[DISCUSSION] What do you think of the New Body Type Realised?

The body’s are fine and I totally agree women should have a more noticeable athletic body. I also wished males had a plus size/chubby size.


Totally agree


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The funniest thing will be high school dudes with r i p p e d bods lol. Haven’t even finished going through puberty yet but they got a 12-pack. Very believable.


same thing with the grandads :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

no offence to old dudes, but i don’t think you can be as ripped as a 26 year old fit male…


High School Dude1: “Whoa, bro! How’d you get so ripped?!”

High School Dude2: “Bro, just keep eating all of your gummy bear multivitamins. You’ll be seeing gains like mine in no time, bro.”


It would be funny if someone did a play on that spongebob episode where he wears the blow up muscled arms, so it’s like “bruhhh where’d you get THOSE ABS?” Well, actually…they’re not real.


Someone takes a pin to their abs and it just deflates.


I like the new releases, BUT…
I’m still waiting for a plus-size body type for men, a slim thick body type (small waist and big bum) for women and a body type for older characters.


It is so difficult to acting the shape body for men and women.

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I don’t think it’s impossible, but it would mean a separate body shape since all of these are basically shading - for better or worse, the outline stays the same. So they could change the breast size, but they’d have to make a separate torso for a new body and give that its own shading.

Which I wouldn’t mind. It would be a good step to more body variety and androgynous/trans possibilities. Could even work for kid characters tbh.


Don’t you be dissing my gummy bear multivitamins

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