DISCUSSION: Where Do You Episode When You’re Not Supposed To?

Whether it’s at work, at school, at the dinner table during “phone-less” meals, etc. where do you do Episode “work” that you’re not supposed to? This question is open to authors, artists, and readers here.
Some questions to maybe help with answering:

  1. How much trouble would you get in if you were caught?
  2. Do you ever feel guilty about it?
  3. Is there a reason you do it?

If it’s at work send us your work addresses/phone numbers so we can inform your bosses. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


If I remember I think @amberose manages to write at work :skull:

I used to read episode stories at school very sneakily. I would put my phone in a book so it’d would look like I’m actually reading a book :smiling_imp:


School isn’t just for learning, kids.


Hahaha, I really can’t imagine how you are doing this :laughing:

I’m not sure how relevant this is because I work from home office, but my stories were mostly written during working hours.

  1. I can’t get caught, I even use a different laptop for Episode
  2. Most of the time not at all. But a few weeks ago I was very excited about finishing a scene and I completely forgot that I had an online meeting with a client :flushed: I told them that some emergency (lol) came up, but I felt so awkward. I can’t believe I let this happen.
  3. I like working fast and I like multitasking, so I can’t really stand those breaks when I have nothing to do. Earlier I had the horrible idea to ask for more work :rofl: But then I realized it was stupid, so I decided to use these breaks to do something fun instead

I’m basically always on episode… The only time I’m not on is when I have to interact with people, say meeting friends or a family dinner. The only reason is that I enjoy it :relaxed: Episode kind of replaced my time spent on YouTube and I would say that it’s more productive and I’m interacting with people on the internet, but still… I should log off now and study so that I don’t fail my classes :crossed_fingers:t3:

I don’t get in trouble by being on Episode during lectures or when I’m studying cause nobody cares. It’s my own responsibility :woman_shrugging:t2: I do feel guilty about it and am planning to only do episode in the evenings (but still answer notifications during the day lol).


Sure do :relieved:

I’ve wondered this myself before but I doubt it. All my co-workers are way worse than me so I think if I ever got caught, they’d just be more like wtf is this and be confused more than anything.

Sometimes. Like I got a raise because “they” noticed I had been taking on a lot more work a few months ago and I was like :flushed:
But eh, I still get all my work done in a timely matter and I help my co-workers out when there work load gets unmanageable too and then I still have time for Episode, so it’s not like I’m slacking off. Business is just slow and I’m making the most of that time :woman_shrugging:

Whoops, guess I already answered this lol. But yeah, basically there’s nothing to do at work. I actually think my job should be made redundant because there’s really not that much work for me to do anyway. It’s just that all the managers don’t like staying in the office from open to close, so I need to be there in case the phone rings… And it hardly rings… And then when it does, my job is just to get rid of the caller because the manager’s either don’t want to talk to them or have already left for the day because, as I said, they don’t like staying in the office from open to close. So… Yeah. Episode just keeps my brain stimulated


I’m jealous you get to work from home, but also this is genius. :joy::joy:


I mean, same, though. :eyes:

Wait, are we working for the same company? :joy:


It is a lot more work, they weren’t specific about what kind or if it pertained to your job. :joy::joy:



Well, I have updated my stories a lot more consistently ever since that day… :frowning:


On my last job I used to play Episode a lot. I had to work on my own, closed in the lab with a lot of noisy machines so I never got caught :sweat_smile:
I also used to ignore clients by playing Episode so my coworkers always had to deal with them (ops :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)
I don’t know what my boss would’ve done if he found out, he has always been pretty chill.
My new job is more strict so I can’t really do this anymore


When I first started writing on Episode, I’d already quit my job (I was leaving the country) and I didn’t have much to do, so I’d open incognito windows and write my story there after my manager (who sat in the cubicle across from me) left. She always left early for her kids.

Now, I work from home. You’d think I’d have plenty of time to write since no one would know, but it’s actually the opposite lol.


Probably bad or just odd but while breastfeeding it was a great way to make sure I was alert and didn’t dose off.

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I do it all the time at work; it’s my job :sunglasses:


@Sydney_H has broken the system. :heart_eyes:


So, I realized I should maybe answer my own questions.

I do episode related things at work, though to be honest I don’t utilize my free time as much as I really could. It’s hard to write on my phone and I’m afraid to use the work laptops for anything other than charting 99.9% of the time. I’d bring my own laptop but can’t because some dude brought his once and was caught watching…videos of a more adult nature.
I have worked on my stories though as much as I can plus worked on reviews and then art related things (overlays, backgrounds) for my story.

Eh, I’m past the point of really being concerned. There’s a no phone policy at work, but no one really listens to it (especially at night) and there’s not enough extra work for me to do for 12.5 hours straight to justify me not getting on it to pass the time. :sweat_smile: I’m sure if they ever did decide to actually be strict I’d be in trouble, but as it stands I work when office people aren’t there.

I think at times I feel guilty that I could be doing other things, but depending on the night sometimes there just aren’t a lot of “other things” and I would much rather get episode things done and be productive than just sit down and twiddle my thumbs for 6/12 hours a night.

I kind of answered this above, but it’s really more to pass the time on most nights.

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bump :sweat_smile:

For reference I’m a university student :woman_student:t3:

I mean, the university has thousands of computers, but I’d probably use one in the library or my school building. So idk if I’d get into trouble? I don’t think they’d track me down and tell me off, mainly cause I do think they monitor the computers but I don’t think Episode is the red flag they’re looking for…

Maybe? I guess I feel like you’re meant to work on those computers, and if you want to do hobbies and stuff you can use your own computer elsewhere. I’d mainly try to hide it from other students who are intense studying while I’m trying to direct characters in a cheerleader performance🥴

I guess I don’t really? But I do use my personal laptop and sit in the college cafeteria. I mainly do it to pass time during lectures when I’ve finished studying.