Discussion: What are your opinions on It Starts With A Bra?

Yes, it’s based on a Wattpad story. But the fact that Episode adapted it into an even more sexual and inappropriate story says a lot of things.


Decide what?

who you end up with

And you can’t choose to be single?

uhh i havent read the story in a long time lol i think u can but dont take my word on it


Personally the weirder part for me that Violet (BFF) and Dylan and Alec’s bestie (Tyler?) both initiate to hook up with the LI you haven’t chosen, even w/ girl Alex. They had a similar thing with My Teacher, My Gang Leader.

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Wait. All 3 of them? Like a foursome?!

No, no. Say, I picked Dylan over Alex (of course) in the end. Violet and Tyler would then hook up with Alex, girl or boy, which was weird since I thought it’s implied Tyler’s gay.

Like, some elaborate plot point with the alphabet hook up with Z

Oh. Well then, Violet is officially a hoe.

Not to mention, Tyler also had a bae, at least someone he kissed before school

So Tyler is bisexual…

You can’t, which is really upsetting! I don’t want to end up with someone I’m very happy being single!

What? …

Why? I already hate the story enough. And a “season finale”???


It’s not even a finale basically Dylan and Alex both try to impress you at the prom and then you decide who you want to be with. Dylan has a flash mob.

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Well, on the cover, that’s what it said. Whatever happened to “reviewing it”? I’m so confused…

Guess so, it was a little confusing since he said something before like he doesn’t like girls but he still hangs out with them ( in response to MC in episode 1, when she gets invited to Dylan’s party). Maybe he’s homo-romantic or homo-flexible?

Perhaps demisexual?

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Maybe, anyways sorry for derailing the discussion a bit

Fun fact:

I read the first 3 episodes of this story not a long ago because I was curious if it was really that bad. It’s actually horrible and straight up stupid but what really surprised me was the e-mail I received from the Episode team this week. They said they were reviewing my story and unfortunately they found inappropriate content in it so they asked me to revise and update the scene. In that scene a male character was having a shower while a girl living in his house walked in on him. The man was naked (obviously) and the girl was shocked first but then she started admiring his body and a few minutes later they started kissing (it’s a parody, okay? :smiley:)

So I got to know that it is not allowed to show characters kissing while one of them is naked and I was asked to replace the censor bar with a towel or underpants on my male character. I think this would be completely fine, but I actually read the third episode of It Starts With a Bra, which ends with the MC being kissed by a naked guy in front of the whole school.

To sum up, I’m glad they didn’t remove my story after I updated it, but it’s kind of weird I had to remove something, which is in an Episode featured story :thinking: