Discussion: What are your opinions on It Starts With A Bra?

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What the hell.


I have not read this story at all, nor am I going to. I personally find sex stories gross and unappealing. I don’t find anything wrong with stories that include some adult themes like swearing or mentioning sex, but having it be the main focus point of a story in a app that is meant for 13+ is just not appropriate.

From what other people have said, this story doesn’t have a warning. What the actual heck episode? Why would the MC not call the police on this “love interest”? Not only is it not appropriate, it’s not realistic! At least I hope it’s not. If people are actually acting like this in real life, I’m afraid. I don’t even want to think about that now.


No, Episode people: being hot doesn’t give a guy an excuse to be a creep.


Also, has anyone played with a female love interest? Is it the same? Because I feel like the same story I read wouldn’t work with a female love interest… (Especially because cute bras are SO expensive another girl would have more sense than to just steal it)
And, is it me, or did the people who write these stories just went to high schools where people were awful? Like, had this happened in my school, every girl would be on the guy’s throat, and yeah, probably some of the guys would make childish comments, but the action wouldn’t be celebrated in any way or form?


If this is real life to Episode they should come in contact with another human being. Life isn’t like a bad boy story. Especially not this one.


Tell me about it! No wonder some men on the internet think “nice guys finish last”. They certainly do on Episode. In real life, I think you’ll find most nice guys are already married xD


I’d say most episode stories are not realistic and that’s why those ones are often the most popular.
I can’t speak for everyone but I go to episode to go into a world different then real life however I think a lot of stories you can connect to the situations.


I’m sure this was a Wattpad story, The Bad Boy Stole My Bra. I remember reading it and enjoying it, so I clicked onto the episode to see if it was similar.

How wrong I was.

The plot line is basically the same (bra stealing), but Episode have put their own, personal (repetitive) spin on it. I noticed the token funky best friend had practically the same style as of the one in The Baby Project, I’m not sure if anyone else feels this.

A thing I have a big issue with is the ‘bad boy/girls’ treatment of the MC. They are constantly mean, rude and humiliate them. Breaking and entering & underwear on the flagpole is basically bullying, but yet they are being stylised as sexy and the MC will fall in love with them? Teaching 13+ readers that if someone is mean to you, it means they fancy you is not something that should be promoted.

Also, has anyone noticed that the MC has (yet another) secret? Something we probably won’t find out until one of the last episodes, I’m guessing something anti-climactic that will change the complete dynamic of the MC & bad boy/girl’s relationship and they will fall blindly in love.


I agree with you so much. Yes, I have read the baby project and the best friend is basically the same person with a new hair colour and a different clothing style. And I don’t understand how you fall in love with someone when they’re mean to you, steal from you and always insult you.
Yet another reason why nice guys are better.


A lot of people mentioned this point, a school would not tolerate this behavior.
At my high school you would have been visited by the school resource officer then suspended or expelled. You also may have been sent to an alternative school if not sent to jail/juvie.
And next to no one would think you were cool for hanging a girls bra on the flag pole. Of course there would be a few of those immature people who thought it was funny, but the majority of the school would have had it out for you for the rest of your time there.


Even the blatant Stockholm Syndrome in Beauty and the Beast is a better message than this. Stop trying to change the bad boy and start finding someone who deserves you, people! Episode is giving you an unrealistic view of people who treat you poorly.


Breaking and entering. Theft. Possible sexual harassment.

How romantic.


OMG exactly, this is why it is NOT acceptable. Someone seriously needs to let Cass and Liz know that this story is NOT okay.


Tell me about it! What happened to not promoting criminal activity? If it being a romance story as opposed to a crime story, and the guy getting the girl, isn’t promotion of criminal activity, I don’t know what is.


Woke up this morning, and got on my instagram. I checked people’s stories and saw the absolute outrage from everyone. So I was curious, got on the app and started reading it to see what the heck it was about. Bad choice.

I got about a few dialogue lines into it. And as soon as I got to the part where her best friend was talking. “Time to grab life by the balls.” “Preferably HIS, if he’ll let you” As soon as that was said I was done reading.

If this story is suitable for 13 year olds… then Episode has their priorities wrong.
You can’t ban stories that have explicit content, but then feature a story that already (in it’s first three chapters) is worse.

I’m not saying some of those stories shouldn’t have been banned/warned. But this story shouldn’t be featured. Or they should have at least reviewed it before publishing. :see_no_evil:


I believe Episode should start to raise their age limit.
From 13 to 15 or 16 maybe.
While I’m loving the story, I’m 20 so it’s different then if I was reading at 13.


So then the MC decides to retaliate by breaking into his room and there is an ACTUAL GEM CHOICE to decide whether or not she should put on ‘sexy’ clothes just in case he takes a picture of her.


This is a featured story? Episode has such low standards for what is a good story.


It wouldn’t stop people from joining at that age :woman_shrugging:.

They should just follow their OWN guideline. You can make a good story with out basing the whole thing on crime and sex.


I think people should stick to the guidelines and write stories that are acceptable for people of the Episode age range instead of being so selfish as to ignore guidelines so they can write whatever they want.


Exactly. I started on this platform four years ago when I was 16. Back then good stories by authors like Joseph Evans were featured and earning tons of reads. Now, I can barely find anything in the top charts that doesn’t have “bad boy” “pregnant” or something that hints at sexual activity.