Discussion: What defines a strong female lead, to you?

To me:
A female who is not afraid to say no and is not afraid to go against the grain of the “popular” idea of what it means to be strong.

Please, remember that this discussion is based on opinions. Opinions can’t be wrong or right. You don’t have to agree with everyone’s opinion, but let’s keep the discussion respectful and gain some new perspective :slight_smile:


For me:
Someone who is not afraid to be vulnerable and show her emotions, someone wise and someone who stands up for herself.


a strong female lead. is one who actually can save herself. and dont need no man come and rescoing her.

its always like that when people a strong female she still has to be saved by the love interest and it suck. make the badass female be badass


Stand up for herself, have confidence, be her own boss, do her own thing, she’s independent, she doesn’t need a guy to rescue her, etc.


For me:
Someone who is not a typical one desperate for attention. One who is capable of showing emotions. I don’t like the cliché. Ok, I am fine with the jealousy part but when they restrict LI from even standing near a girl and like they get all jealous…when they themselves are shown talking, kissing,etc…with other guys than LI. I am like truly disgusted, because I want them to be understanding 'cause what’s a relationship if they have no trust on each other?! So, I want a strong, sensible, normal, understanding female MC… As long as she is all this, I am fine with her being Average-looking


I think the term “strong woman” can be applied to different types of personality traits. For example, a strong woman can still be quiet in nature and stand up for herself without being loud and aggressive (which, for some reason, a few people think this is what constitutes a strong woman).

It’s a woman with the ability to think and act on her own. She has the ability to get through tough times. She can stand independent, but still have support systems to lean on.


Someone who always keeps fighting no matter what, knows how to get up by herself, not afraid to show her emotions, good or bad.

I don’t think you can’t have a love interest if you want a strong female lead… people can be involved in romantic relationships and still be strong.


I agree. Sometimes it takes great strength to admit you CANT do everything alone. Sometimes admitting you need help, whether it be from friends, family, or a partner, is one of many ways to show strength… Basically, admitting you DO have weaknesses is truly a strength.


I think it takes real strength to be true to yourself and not care about what others think, so I’d say that’s the number one trait. As well as someone who doesn’t rely on a man (or another woman) to be happy and content (as that’s the mindset of most MCs in these stories), neither is she a damsel in distress. Lastly she’s willing to put her pride on the shelf and admit fault.(because many MCs in stories can’t do that)


Someone who can be honest, no matter what situation they’re in. Most of the time, they can handle tough situations on their own, but sometimes they will need a little bit of help. When someone wants them to do something that they don’t want to do, they’re not afraid to tell them that they’re uncomfortable with doing it.

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Well . I have a lot of perspectives but i mainly want the truth - always

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This is a challenging question.
I believe a strong woman is someone who stands how for herself, who’s not afraid to use her voice to express what she believes. She knows and understands her responsibilities, she can be quite independent but still accepts help from other supporting systems.
A strong woman can be defined in many ways but this is one of my definitions.

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One who lifts :muscle:


She needs flaws.
She needs to recognize her flaws, and work on herself because of them.
She doesn’t need to be sassy & badass.
She needs to be confident, smart, and admirable.

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A woman who recognizes her insecurities and instead of letting them tear her down, she uses them to her advantage, to learn and grow.

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