Discussion: What’s a story that everybody hate but you love?

What’s a story that everybody hate but you love?

For me it’s Chain Reaction

I understand why people don’t like gang stories but Chain Reaction is like family… I read all the series and when Callie died I cried. It breaks my heart that people don’t like that story!!!

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That story was childhood, the start of mafia stories so I’ll admit, I remember loving it when I was younger

The theme is not good tho :joy: (so not really a fan anymore?)

So you hate it now? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Nah, never said it. I just don’t think the theme is healthy

So you like it but not as much as before, got it.

don’t consider me a fan boi

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Exactly. Mindsets do change

For some reason when I first started I was on a roll with those type of stories, but they were already popular so eh.

Next Story on this thread: Pregnant By a Killer

This story at first glance seems like “another toxic pregnancy story” but the MC ends up with the Red wolves gang and is pregnant by the “LI” the leader and becomes constantly abuse. The MC falls inove with the leader’s brother. It’s really just a mess, but anyway, the author brought awareness to how trapped the MC felt and how any moment the ppl around her could’ve died just by being gang affiliated and how she use to be a sweet girl until she rebelled and her parents were used by “LI” to get her from ever leaving. (THE GUIDLEINES WERE VIOLATED with this story, but I felt uneasy reading it, which is why I loved it. It was dark and more realistic.)

TLDR MC is always abused and while pregnant, gang violence isnt sweet, (Author indirectly has “organ in the cooler scene” and family abuse is everything.

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I’ve never read Chain Reaction when I first started reading Episode stories, after like 5 + years I finally read it (the original) and I-

I’m not gonna lie, I strongly dislike it now but, if I read it earlier (when I first joined) I think I would’ve liked it. :joy: (and that’s only because I started reading Episode stories when I was 9 and stupid)

The overall themes/messages in this story is not for a app that claims to (pg-13). It’s really not my cup of tea.

  • The make the MC so weak it’s unbelievable
  • Alpha males
  • The plot is honestly boring
  • And where are the bg characters?
  • This directing though
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Episode doesn’t care if it’s her, she’s raking in money and it’s sad.

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Idk if I’m toxic but I live that story too but I had to get rid of it in my favorites…idkit’s kinda scary