DISCUSSION - Whats up with the RP's on the Forums?

Hello there!

Here I would like to talk about the RP’s on the forums


1. NO DRAMA: Please lets keep this civil!

2 NO BEING OFF TOPIC: Please read the thread title before posting random things. And please be mindful that this is a civil discussion on how the RP’s are ran.

3 ALL OPINIONS ARE ACCEPTED: All opinions are welcome.


Recently I have noticed a ton of RP’s that are either dead, or recently just stopped. It gets annoying to me but I don’t know what. I still see some RP threads that are still supposed to be going on still. People signing up but never RP, and then when they sign up for a different RP, they only RP on that one. Whats up with that? If you noticed you weren’t going to RP don’t RP. But of course I get they have reasons to leave. And then their are people who MAKE the RP but end up stopping all RP motions. But, they never close the thread? I consider that a waste of energy to make the thread. That might be the reason people never RP on the thread in the first place.


Discuss away!


Sorry, what is RP? :joy:

Role Play.

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its sad especially when you’re in the middle of a big moment

I know right.

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ughhhhhhh like where did you goooo I was so into character!!

Interesting. I think it’s because so many people are leaving this place.

I’m in The Hunters RP, and I’d say it’s died down a lot from what is was in the first thread. There are still a good amount of RPing, and people joining, so I don’t really know :woman_shrugging:

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