Discussion: What shelves would you like to see?

RULES: Don’t disrespect other people’s opinions, everyone has their own favourite genre/type of story and they might be different from yours!

These are some of the story shelves I’d like to see on Episode

  • I’d love to see more of sort of like “Cancer awareness” - Not like ‘oh the MC has cancer and she falls in love’ but like, stories that raise awareness of the struggles that cancer patients go through and the way they feel.

  • 80’s themed? I like that because we get a blast from the past and get to see how people showcase black rights or womens rights or something like that back then.

  • Definitely sci-fi horror/thriller/mystery, it’s not everyday you come across a mystery with monsters and such.

  • Adventure type things like, hmmm, maybe someone is an underrated Baller and its a story about how they grow and improve to become the best of the best. However, not the ‘celebrity fame’ ones but ones that show how the character grows and develops into and amazing Dancer, Swimmer, Skier, Baller, Hockey Play.

  • Now that I’m thinking about my previous point, maybe a sports shelf? To spread knowledge about the blood, sweat and tears that goes into sport? No romance preferably, but just the hard work shown, and how not everything goes the way you want but you have to keep pushing? “Motivation”

  • Coming of age story shelf? I’d like to see some realistic teen stories about coming out, or just everyday teen struggles.

I haven’t said all my suggestions but you guys comment down below what you’d like to see on future Episode Shelves!


I agree with all of these. They’d be so cool.

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Great ideas. I definitely know a few stories that would suit some of your shelf ideas

Definitely! I love the idea :smiley:

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Great! :smile:

I like some of these ideas.

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