Discussion: Why Do People Hate Mafia Story's So Much?

so many things wrong w what u said, but especially this :joy:

romanticizing drug dealers is never ok. ever. teenaged girls (the main audience of episode) r very easily influenced. they see these hot, powerful, honorable men. which is what the authors show. what could that mean for these girls futures? dangerous ppl r everywhere, who knows what trouble these ppl could get into bc of the miseducation of these stories? the reality? these money n toxic glory obsessed men, have probably killed hundreds of thousands of ppl thru the selling of weaponry & drugs or worse… human trafficking (that’s how they make money). in the stories the mafia leaders always says smth like “I only kill monsters”, which is obviously untrue, bc mafia leaders make all their money thru killing innocent ppl, one way or another…

yes, on wattpad, or sum other stories app, for adults. this kind of thing is ok, bc adults understand what’s fake & strictly for entertainment purposes. children don’t, they’re still growing and figuring stuff out, I can’t begin to describe what terrible influences mafia stories r on them. however, if an adult cares more abt the success of their story than the influences they’re giving to maturing children, then fine, good for them. :tipping_hand_woman:t3: (still makes them a sh*t person, tho)

bruh, can’t believe I wrote sm…


Simple, the Episode official Mafia stories people read for gems and getting pictures of assets for the LL wishlist.

People reading community are often teens who have no real understanding of what the mafia is and what they do. Writers make the mafia seem like it’s this cool high school clique that wear leather jackets, have tattoos, smoke and curse. There is no actual accurate portrayal of what the mafia/mob/cartel do in real life. There is no warning on these stories that say, "This not an accurate showing of what the mafia is. They run drugs, pay off police and politicians to be able to not go to jail, partake in human trafficking, murder kids, and other terrible things. But the teenage readers just see a rich tattooed bad boy with some daddy issues.


Well i think it just depends on who wrote the mafia story. I read few of them and it’s written well . I know some mafia stories arent good but I know why people hate them.

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Perfect way to put it. Somehow being toxic is now considered “hOt”? :cowboy_hat_face:

There’s nothing hot about the mafia :tipping_hand_woman:t2:


I don’t read mafia stories because they are everywhere and those stories don’t interest me at all.


I like some mafia stories like the chain reaction & deep attraction series & some other mafia stories but there are just some that are so cliche and annoying it makes me hate them :weary:


Some mafia stories are a bit too much like shy and innocent girl with mafia leader but some stories are interesting like The Arrangement by @epi.bub it shows the MC as mafia leader’s daughter and LI as Mafia Boss it’s interesting so I don’t hate mafia stories nor love all except some stories.

I don’t read them because a lot of the time they’re just very cringe and cliche. I can be kinda fussy with stories though lmao. I usually only like stories that actually have some depth to them and have good writing and tbh most mafia stories don’t :grimacing: