DISCUSSION: What makes a good description?

Many descriptions end in a question. Will you find love? Will you catch the killer? Will you solve the mystery before it’s too late? AS IF! Bish I have all the time in the world! JK, but this still annoys me. You can still make a good description without questions! But anyway-- what do you think makes a good description? Share your thoughts and tips on making good descriptions that attract readers!

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Well personaly I think the hardest part of writing a story is the discription. you want it to be interesting for the readers so they will read you’re story but you also don’t wanna tell to much so I don’t really hate discriptions like that …


I don’t think it’s lowkey forcing you to read the story. If that’s what you think and you do end up reading the story, then the description ended up serving its purpose which is lured you into reading the story.
I do find the question thing annoying though but I can’t say anything because I also have questions in my descriptions :joy:


My favourite part of creating a story is the description. I think I’m sort of good at writing them. You’ve got to keep it relevant to the story and leave the reader asking questions. A little information leaves a lot to be thought about.


It depends on the questions. I try not to write them in my own descriptions (I mean I didn’t publish anything yet but I have a notebook on my phone with all the descriptions, hah). But I don’t find that annoying. Although it’s great if you can write a great description without using questions! :smile:


Can we focus on what this discussion is really about?

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In my opinion there are many ways to do a good story description. One tip could be trying to do a one sentence summary which is basically describing your plot in one sentence. By doing this it can really help when writing a description cause you know what to focus on, since descriptions are fairly short.

Another creative thing that I personally like in descriptions are quotes !

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I like descriptions that are short and contain no (choices matter, Etc.) mentioned. Mention of shocking/ unexpected things is a plus like @Edera does. There must be something that intrigues me to read the story.

Story: Monster Rebellion
Your species have been discriminated and important promises were unkept. It’s time to take revenge by any means necessary.

This is an actual story on the app. You can search and read it if you want.


I’m guilty of adding the questions in My descriptions😂
The description is really important since it’s partly What makes the reader decide if They Wanna read the story or not. A good description needs to make the readers Wanna know More, Wanna actually read it to find out What happens. And a good description ofc needs to make the story look really interesting

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Exactly, a good description can be whatever you think will get readers to click on it, but I personally don’t like descriptions with questions.


I’d say the hardest part of writing a story is thinking of a story description that goes with an author’s story line and plot. I am speaking from experience because thinking of story descriptions takes a few days after actually finish the first three episodes of my story. Back to the topic. I don’t think having questions in a story’s description is necessarily bad, but they be overused to the point where the description is basically all questions. An author’s plot of their story isn’t really clear.

I don’t think she meant it was bad,

She just doesn’t like descriptions with questions :woman_shrugging:

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I do not like the same bland descriptions with:

Hop into a world of lUsT, lOvE, and LiEs

Those same three words are what makes me think the author doesn’t take time to figure out an actually interesting description. Also, grammar mistakes are already a huge turnoff, since it makes me assume there are also spelling mistakes and such in the story itself.

I prefer an alluring, mysterious description that tells a little bit about the entire plot of the story, (vague idea of what the story’s going to be about), but still being vague to the point where I want to read it to see what happens. If anyone has any stories, hmu. Running out of stories to read. :sob:

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Ohhh ok.

Not gonna lie. I’m kinda put off by these kinds of descriptions too. I know it’s supposed to make you think “Oh damn, what’s gonna happen?!” but I don’t feel that same kind of wonder.

I automatically think there’s just gonna be a bunch of filler drama I’m gonna get bored reading about in three chapters.

Then again I’m not a fan of the drama genre so :man_shrugging:t5: