Discussion: What "IF' Episode stopped featuring stories?

This thread is based on the title: what “if” Episode stopped featuring stories written firsthand by authors? If Episode were to stop featuring authors, I think authors would feel like Episode isn’t paying them in something in return so to speak (I didn’t exactly want to say it like that, but I hope you understand what I mean). Authors write great stories with great story lines/plots, and of course, many of them would like a reward or recognition on their story. I get it. But, if Episode were to stop giving authors that opportunity to collab and work with that author, that’s kind of a slap in the face towards authors… in my opinion.


Do you mean feature on shelves or feature as in becoming one of their ‘hit’ stories?

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Turning an author’s story into theirs to to speak.

If we’re talking about buying existing stories and making them shorter, more rushed and adding gems then I would LOVE for them to stop. They butcher user stories and these type of featured stories are almost never as good as when they start one from scratch


That would be lovely.