Discussion: What are your opinions on It Starts With A Bra?

So I wanted to get other people’s opinions on the new featured story It All Started With A Bra.

The questions I have for you to help you ponder the story (you don’t have to actually answer the questions):
Do you like or dislike the story?
What do or don’t you like about the story?
What message do you think it sent?
Do you think the story is appropriate for most Episode readers?

Let’s just say the rules real quick.
This thread is not meant to attack anyone. It is meant to share your thoughts and opinions on Episode’s new story It Starts With A Bra. Only talk about this story. Do not bring in other stories or any authors.
Be respectful of other people’s opinions. Do not attack or flame anyone for their opinions, for they are their opinions.


First off Episode is very influential to primarily young girls. Is this the message they want to send to them? To let people walk all over you? To get with as many people as you can in high school? To I sure wouldn’t want my name associated with that message.

Why wouldn’t you call the police or an adult as soon as you find the guy in your bedroom uninvited? Besides the fact that breaking and entering is illegal, this kid could be dangerous. Like he is already breaking into your house looking like a crazy man and stealing your under garments.

Best friend over here talks about getting with the boy who broke into your house, stole your bra, and is sexually harassing you. Like what? Why would you encourage that? Clearly that girl is not your friend if that is what she tells you to do.

And what is it with all of this encouraging of sex in high school. Like really, a letter a day for a new someone to lay? Why would you basically encourage that? I don’t even know how many times they talked about getting laid in the first chapter. Is this the message you want to send to young impressionable girls. That to be cool or something, they need to sleep around?
Let’s just ignore beliefs and religion for a second and acknowledge that sleeping around is potentially dangerous. STDs and HIV/AIDS, unplanned pregnancies, etc. Protection is not 100%. Eventually life will catch up to you. At the very least, wait until out of high school or college to sleep with people outside of marriage.

But, who really thought this was a good story to feature? I would think this would go against at least half of your guidelines with all of the sexual remarks and innuendos.

Okay, I think that’s enough from me, lol.


So I was making a cup of tea today when I got home from school, and then my bestie told me that Episode has a new story. Being delighted with the update I quickly went on my phone and saw the story: It all started with a bra. Maybe it wasn’t that bad? I read the 1st line and almost threw my phone against the ground: BAD BOYS.

I agree 100% that this story sends an entirely wrong message to all teenagers.

Also, could episode just stop with bad boys? It’s not realistic, it’s not a good idea for a story anymore.

Episode. Needs. A. Reality. Check.


I stopped towards the end of the first chapter. It was just bad after bad idea to me.


I’m loving it!
This is the type of story I love with romance and drama and the bad boys is mega hot!
The main character is also great.
I’ve read all three episodes and I’m excited to read more.
I think there should be a mature warning however I don’t feel anything is wrong with it.


Frankly, it’s gotten to the point where I wonder if your story has to be about a bad boy for you to ever get featured. :thinking:


Yeah. That is something I also meant to say. The story really should have had a mature themes warning at the beginning because those themes were pretty up there.


Agreed Purple. Episode has to dust off it’s own rug before complaining about someone else’s. (lol my idioms hehe)


I agree. There was male nudity several times which I loved lol but if I was younger I would’ve thought it was. I think this story is really for a certain type of people too. Most of the Episode stories are Romance stories anyway so for me I love them but I would stay away if you are not into that.

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My problem with these featured stories is they only ever seem to promote one type of romance. What about the people who want nice, cute guys who will treat us well? It’s like girls who don’t like bad boys are being marginalised.


Omw yes! Where is the nice guy even? In some stories there are but those guys end up not being love interests for some stupid reason. Wth.


It’s not a featured story, but The Girl Upstairs is my world at the moment. I want a guy like Jude!


There were a lot of things that bothered me, but the main thing was, why do we have to pay for the MC to not be an idiot? I mean… Was I really the only one bothered by that?
Another thing… Sex, nudity, and the casual mentions of the two don’t bother me at all, but, and maybe I don’t get this because I’m not straight… What’s up with all the horniness in the story? Like, you just met some random guy and you already want to jump on him? Or the fact that this guy has been harassing you since you met, and you’re just: “Yay, let’s make out with him because he’s hot.”, like? Does that really happen?


I haven’t read that yet but I think I should…


You are very right about that and I completely respect that. I’m a huge fan of the bad boy story and I love this story and I’m proud of it and the success it’s gotten


Ikr! It’s super unrealistic and I don’t approve of this story.


My problem with this story is the same as my problem with most others like it: why is “misunderstood, moody bad boy” these guys’ only character traits? Men have thoughts and feelings too! :joy:


Oh I absolutely hate this story.
It sends the wrong kind of message to young girls. It basically is all about some “sexy guy” aka creep breaking into your house and steeling an intimate item from you.
First off, episode has said that we CANNOT use the word “sexy” when describing our story. Second of all, something like this shouldn’t even have made it on the platform due to the title. Third of all, this story is subtly hinting towards the rape culture by focusing only on a woman’s body.
There have been people who have been ABUSED thanks to situations like this happening in real life. It’s such a deception.
I refuse to even read this story much less support it in any way.
I’m sorry, but this might be a deal breaker for me. Maybe I should seriously think about writing on other platforms that are more professional.


I feel Episode nowadays are lack of original story cause they always take someone’s novel to publish on Episode app. I would like to see more of their original stories , not just “This story is based on blah blah blah novel” (The original one is Lauren Price).

I don’t find the love interest likeable . What he/she did to MC is disgusting. (Seriously, breaking into a girl’s room , stole her bra, and put her bra on the flagpole is not hot af)


Also, if your reaction to having a random guy show up in your home and pick up your bra isn’t to scream, throw punches and then call the police, I think you’ll find it hard living in the adult world.