Discussion: Who Is The Dead Roses Killer?

I decided to do a little discussion on one of my favorite who-dun-it murder mystery stories.

Title: Dead Roses
Author: @Beeble_Hope
Genre: Thriller
Description: Sexy FBI Agent Rossi enters Agent Slater’s life at the same time a serial killer starts targeting her? Will Slater be a heroine… or a victim?

  1. Have you read the story?

  2. Who do you think the Dead Roses Killer is?

  3. What do you think of Matt and Kate’s relationship?
    3a) Opinion on Matt’s past?

  4. This story has multiple endings. How do you think it will play out?
    4a) Kate lives/dies?
    4b) We find out who the killer is/we don’t find out who the killer is?

  5. Do you think it’s possible that there is more than one killer?

  6. Overall impression of the story.

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