Discussion: What Is The Hardest Part When Writing A Story On Episode


BACKGROUND CHARACTERS AND OUTFITSSS. I run out of ideas for outfits fast, and I don’t want to customize almost every background character to look particularly different as I don’t want duplicates, but I also don’t want my story to look like a ghost town. TwT

Same here… :woman_facepalming: I am now at a scene where I need to make and use background characters… :dizzy_face: And I already done a lot for it… But my problem is also choosing the right animations (and more animations) for those BG-characters… :wink: You don’t want those BG-characters doing the same animation over and over again.


I know right, and it’s exhausting to know that I have to change their animations every time one of the MCs moves to the next zone. :sweat_smile:


literally everything. but more specifically it’s probably trying to execute a scene a certain way that you envisioned in your head :sweat_smile:


Ooh I can relate