Discussion: What's your life story?

Hey guys!

This thread is dedicated to help people and to listen about their struggles. Feel free to let feelings flow-- I’ll read every single one and try to help when I can. Also, if it gets too personal, feel free to PM me instead. There are a lot of kind, caring people on the forums who are happy to get to know you better. You are worth my time and the time of others.

Sometimes, letting it all out is the best way to move on.

My story

I was a girl who no one really looked at. A lot of people found me annoying and my friends kinda overlooked me as if I wasn’t relevant enough for them. Then, some started to forget all about me and I felt dejected. One day, I was feeling like crap and I decided to text her. I said awful things and to this day I don’t know why. I was compleatly in the wrong-- and everyone hated me for it. I spent the rest of that year in the washroom, alone. You know, pain can’t be felt when it is really strong. But pain is silent, you can’t hear it or sometimes even feel it, but it was there. It was always there. Then I formed my first true friendship ever and that was how I ended my year. Almost alone-- but happier than ever. When I started school the next year, I was confident and happy. But then my friend became popular-- and didn’t really like that I was starting to make more friends. So first, the day before christmas-- she texts me, and proceeds to tell me how everyone I’ve ever known hates me. AND THEN. This bish goes and tells everyone how I cyberbullied her. You know what’s worse than being a cyberbully? A two-time cyberbully. And I didn’t even do it. I didn’t report her either. I guess a small part of me hoped that she would be my friend again. I stopped talking. I was silent. My lunch got stolen. My homework was found ripped on the floor in front of my locker. Someone pretended to be me on instagram and everyone fell for it-- and I became a three-time cyberbully. I switched classes. No one liked me in my new class-- but at least no one hated me. That year was bad too. This year, I come in with a closed mind. And then I find people who…adore me. And I don’t know how. You see, I used to be an extrovert but after all this torture-- I became an introvert. These people-- these wonderful, amazing treated me like I was so deserving of kindness. I felt (oh god im crying as I type this)
like I mattered. You have no idea how long I have been treated like an afterthought-- but now people care about me. For the past month, I have dedicated my time to helping others. Even befriending the guy who stole my lunch. And now… I can finally say this.
I am happy

For those who read it, thank you for taking the time to read it and I look forward to hearing about you too :smile:


your story is so touching and beautiful.
thank you for sharing, it’s truly inspiring to me and im sure all the others who get to stumble across this cute little thread. i’m so very happy with you, im happy you found a way to surround with people who treat you how you should be treated and understand how wonderful you are.


I am speechless. Your story is really so touching and kinda like mine lol. Okay, so here is mine.

WARNING MATURE & TRIGGERING THEMES ARE FOLLOWING (don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you after you read)

Alright so, the story starts three, almost four years ago, when my parents broke up. I was nine at the time and I didn’t really know what was happening. Anyway, the way they broke up was kinda- ugh i don’t know how to describ it. But my mom left the house some days before christmas. She wasn’t answering any of the messages that we sended her or any phone calls. Then one day she came out of nowhere and she took us (me and my brother) with the excuse that she wanted to see us. We agreed and went into her car, and then she told us that her and our dad broke up. Now, I know that it seems like not a big deal, but trust me you need to know some backstory for this. After she told us that, she started the car and took us away, and she was ignoring us screaming that we wanted to live with our dad. Anyway, after we changed houses for 4 or 3 times I dont really remember, we lived with her for 2 and a half years. And let me tell you it was like hell. I won’t get into detalis about the man that were entering and leaving the house all the time, but she was abusing us. Not physically, but mentally. And to be excact, she was abusing me. She was always treating my brother okay, but when it came to me she was the worst. I was always a bug girl and I didn’t like it and she knew it. She was always commenting on my weight etc. Not only that, every time I sat down to study she was above my head, literally, and everytime a did a mistake she would scream at me. Also we had and fights. It was getting to a point when fights were our routine. And every night she would come next to my bed, and she would slap her self and she was telling me that it is my fault that she was like this. Eventually, we ended up living with our dad, for now. And here is the real story. I went to live with my dad last summer and I was gonna go in 7th grade. When I first went to school, everything was fine. I met a guy and we started talking but… he was not that good of a guy as he seemed. He was always telling me how worthless and how stupid I am. And then depression came around. And also did anxiety. I will not gonna get into details how it happened but I started doing self harm. I started having suicidal thoughts etc. I was getting bullied for it, they were calling me an attention seeking sl*t and they were calling me a monster. The therapist I went gave me pills, and man, they are like drugs. Don’t ever take them. It got to a point where everytime I said something wrong or got a bad grade on a test, I was thinking of killing myself. I started hearing things, I could not sleep at night, I was seeing my mom everywhere and I had become addicted in cutting. And then my doctor told me that I have to go to a hospital and be there for a month. And that…kind of woke me up. It got me to stop taking the pills at first. Then I stopped seeing that therapist, cause she wasn’t helping me either. And then I stopped cutting. After all that I started being more happy. Yes, I still want to cut, to die etc but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I can’t say that I am happy either. My mom is texting me and annoying me all the time and it just brings up bad memories. Anyway, I really hope that I can finally be happy at some point in my life but, to be honest… I don’t think I will.

