DISCUSSION: What is that one episode story that made you cry?

A Episode Story That Made You CRY

  • Deep Attraction -That story is probably the best story on episode in my opinion! It made me cry within 10 chapters of reading. I know a lot of people that hate gang stories but, that story give me chills. If you haven’t read it please do.

What’s some stories that made you cry?


when Trey Bailey died in Chain Reaction :frowning:


Love Me Black & Blue by Sahera (she used to be called Effy Ameer and I can’t find her @) Not even joking I was crying for at least 20 mins after finishing that story. It was so sad.
And also DD: Austentatious by @thebutterfly_episode. It made me cry of happiness tho because it was just so cute and romantic. :heart:


Agree :sob:


The ending of In a Heartbeat made me cry. Gosh, it was so sad. It was still a great story though.


I haven’t watched that part but I cried when Callie “died”

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I cried on the 1st chapter of The Sacrifice Series


Speak by @J.Miley

This is, hands down, one of the very best stories on the entire app. It is so well written and I’ve related so many of the thoughts and feelings of the main character. You become so emotionally involved in the story, that the characters become real. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried reading it. It’s not just the storyline itself (which is absolutely breathtaking at times), but the validation she gives to those who relate to the characters. She’s now revamping the story into limelight and the story is a million times better, if possible.


I cry for most well written story
Just A Girl
Ruby Tiara

I will edit and add the more I remember.

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I cried in 2 episodes straight of Now Or Never, that’s when Maya died!!
Anyone else did watch this?

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I cried in the ending of the Night we Meet

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The Last Goodbye… it hit me HARD

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That episode from American Gangster when the MC had o bury her child because her sister killed him by mistake! The episode was so well written, the overall story was well written too ! I just loved it

i haven’t read in a while, but not interested, my bad boys and the shaw brothers lol

My Sister’s Crush, lol. Every single argument the MC had with their mom made me cry like, “You don’t ever understand me! You always favor Olivia!”
My god, I’m really bad at this emotional stuff

I’m not very emotional at all, but, Thin Blue line by @Eysenck made a few tears stream down my face in the more recent episodes. :slight_smile:

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:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:Thank you, Annie!! I really don’t deserve all your love and support.

The dragon bride

The story has 35 chapters, it’s well directed and written. The ending hit me to the point where I ended up crying for 2 hours straight. :confused:

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watch me fly by @cecemarie_writes

The lovely one made me cry. It’s one of the best stories in episode. I LOVE IT! It’s by @naemitiana.writes on ig.