DISCUSSION: What are your thoughts on cliches in Episode stories?

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I don’t care if it’s a cliché. I want to read something worth my time: why do I care as a reader? Why should I care?
And that also includes the character, their story, their backgrounds, their settings, whatsoever.

You’re writing a mafia story? No problem! I’m not a big fan but I do read some. Mean girls? Never watched the OG movie but I’m willing to try. Vamps? Werewolves? I don’t know a thing about bloodsuckers and full moon transformations but I don’t see why not giving it a try?

I want a plot that makes sense. I want problems, choices (optional), solutions. I don’t mind the MC getting preggo in the end but does that resolve your story? Unless the problem is that the MC wants babies but doesn’t have one, well fine but in most cases… It doesn’t.

Your plot can sound so freaking stupid, I don’t care. I’ll read it even though it sounds like it’s for a 10 year old. But not even a complete plot… Bye~


I know this isn’t rlly cliche but I’m sick of all the mafia stories they all have the same plot to me

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Honestly I don’t mind a good cliche :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

BUT it has to be well written. That’s where I draw the line, if it’s poorly written and directed that’s what makes it a bad cliche.

A cliche can be really good, funny and even nostalgic if done well but if done poorly it can make you hate the cliche and the genre.

So yeah apart from that I honestly kinda love them, but enemies to lovers, and good girl/good bad 🤌muwahchefs kiss***


reading is a way to escape reality. Like another girl said, some people watch horror movies do you think they want to experience it, do you think they romanticize it? some people also enjoy tragedy, do you think they glorify a tragic life? okay… I don’t think I’m explaining this right, but the point is: it’s just a fictional story that gives a different , a PRETEND pov of something that happens in real life. It’s meant to entertain not to be taken to the heart. after all, it’s just something on paper; if it affects you that badly you should stop reading and read other stuffs, you have options you know.

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I agree. I think we all need to remember that these are fictional stories written just for fun. A lot of authors are young people who just do this in their free time, like myself. These aren’t professional novels. It is so easy to not click on a story that you know you’re not going to like. I believe that we should not be glorifying abuse and dark material, but I believe that most of the time stories are not. Writing about a topic does not equate justifying and glorifying it.

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For me having a cliché doesn’t automatically mean your story is bad. It’s all about how the writer uses it and how it can be advantageous or disadvantageous. A cliché can be well implemented in a story or be subverted cough like how I use it in my story cough shameless plug cough, or it can lead to generic and poor storytelling, that could even be seen a cynical, but that’s my thoughts.


Personally I’m just a very picky reader so I don’t tend to like most of the stories on episode. I don’t hate the writers of cliches of course—all writers are cool. But there are just a lot of tropes that I hate seeing and can lead to some damaging views. I mean most, if not all of the trending section features toxic romance and romanticizes it. But of course this happens in mainstream media, but it really is hard to find a story without cliches or just a good story in general (in my opinion).


Can’t argue with that.