That is my story, I’m really sorry if I triggered someone, but I warned you at the start. Thank you if you read it and I know it may seem fake but it isn’t. And if you don’t believe me that’s alright. Have a good day/night :hugs::slight_smile:


Oh my—you truly are wonderful and each time you think like killing yourself remember there are some people who like you, Love you and care about you even if they don’t know you very well…and from what i feel you are really strong so remember that God has sent you here on purpose and always be happy… don’t let your happiness depend on someone else…you are your own source of happiness and you’re your best friend

If you ever feel lonely or sad you are welcome to PM me anytime :hugs: I’ll be happy to talk to u



It sucks. Tada. On a serious note, my ‘life story’ is pretty triggering so I won’t say it here, but if you want to know, PM me. It involves trigger warning don’t click on the blurry bits if you’re going to get triggered because I care about you whoever you are and I do not want you to be upset, okay? suicide, self harm, eating disorders, depression, ocd, ptsd, abuse (emotional+sexual) bullying (physical+cyber+verbal), psychosis

Yeah, I think I’ve scared everyone off now :sweat:


I don’t feel that you scared anyone off. Everyone on here is brave because I couldn’t share my story if I tried. It’s uncomfortable for me. But, you should all be proud of yourselves :relieved: keep your heads up loves. You are all strong :muscle::kissing_heart:


Thank you so much for sharing. That is an awful story in the sense that you had to go through that. I hope you’re doing better now. I guess you could say I was going through my own sort of depression too. But it was different. But I do know that it sucks and it is so draining and I am so grateful you shared that with us

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Eh… you didn’t scare me off.


Omg I’m speechless- when I wrote this I didn’t expect ppl to actually read it- thank you so much! my insta is @natali.epii wanna be friends? :sweat_smile::joy::hugs::kissing_heart:

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Look, depression is different to everyone so…

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No you have’t :slight_smile: you have’t scared off me at least :slight_smile:


Topics of suicide and death. Please be warned. ;-;


So I was born. (Like all people) My parents told me I was always a sick baby. I always had a cold, and or a ear infection. Untill July 18 2006. I was daignosed with Leukemia. Not to bore ya’ll with the details, but I continued to fight that until i was 9. On April 24 2015 I was in remission! Life was good with my 8 siblings! For 4 years. Earlier this year on April 25 2019, my sister committed suicide I still miss her like crazy. Not even 3 weeks later, I relapsed. Leukemia was back. I had to leave my last year of middle school early. May 3 2019. I nearly died, this time. (Not gonna get into the medical terms) But July 28 2019, i was back in remission! I had a good few weeks. Until my best friends little brother committed suicide at the age of 10. He had autism and some idiot kid at his school told him to kill himself and he did not know it was wrong. Anyway my best friend loved her little brother. She could not cope with his loss. On monday september 23 2019 I got an alarming text from her, which turned out to be her last message to me. My parents rushed home to get me to her, but in the rush the got in a car accident and My dad died. I lost my best friend and dad within hours apart. For the past few weeks Ive been okay. But yeah ;?/


Your story is so touching, I hope that helps other people. :blush:
WARNING!! I talk about serious things in this, like Suicide, drinking, and drugs
You’ve been warned.


Welp, here’s my story…


When I was 3 my parents divorced, like most kids I thought it was my fault. (I still don’t know why they did it, couples grow apart… maybe that was it?) We moved into this town in Idaho shortly after, we lived there for 8-9 years. I loved it there, I had great friends, wasn’t bullied, (even tho I’m ugly af and stupid :grin::joy:) I had an ok life. I would go back and forth to my dads place and my moms place (Dads place on the weekends Friday after school,Saturday and Sunday. And my moms place Monday-Friday) My dad had been married 2 times after my mom, his first wife I hated, you know in the stories with the wicked step mother? Yeah, she was kind of like that. When he first married her she seemed all nice, she had 6 kids for me to play with. As the years went by things… changed. Definitely not for the better, she become mean. She would be nice around my dad, and mean when he wasn’t around. But I never had the courage to tell him that, I thought maybe he wouldn’t believe me? That wasn’t the case, at all. She had been cheating on him, taking drugs, who knows what else. I won’t go into detail but they divorced when I was around 7 maybe (He married a few years later), and I finally told him. Meanwhile my mom was seeing different people, she was cautious about who she dated. She didn’t want them to be mean and do something to her kids (Like all loving mothers). When I was 11-12 she got together with her ex, who happened to be my oldest sisters father, I’ll call him… Jason. He brainwashed her. We moved in with him VERY quick, though he seemed ok, he would drink all the time. We were living there for a few months before he kicked us out, because of our dog. Our DOG! He wanted to CHAIN him up to a tree (He had a dog named Ace who was outside all the time, chained up to a pole… I felt bad for him. Before that Jason had also let our other dog, Lucy, run loose.), then my mom had enough and decided to leave. We packed all our things that night, but… we had nowhere to go. So my mom called the only person that would take us in, my dad. He didn’t have any room in the house, so we moved into the trailer we have in the garage. I was depressed, had anxiety, ect… I hated my life, I even thought about… you know. I wouldn’t leave the house, go anywhere or do anything. I’d sit in the house all day, I even convinced my mom to put me in home school. I was grateful that I had a roof over my head and all because I knew other people have it way worse. Both my grandmas died, not at the same time but years apart. That added to it, my depression and commiting. I always thought about commiting suicide, I almost did it too. I lost all my friends, I still have some but we never talk. I seperated myself from everyone, I barely talked to my family or friends. Sometimes I still think about commiting suicide, but I stop myself because of how it would affect my family…

I already typed a whole a** paragragh so I’ma stop. If you read the whole thing, thank you. My story isn’t that bad though. That wasn’t the whole story, if you want to know more PM me. :blush::heart:


I’m so sorry that sucks! Your story is inspiring! :-:


Not really, but thanks

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It is and ofc <3



I can even imagine what you are feeling right now. I hope all is better now and if you ever need to talk im here

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I appreciate it. I’m good for now but I will DM ya’ if i ever need to talk! :slight_smile:


Thats rlly sad and im sorry you had to go through that. Know that I will always be here for you if you need to talk. And there is help out there. You deserve the world-- even if you may not think it.

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Ty :heart:

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