Discussion: What are your opinions on It Starts With A Bra?



Ugh! Okay no I did not like it, I read quite a few chapters to give it a chance but just no. So many cliches! So predictable! God so boring! What kind of message IS it sending? That if a guy steals your bra you should be crushing on him? The fuck? Seriously!? It’s not so inappropriate more so astonishing that’s the message episode wants to portray!


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: TRUE! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Just one of the many iconic bad boy stories on Episode. I didn’t plan on continuing to read the story after the first 2 episodes xD


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If you’re okay with a man breaking into your bedroom and stealing your bra, and feeling attracted towards that… I wish you good luck to yourself and future relationships. That is not something to “learn” about how to get a man. It’s a crime.


If that’s how it works, I’d rather pretend that people don’t exist for the rest of my life.


Um, Episode isn’t for teaching people how to get a man, it’s for enjoyment :thinking:

It’s just entertainment, please don’t take it too seriously. I’m so worried you are reading these stories and seeing how to get a man based off them, that is really scary :sweat_smile:

Also, even though it’s entertainment, it does have guidelines and stories that don’t sit will with the episode community because they can have a negative impact on people. And they are right-your comment just further proves why stories can impact people in a harmful way. You believe that the app contains techniques to get a man which is very saddening to hear how you see it as something that affects your reality.

This is exactly why we have threads like this, these stories can have an influence on young people and you are one of the people who have sadly, took these stories to heart, believing they will give you insight into your real life on romance. Stories with these types of messages can have an effect on people. I hope you do realize that you shouldn’t be taking tips from these stories on how to get a guy, as these stories are purely fictional

Exactly, you are so right, stories like this can have a major influence on people to the point where they consider Episode and real life the same. Episode either needs to make stories that fit their guidelines while still providing entertainment or change their guidelines (I’ll stop here as I don’t want to go way off topic). It’s honestly quite scary though how some people get influenced by this, especially the young. Anyways, amen to what you said :facepunch:


Heh, I love you, Jem, but I’m also pretty sure this one is a troll. I’m sure some people do see it like how she described, but I don’t know if they’d respond in the same rude manner as Softiee. I’m quite brutally honest, but I’m not rude about it LOL.

I don’t think any story or tips really tell anybody “how to get a man”, I feel like that requires a little bit more luck than any action to “get” a man, you know?

^ No one serious posts this. She’s just a troll, doesn’t deserve any attention.

Your POV is always appreciated though <3 <3 For the people that might truly think this story can apply to their real life, your post is :ok_hand:


Thanks @dqbsurf , you’re so right, it’s better not to give them any attention if all they want to do is piss people off.

You are honestly super cool, smart and one of my fav people from the Forums <3 I’m glad I met you ^^

Your thoughts on topics are also much appreciated, and they’re very interesting :facepunch:

Just keep on being your wonderful self :sparkling_heart:

Sorry for going off topic. I’ll end it here lol :sunny:


So sweet <3 And same <3


You are very loveable!
It starts with a bra was make in a month made by a few people who loves their bras getting stolen and falling in love with a guy that should be in jail. :woman_shrugging:t5: