Discussion: when we all fall asleep, where do we go?

So hmmmm


I couldn’t wait for the album, but I actually prefer the singles over the rest of the songs. I do love ilomilo, i love you and goodbye, but except for those and the singles (by that I mean “you should see me in a crown” “wish you were gay” “bury a friend” etc.) I don’t really like the songs all that much. But that may be because I like Billie, but I prefer her oldest songs over her newests.

I hate feeling like that because I freakin love that girl but I just don’t really like the songs.

What do you think?


honestly I’m not a huge fan of her, I think she’s overrated. But i do like some of her songs. my favorite from the new album is my strange addiction (the office references were great)


Goodbye is literally…wtf. She mixed every song from the album into one, and put it in reverse. I’m dying rn. My strange addiction is by far the best, though.

Edit: Actually, !!! Is the best.

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I dont like how she added the older songs but I get why she did and I respect that 100%. Her singles “bury a friend”, and “WHEN I WAS OLDER” were really good the first few times I listened to them but I got over them pretty quickly. I really like her new album though. They are all amazing songs. She’s very talented and deserves all that she has.

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it’s so great :,( i’m so proud of her but listen before i go & i love you were sad asf :broken_heart:

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