Discussion: What are your opinions on It Starts With A Bra?

If a guy, hot or not, is suddenly in my room the next morning with my bras…you best believe I’d strangle him with it.


I’m really glad to see that the people who like this story aren’t being shamed for it. And in turn, that the people who like it aren’t getting mad at the rest of us for speaking out against its problematic nature.

Honestly, the real issue here isn’t the people reading and enjoying it, it’s that adults allowed it to be published in the first place despite its depiction of cyber bullying, adult themes, and glamorisation of breaking and entering and theft.

A story about a prank war between the MC and a bad boy sounds great. That prank war doesn’t have to involve illegal activity and bullying. It doesn’t have to involve nudity with sexual allusions (to be honest, I don’t think 13 is too young to be exposed to nudity and sex as long as it’s not pornogprahic or abusive in nature, but that’s a discussion for another time and the issue is the hypocrisy of Episode breaking their own guidelines).


I have made a fair few posts on this thread and i that time, after continuing to read the story to see how it goes my opinion has changed. I don’t see it as so bad. Sure a boy appearing in your room in the dead of the night with your bra in hand is eyebrow raising and having it hung on the school flag pole, but in all honesty it isn’t too bad. People need to stop thinking of a bra as sexual, it is just an item of clothing and can be as simple as that, it doesn’t signify sex. And sure, maybe episode has over used bad boys, but it is what sells to the audience,the term bad boy can be used pretty loosely, here I would he is nothing more than a boy at mischief. It isn’t encouraging bad behaviour, sure he is pranking her but it is kind of harmless how it is written.

So to my first post on this thread, in which I have deleted (I think), I judged before develving too deep which was not fair on this story.


I agree.
I think as the story is going on and on. I’ve seen a much more positive review on it , on many sites I see lots of people enjoying it.

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Thts not playful. Stealing someones personal items. So if he stole her diary would that be playful and light hearted. A bra is still underwear (and imo can be/is pretty sexual. Even if its not its still something u dont want hung on display) He had no reason to even be in her house in the first place and the 1st thing he does is go for her under garments…no


Yeah I agree! If they went with harmless pranks and a lot less sexual implications, I think a lot of people would of been more okay with the story.


True I get what your saying, but a bra doesn’t have to be sexualised, some people just decide to, and I get that breaking in the house and stealing it is bad, but there could be a lot of worse things. Teenagers are immature and will often do stupid things, that’s just a fact.


Look if you like the story I respect your opinion and I don’t mean to attack you on your opinion. While yes a bra is just clothing, it’s still an intimate object to steal. But a lot of the complaints about it being sexual comes from the excessive nudity and omg I wish the best friend would shut up. Like I get it, you like sex do you ever talk about anything else? Like I get there are censor bars but we still know their naked. I think in general the story is getting a lot of bad negativity because people feel like it’s breaking the content rules and I agree. Especially the nudity and whole don’t encourage bullying. Both the MC and the bad boy go too far to in my opinion and if those pranks happened in rl, adults would of been called in.


Thank you! My thoughts exactly! I can’t understand people excusing everything wrong Episode is doing with “it’s what sells”, “it’s popular for a reason”, “you conform to the market or you don’t”. That doesn’t make the outrage any less valid and whether the product “sells” doesn’t matter when it comes to ethics.

When did Episode care so much about what “sells” to the point of throwing away their common sense in what’s right to write and promote? Did it start with the arrival of INK? What happened there?


Stealing a bra is not flirting-- it’s sexual harassment. Taking pictures of a girl sleeping is not funny. It’s creepy, stalkerish, and NOT HOT. Stop saying that guys pick on girls who they like. There are no redeeming qualities of the so-called “courtship” between the main character and the bad boy. Even the possible alternate love interest has huge flaws. Not only was he involved with the prank, but he ALSO seems to have held feeling for the MC and STILL said nothing to his friends against it. Being a bystander is JUST AS BAD as committing the actual crime. By not defending the MC, the “golden boy” is basically saying that stealing a girls bra is fine.

And don’t get me STARTED on the gay best friend!
He holds NO PURPOSE in the story besides the fact that his sexuality adds “diversity” to the story. When people ask for diversity, they don’t mean they want EVERY WORD THEY SAY to be about what makes them diverse. Every line the GBF says is about him liking guys. GAY PEOPLE DON’T SPEAK LIKE THAT. I’m gay and I find it hella annoying when people write gay characters so one dimensional. Strive for diversity but don’t just throw things in for diversity’s sake.

