’m not even gonna ask you something here, the fact that you now know I’m going to be doing monthly check ins should be enough to whip your ass and get you logging into the portal. In fact… why are you here reading this comment and not in the portal? And don’t quote this. I know you’re about to quote this. Just like my post and move along to the other tab you have open on the portal that you’re neglecting :neutral_face:


Since this is your first story, I’m sure you’ll be spending a few months planning and experimenting in the portal. How are you finding things? Is there an idea you’ve settled on?


Well, since MC can now see colour, I get the feeling we’re almost at the end anyway but a;flw;oefha;wef;w OMG THAT LAST EPISODE WTF… is it almost over? Idk!!! :weary: What am I saying? It’s only January. Even if there was 10 more episodes, you’d probably still achieve this goal. Seriously, out of all the episode stories I started reading last year, you’re probably the most reliable one. I trust that you got this.


I remember speaking about this with you on another thread actually.
How have you gone looking for a coding partner? Are there any story ideas you’re super passionate about bringing to life on the app currently?


How many episodes do you have published currently? How many do you think you have left before your story is completed?


This is such a wholesome goal and I support!
Have you got a story currently in the works? Is there a particular month you are aiming to publish?


Okayyy, I’m going to take this seriously for the most part and just ignore the monthly comment :skull:
So let’s start at the beginning… Do you have a story in mind that you want to use to achieve this goal or are you tossing around ideas at the moment?


I liked hearing this. I think that’s a really valuable lesson there.


Not going to lie… This is a lot. How are you managing? These could actually be rather big goals if those stories are going to be more than 20 episodes :grimacing: Which story have you started with this year?


I’m curious since this is basically in line with my own goals… Are you working on all three at once or have you picked one to work predominantly on?


I wasn’t sure at the time you posted, but have you published both these on the app already? If so, how many episodes of each do you have? Do you find you’re favouriting one more than the other?


Love it :heart_eyes:
You mentioned you published your first episode on the app… How many episodes did you publish? And how many did you plan for it? Do you know the ending?


It sounds like you’re on track :+1:
To complete it, how many episodes do you think you will have?

This is an interesting goal and I like it. I imagine that maybe some of the future contest prompts might inspire you here? Have you entered a contest before? Or thought about it?


I saw you did publish in time so congrats. You can give this one a tick.

Since you have yourself a deadline of the end of 2020 for your other story, is it safe to assume you plan to have a longer story (20+ episodes)?

And I guess by entering K&T, you’ve also pulled off your fourth goal too :eyes:

OG forum ruler

@FallenAngelNight13 I don’t even know what to say because you’re killing it already and it’s only been one month! Yet already you completed one of those stories and had it featured in the same week. I feel like the only thing I can ask you about is your social media activity, but I have noticed you’re more consistent with that this year already.


I am working on one at a time now… last year I tried the 3 at once thing and I just got overwhelmed with it. So, predominately I’m working on my anti-hero-heroes story.


I’m about to go out, eat good, and drink for my hard work :eyes: I’ll go back in the portal tomorrow. I think I set the bar high for myself with the whole 3 stories being released this year, haha.

Also, I love this :smiling_imp:


Shall I begin by saying- it’s probably a really good thing that I changed my username from @elisec_episode to @elisec.writes?! hahahhahaha

Let’s see…

The first one will be done.
The rest of them? Ehhhhhhh


Aha, ok. That’s basically what I found myself doing too :laughing: Good luck to both of us then :clinking_glasses:

Girl, did you read it? Don’t quote!

The second is possible depending on the first one getting done :stuck_out_tongue:


The first one would need to produce my best-read story by a long shot.
I could still technically publish it next week, but I’m a lot further behind than I wanted to be.


I’m on 5 now :ok_woman:t2: I’m planning to write about 15 episodes in total (I’m 1/3 of the way there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) and yeap haha definitely got the ending down, I just need to work out the details now!


Yes, good luck to us! lol