Discussion: What do you wish to read more of? Genre, Themes, Clichés, Stories etc.?

So, I’ve been pretty inactive as a writer as of recently but I really have the urge to write again!
But my problem is that I have way too many ideas and dreams and ambitions when it comes to stories and I thought it could be interesting to see what other people might want to read.

Maybe you are like me and want to find stories out of the ordinary, maybe you want to write such a story yourself, maybe you wonder what else could be explored when it comes to Episode stories and so I want to start a discussion that hopefully inspires people, including me!

You can simply give your opinion on this topic, give me some of your ideas or wishes or you can just answer some of my questions:

1. Is there a specific genre / theme / topic you feel like you’re missing in Episode and wish someone would write in/about? If so, what is it?
2. Is there a specific genre / theme / topic that you feel could be used differently or do you wish there would be stories with a completely new approach to said categories?
3. Is there a cliché or are there multiple clichés that you believe are over/under-used? What are they and how could a writer change it into something new or interesting?
4. And lastly, is there simply a very specific or vague story you really want to read but haven’t found yet? Or have you found some of those and wish they would get more recognition? Tell me about them!

I hope I could get my point across and we can have a nice discussion about stories we want to read because as a writer, this is the first thing I think about: What do I want to read?

As a writer, I write the story that I want to read but if I have way too many ideas I want to also include the general people and what they wish to read so this could be the place for it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please be mindful of what you say.
Don’t be rude or harass others for their ideas and opinions, this is meant to be inspiring and I want everyone to freely give their piece of mind :orange_heart:


I really wish there are more stories portrayed about passion and follow your dream where it’s really focused (I’m talking about every dream, barista, chef, firefighter, model, teacher,etc.), not just about LI and your passion is a sub-plot, :slightly_frowning_face: or no LI would be good but many people are afraid of having no LI because it attracts readers less.

I don’t understand the question really well, sorry about that hehe :sweat_smile:

Wow, so many over-used cliche, you can find many more threads about that. I hate when LI and mc avoid each other because they (the other) deserves someone better or could be in danger staying with them (this one can be understandable tho). I just think if you really love someone and have any problem, you shouldn’t keep it yourself and just gone. Fix the problem together that will make readers attached to their relationship more.

A story about strong passion! Or about cooking competition show. lol

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stories that are like specifc if you know what i mean. like the character is realistic bc they have a set personality, a set lifestyle, look, family, passions, interest, etc… i feel like characters in stories are unrealistic bc they are so bland. so i’d like a story that’s specific about something , if u kno what i mean. (god i’m so bad at explanations lol)

um i’d like fantasy to not be about vampires n wolves… lol. & i’m just a little sick of romance mafia leader stories. idk i just feel like all the genres need something :sparkles:fresh​:sparkles: bc the trending ones seem to be all the same…

mafias & vampires/werewolves r definitely overused. also the mean girl that is mean just bc she is jealous of the mc bc they’re with the li.

i think i would enjoy a story about someone that pursues a dream, like a career or something


For your number one, I definitely feel like there’s a giant hole in horror-romance stories. For example, there’s not much zombie stories, or paranormal stories.



Oh my, you hit the nail on something I have had a feeling about for a long time so I agree 100%!
Especially for a younger audience reading all those stories I feel like the emphasis on finding your one true love as a teenager is a little bit… difficult. Passion is something young people should explore and develop and eventually take into their adult life for it to blossom and grow.

Oh yes, agree on that, what I personally hate most is conflict that wouldn’t be conflict if the MCs would just talk to each other like normal humans do. AND find a solution that includes compromising because that is what every real relationship is about. And I think the last point you make is so so important for romance stories!! Because that’s what makes the relationship feel real enough for the reader to care about it, which is the ideal outcome for an author.

Great British Bake Off as an Episode story is what I want :sob: :joy:

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No, no I totally get you!!
Characters and their development and personalities is something very important to a story because that’s eventually what leads to the reader to feel with them, which is what any good author hopes for!
I also often have a feeling that most characters in Episode stories are just stereotypes and would never be real people in real life and that’s truly a shame.

Honestly, I knew that at least someone would point this out because same girl, same.
Fantasy has so much more to offer than just Vamps and Wolves :slightly_frowning_face:
And those mafia stories… sigh I’m tired haha

The mean girl trope needs a serious new look and makeover, I agree.
I feel like this character is always so unnecessary and only there for dRaMa and stupid conflict when real life has so much better conflict that could be explored. Authors should take more inspiration from their lives.

Yes! The Passion topic!! Would love to see more of those too!

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Honestly, never really thought about that genre but thinking back I agree with you!
I remember the contests themed around horror and how great they all were and so new and fresh and then it was over and I searched for more in the shelf but couldn’t find one good story there so it’s a shame :slightly_frowning_face:

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