[DISCUSSION] What do you think about collab stories? :blob_hearts:

  1. What do you like? Why?
  2. What do you dislike? Why?
  3. What are the advantages? Disadvantages?
  4. Your favourite collab story
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I think they’re going to be removed from the app because crossover stories aren’t allowed :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m just kidding, I’ve never personally read one so I’m unsure lol

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A story which two writers write together are allowed you’re just not allowed to feature others authors characters in your story

Oh I see! I’m stupid. Still, never gotten the chance to read one so unsure

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I love when both my favorite stories are together and then a huge plot twist happens and then a connection happens between characters from both stories I’m just like :weary::heavy_heart_exclamation: Helps gimme more chapters.

When The authors have mixed story lines and don’t make sense but add it in a chapter anyway coz they run out of ideas it just annoys me skksks.

:joy: everyone enjoys the stories :joy:? Bahaha idk it’s just cool to read two authors mix their stories together that actually fit together.


And by collab do u mean crossover :joy:?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you referring to collaboration stories as in more than one author creating one story together? and not crossovers where two or more seperate authors bring their seperate stories together for joint episodes? :thinking:


The first one :laughing:

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I thought so…
I haven’t read that many but the ones that I have, I liked the fact that these stories can sometimes have stronger character base as there is more than one person’s input and ideas which can build up a good foundation for characters.
I have one collaboration out, the MC Contest one and it was fun writing it. I am also currently working on a collaboration story with @fcukforcookies

I don’t really know what I dislike about it as I don’t have anything that I know of that I dislike about them. Other than I know some people have had issues between the authors when writing their stories.

Advantages are more minds simply, so you get more ideas, when one person can’t think ahead the other can, solves dilemmas of the plot easier.
Disadvantages can be when you have a different vision for parts of the story or different tastes and opinions, there’s for to be give and take and plenty of compromise as neither you nor the other authors should get everything their way. It’s a collaboration for a reason, working together means that you all have a voice and input.
Favourite colab story is Untamed


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