Off topic: THERE ARE LATINAS/LATINOS WHO DON’T USE SPANISH. You don’t need to PROVE to us that they are diverse. We have eyes. I just find it funny when readers overcompensate to prove they can write diverse characters.

But honestly I hate this story. It feels like a pervy 80’s movie that would be shut down in .3 seconds today. Do better. Write a bad boy that fights FOR the character. They can still bicker, but not over respect. Also guys bragging about their dicks as they hang out and not letting you leave is not hot. It’s scary. It’s sexual harassment. Do better, Episode.


Exactly! When Episode is aiming their app at 13+ audiences, they need to identify their own responsibility to produce and endorse content that fits this age range. They can’t just abandon this responsibility because they want to… for money!


Two words: F***ing. Ridiculous.

They say they do not allow sexual harassment and depictions or detailed descriptions of any sexual themes and scenes in the stories we write, yet they feature a story which contains exactly that. They also have the nerve to include expensive gem choices in this same story.

Let’s be real. Either they remove this atrocity of a story from the shelves and learn to stick to their own guidelines OR allow us to go against their guidelines as well without banning our stories for minor violations. Where’s the equality here?

I’m not even surprised why more and more great authors decide to move to other platforms anymore because it all makes sense at this point. Episode, unless you get it together and start featuring great stories that are actually worth to spend time, passes and gems on, things will continue to go downhill.

I personally haven’t read this story and I have no intention of doing so AT ALL. I’ve seen enough footage from other users to get what this is about and I am definitely not one to help them generate money from my reads.


This is a featured story: this is a story that Episode has chosen to endorse and write about, paying for the rights. It’s not a random story that a user wrote. This one was written by Episode.

Episode chooses what will sell. They have rarely tried to make stories that don’t feature bad boys, so how do they know that this is what sells? This forum is a great place for them to find out what people want, and falling for a criminal is clearly not what people want.

As I said before:


What I’m saying is that it’s a numbers game. More people who like the story read it then the ones who don’t. Episode is a business first and foremost. So the change needs to happen with the readers and episode will change then. They have tried a few stories including those in spotlight and that didn’t sell. If readers stop reading then they will stop selling it. People are putting episode on a moral high ground but they’re not. They’re just a business. We have to think practically about it not personally.

So if change is going to occur then people need to start boycotting the stories they don’t want to see. Then the numbers drop.

Otherwise it won’t stop.


Regardless of numbers or not, Episode need to be responsible and stick to their own guidelines. They chose their target audience, and now they’re the ones ignoring them.


Although I agree with almost everything you said, you do have to realize not everyone who plays Episode is part of the Forums. In fact, it seems that a more accurate estimate of the audience can be found in the Instagram fandom, and they do have a history of loving bad boys… So, it seems bad boys are what the current mainstream audience wants.

However, it is true that what sells shouldn’t be the only factor considered when choosing a story to feature.


Also I think they get the featured stories from what’s popular on Wattpad as well as what stays in the trending section here on episode.

So I’m not saying that what you’re saying is incorrect or correct. What I am saying is that if these aren’t the desired results then the approach has to change. Pointing them out is good to get attention but won’t give Tangiable results.


Whilst everyone is not on the forums, we can’t discount that if there are hundreds of us who don’t like this story on the forum, there are probably thousands who don’t like it and don’t involve themselves in the community, too. It would be dangerous to think that silence is acceptance or endorsement on this matter.

@Penspaperanddreams1 Wattpad has an entirely different target audience - it actually has a “mature” 17+ section, which Episode does not have. Furthermore, taking stories from Wattpad when there are so many excellent writers on Episode who don’t get recognised is an insult.


Yeah I get what you mean. But I do think episode should of done better. They could of wrote a pranking or bad boy without breaking their own guidelines. But I get what you mean. They are just releasing what’s they think sells.


Honestly if it wasn’t for the breaking of guidelines and the fact episode is aimed at 13 year olds and middle schoolers I would of been more forgiving and just wrote it off as it’s so bad it makes me laugh and the story had a couple of good things. I can see the appeal.