Discussion: When has someone been racist to you?

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So, you read the title and this is what we’ll be discussing, When has someone been racist to you?. So these are your personal experiences and please do not make something up.

Many people in this world find it okay to be racist, which is definitely NOT okay. If someone is being racist to you I advise you to tell someone or just ignore it. So yeah, this is a thread where you discuss on your experiences, yes you are allowed to comment on other people’s story but don’t go too far that it’ll hurt somebody’s feelings and if you think whatever happened to someone else is not considered racist, don’t go too far on that either because you were not there in the situation. If it happened on the forums please do not name names because I don’t want any drama and / or any flagging happening. If you’re post is flagged then you know did something wrong and should probably stop.

My experience:

If i’m being fully honest I don’t really get any racist comments towards me, I am a muslim / pakistani girl and this is my experience. So, this was a while ago not more than 2 years though. Basically, I was playing a game i think most of you may know Imvu. Basically, this girl had a post and her close friend or something kept bothering her. I can see if this is my fault but also what this dude said wasn’t okay. Anyways, I didn’t know they joked that way and so I commented. “@/whateverhisusernameis stfu” and this bitch went off. The girl was like “Oof you shouldn’t have done that.” and her friend starts going off like “Ohmygosh, you terrorist.” and “I’m so scared, what are you gonna do/, bomb me?” and also “Muslim is dirt” like he was 18. It was so childish, and I was so annoyed. But yeh basically it? I was super annoyed.

ANYWAYSSS! Let’s start discussing!



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Directly to me? :thinking: People have told me that I can’t dance or jump or sing because I’m “white” and that I have never known how hard life is because I’m “not black”.

However, people have been racist AF to my dad. They’ve called him porch…monkey and…I don’t wanna say N, but he’s been called it before T.T Many times in a derogatory manor. Most of the time…actually…yeah almost every single time it was for the same exact reason. I’ve heard racist things be said to some people around like…when people imply that black people aren’t good enough to succeed on their own (what even is my dad >.>)

I don’t talk to anybody, though, that could be why I don’t notice any “racism” towards me. Racism to be is…it really is just barely a problem, though tbh. Like in daily life, in general, it is just thrown around.

Everything is racist!! = nothing is racist, so… :smiley:


I don’t recall many moments, but there were a few times, I believe, where people say how Asians eat dogs. Which made me extremely sad, only because I saw a video of people eating a dog which my mom showed me I think, and I almost cried watching it. Not only because the poor animals was being eaten but because the people had to resort to killing the dog and eating it. When the people joked how Asians eat dogs, it hurt. If people joked about Asians are “smart”, that’s find with me but when they joke about eating dogs, it’s cruel.

Another moment, which wasn’t directed to me but my great friend (sadly she transferred away), was said to her by a guy “I can’t even tell if there is dirt on your skin” and she started crying. I really hated that, when the guy said that. She was an amazing friend and she didn’t deserve that.


I dont think mine count but i think some of you will find it funny anyway. its not really racism. but this woman hated me just because of where i am from.

i live in denmark and are white. its a very small country . i am from the capital . when i was 15 i moved to the other end of the country. there i meet a woman also danish, who was nice, until i told her I was from the capital and sudently she was insulted. she did not wanna speak with me anymore.

It suck that people hate you for something you have no say in. i often argue with my family cause they say some racist stuff. the n word get throw so casual in my family that i legit thought it just meant a black person. and nothing els.

also i wanna say my family is not racist racist. they just dont understand what is apropriate to say. if I dated a black guy/girl they would be fine with it

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I remember Halloween maybe 5 or 6 years ago this dude said he ran out of candy but he gave the next different raced kids candy and when we came back he didn’t even open the door. It was a mostly white neighbourhood and I was naive so I wasn’t really prepared for it. :confused:


@nelidau It is a big problem, but I mean it is what it is :((

@AnimeOtome that is so horrible, i’m sorry

@SakuraCheam that gets thrown around everywhere in my school and this white boy told my asian friend “Your race is scary because you eat cats and dogs” it’s so cruel how everyone is so sterotypical

@propertyofnae Aw, that’s so rude and it makes me angry


i got harassed by two white women.
calling me the n word. and calling me a criminal.
telling me I can’t walk to the same side that she is on.
she was yelling all in my face, threatening me.
of course as a black girl. I had to ignore it :woman_facepalming:t4:
and avoid knocking her out :roll_eyes:.
I have had several encounters but this was the worse of the worse.


I would karate chop her ass. But anyways, i’m sorry this happened to you :((


I am used to it.
It sucks because I can’t defend myself.
but it is what it is.


It hurts my soul when somebody says “I’m used to it” when someone says something rude to them. I wish everyone wasn’t an a**hole.


