Discussion: What are your opinions on It Starts With A Bra?



On a kinda related note, having Alex as female would have the end of Ep 11 which Dylan straight-up yells at her after she hooked with Tianna - the two violently argue. Alec (male) meanwhile would be given a punch, and the two instead brawl it out.

Of course, I didn’t want a guy to punch a girl but neither another guy.

Besides, if male Alec and Dylan had to resort to violence, I’m not sure there relationship was stable to begin with.


Dirty Little Secrets came for ISWAB :joy::sob:


I need to read that story ASAP


I find it stupid as hell. Especially because the plot forces MC to interact with that crazy “bad boy” that’s always Episode’s formula instead of the “good guy”. Plus, they always find an excuse for the bad boy’s behaviour to make MC feel bad for him or something. It’s weird as hell how they always promote abusive relationships as the interesting ones, over and over.


I don’t know about any of you. Is it just me or is it that Episode wants all the reader’s attention?
First of all, such a topic obviously cause outrage in the community, and the word spreads out, some people only know the story by this thread, so if sort of promoting the story. You see, the previous stories are better (I also think so.) but for some reason, I don’t think they were getting that much attention. So this feature story sort of sets aside from the others. They were designed to be cliche and contain content that people spoken up about, but it certainly grabs attention.


Especially bc Episode’s team promote it by adding them to the “hot this week” shelf.


Exactly :slight_smile:


Episode been so odd lately won’t let us save up passes they want to spend more money which there is no problem with that. But shouldn’t they do some quality stories instead of trashy yes trashy always been a successful genre.
But shouldn’t feature stories bring readers in showing the best episode community has to offer not the worst.
There plenty of trashy stories that are gem free on the app why waste money on gems when they story isn’t even written well what happened limelight was introduced and episode went crap.


I guess it’s Ok but its not my kind of story. I mean a girl thats getting screwed over by a guy over and over , they are like so many stories like that


so true


Well, I dont like it. Thats why I have never read it




I’ve noticed that all of the Episode Official stories have a forced romance in them. Many others have likely noticed this too. And they always manage to make the romance get in the way, and this It Starts With A Bra thing just makes it worse. However, they recently released a preview of another story. Of course there is a whole bunch of romance, but it actually looks pretty interesting. Chances are the romance is going to bug me so much that I’ll stop reading it, which happens in many of the stories I read.


I just hate when stories just force romance plot lines, I mean come on. You can do better than this. Even amateur writer will think twice before writing forced romances. They are just unrealistic, romance in real life, in fact most of the time would take months before two lovers realise the love each other.


I don’t like the story. I don’t like how it starts.
We need to take this story down.
I dislike it.


And it’s not very hard to make the romance optional. It only takes a few GAINS and labels!


I dislike it.

Along with thousands of other people AND it breaks the guidelines. I know that Episode realizes this so why don’t they take it down? Probably because it makes too much money, and they have a lot of authors to pay.


@AllyJay I think “It starts with a bra” is a little weird, first neighbor grabs a girls bra, next thing ya know, they sleep together. :sleeping_bed: