Discussion: What are your opinions on It Starts With A Bra?



I wouldn’t say. I mean I managed to FINISH Bra, while with the List I couldn’t bare for more than 2 minutes. Well, depends on the person I guess


They won’t even release the cover-up animation that the bad boy/girl uses in the stupid stage scene.


What happened to this story? Did Episode glitch? At first the guy steals, but then it’s a package mixup, but now it’s back to theft.


probably changed it due to controversy of breaking into the girls house


But then why is it changed back?


its still them getting their packages mixed up


It’s not very good. I started it off with a mindset it would be a cheesy bad boy story but I tried to keep a mindset that maybe it would be good? It was MUCH worse than I thought. First of all, the MC and Alec are EXTREMELY TOXIC! They literally break into each other’s rooms and they two options you get are “Flirt” or “Insult them but later kiss them?” The Love interest and MC are both SO unlikable. The MC is HARASSED by the Love interest, he literally steals her bra and hangs it for the whole school to see and he posts embarrassing pictures of her to thousands of people and her reaction? Get back at him instead of telling the Principal and honestly the 2nd love interest is the ONLY one I liked during the story. Now I’m not trying to bash the whole ‘enemies to lover’ relationship because SOMETIMES it works out great and is amazing! In this case, it did not. Even when they were fake dating he still cheated on her… TWICE. Then all of a sudden, in chapter 8 & 9 he suddenly likes and cares for her… literally OUT of the blue! It made no sense and was pretty bad. To conclude, there’s way more better stories so don’t waste your time reading this toxic relationship unfold…


Oh, but I guess it just reloaded to my original save.
That’s kind of shitty.


So I know everyone is or was talking about how this story promoted sexual harassment or how it is a bad message for teens, BUT I’m gonna talk about how it LITERALLY stole the plot and characters from the story “the bad boy stole my bra” on wattpad by cherry_colax_x. The characters are the same and the way the story goes is the same! This story did not copy or steal from episode because the story on wattpad was published years ago


I believe the author actually worked with Episode to create this version. I think the same thing happened with The Baby Project(?) too


they’re working together bruh


Episode improving? Oh no! We’re getting too far ahead! Better promote theft and sexual assualt!


DID EPSIODE got head on the head with a coconut?
okay first off! it;s wrong
SECOND iN my school im pretty sure they will take you to jail
also why?!?! just why
why does epsiode add streotypes in their stories
and why do they throw in lgbt people like their just garbage in some of their stories
and why do some of the feature story have fat people but we don’t get to use fat people
and why DO EPSIODE LIKE bras that much?!?!
WHY DO EVERYONE love the player
omg i feel like imma have a heart attack from reading epsiode’s stories


Played it with a bad girl. The story still is a piece of crap.


So did I, it has mistakes calling her a boy and saying “he” (the bad girl) was protecting you in the description. They just put a female character in place of the bad boy, not paying too much attention to getting it right.


And also:
You have to do a magic reality show thing with your lazy team so it’s all up to you. 30 gems and you can fly and use cool lights and win. Choose no gems and you can take some hair from a bathtub and glue it on to you to be a werewolf and fail.

Pays 30 gems

Magic lights are around and you fly in, you have magic in your hand to and it is super cool. But then all your pictures got sabotaged so you lost anyway. Oops.

That actually happened. Such a waste of gems. Seriously though Episode I paid months of gem saving for your silly scam. No more gems for Haute As Hell.


i enjoy the story, is very different BUT I HATE to pay gems for the goods options… thanks to god i have the option to choose free storys… i am loving with my alien lover! the best story so far.