Heh ^^’ I do disagree with this part, I feel like a lot of things people cry racism at isn’t really racism. Especially using examples from my dad…It just I DO agree with you that…racism will never go away, but we’ve come …really far T.T


true happens sometimes too. i have a few stories of that


i agree.
it hurts saying and hearing it too.


I see your point, since the past we have come a long way and it actually isn’t such a big problem now. It still is a problem but not a big thing compared to others currently

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Oh my chocolate I have so many stories I swear it’s not even funny. Okay I was born and raised in a majority black area. I mean we had a white person like once in our class everyone else was black or another minority group. Then we ended up moving to a majority white area and things flipped on me so fast. And most things didn’t start being said till junior high.

1st time: Cash Land Guy
Alrighty so me and my ex friend was like chilling ya know and I’m known for being just friendly and weird with people and this dude walked past us and he had a cash land bookbag, and I was like:”Ayeeee Ik that place! Cash land guy!” And he turned around and gave me the most dirtiest look and stormed off. Me and my friend just laughed it off because we thought he was messing around so for about a few weeks everytime I saw him I called him cash land guy then he was like:”You know what imma start calling you a slave with your ugly black self.” I was so shook and he sure did go about calling me a slave as well. Then I was like:”Alright knock it off you’re half black yourself dummy who do you think you are saying that mess?!” And he just kinda looked at me and walked away. Also he moved schools bye cash land guy :smiley::kissing_closed_eyes: but that was the first time and it had me shook. I also had like natural hair and told my mom and she just said it’ll get harder.

2nd time: Gym
I just now realized how many racist people Ik like full on they don’t really understand a few things. Me and some friends were in gym class freshman year and it was like the summer and those little cotton balls were flying around, and one of my friends looked at me and yelled:”J WHY DID YOU LEAVE YOUR COTTON BAG OPEN?!” And another person laughed, by the way I’m not even laughing just kinda staring. And the other person was like:”Let’s just have J pick it like her ancestors did for us!” Then my friend had to hold me back it was crazy that day.

3rd Cops I’m sad to say I had to deal with this one lady cop freshman year I mean she’s better now but before it was bad to the point I was nervous being around her alone. But me and my ex friend (she’s black) was walking the halls getting ready to go outside then she yelled at us down the empty hall and started questioning us and we were all polite and she just still kicked us out. :roll_eyes: And Ik What you may be thinking: she’s doing her job. yet we saw like a whole group of white kids run past laughing and she didn’t do anything :expressionless:
Also I work as a waitress at my school’s cafe thingy and the cop was leaving and I smiled and told him to have a nice day and he just kinda looked at me up and down and walked away with his hands on his side…I just looked away like DAMN!

4th Donut: This chick who was white was throwing donuts at me and my friends. I didn’t like that and asked her plenty of times to stop yet she laughed and didn’t. Then she pulled out her phone was like:”Look at this guy’s a angry black person im soooo scared.” And she was laughing and everything so I told the principal she was doing all that and she slowly walked over and I pointed her out and she YELLED AT ME TO CALM DOWN! LIKE NO TF I WONT AT ALL! The girl just smiled as she talked to our principal and I just stormed out and my mom came in because my mama don’t play and talked to her and she just shrugged and was like:”She was just getting a little rude for no reason and I already talked to her and tried to solve things but she walked away.” Then she had the nerve to hug me and even my mom knew she was lying and I just kinda stood there :roll_eyes:

5th slave trade: So some dudes that I talk to we usually always joke around and I don’t mind people telling me stupid jokes or hoe things I didn’t mind honestly. But here’s where I cross the line…weight ones and this one was intense. So he was like:”Ya know if we were having a slave trade today I would sell you by the pound and make a lot of great money.” And he laughed and his other dude did and I just kinda looked at them and kinda felt like crying I’m already sensitive enough about my weight and Ik I’m not overweight but when I hear that it just hurts and he always says that. We were walking in the hall and he grabbed onto my bag and was yelling:”SELLING BY THE POUND COME ONE COME ALL!” And it was so embarrassing like for real and the whole slave trade remark was a mess.

So yeah I have a lot of comments and conversations I’ve been in and situations that just has me shaking my head. But if I wrote it all now I wouldn’t have any strength in my fingers :sweat_smile:


wow, mom. You’ve been through a lot!

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Yeah hon and that’s only the big stuff I remembered :woman_facepalming:t5: For it being our generation it is you’d think people would knock it off


Sorry…people suck
Hope ur okay
Id fight them(for u)but i dunno how to fight well x3


Amen to that :woman_facepalming:t5:

But thanks and I’m sorry for you as well I hate when they follow in the store but my mom just would put them to work when they did.

:rofl: I was close to fighting them as well but my mom said I can’t fight at my school like that

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I’ve mostly experienced racism from random trolls on the internet. However, my older brothers have been racially profiled countless times by police.