DISCUSSION: Why Do You Write?

This discussion can really be formed into one singular question: Why do you write on Episode or just in general? :heart::grin:

Feel free to be as detailed or not with this. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I write because there’s something that does not exist yet that I want to exist.

(Sometimes I write based on a challenge/prompt, but this is the main reason).


I write because I want to improve on my grammar, and such. Write stories that come to my mind, and share them. For example, important stories with life messages, family relationships, friendship, betrayal, fantasy with action (OH MY GOD MY FAV GENRE OF ALL DAMN TIME), learning about environments, health, etc.

So many new things that you can write to get out there on the app for others to know about and to start doing what they need to do, But, everyone writes what they want to write, so no biggie, as long as you keep it PG -13, you’re good to go and learn to do research if you’re planning on including diversity, etc.

Writing just gives me a new hobby to get used to, and to improve on, now I’m not much of a good thinker, so I guess this is it.


Because it’s the only thing I look forward to doing. I love writing, I love bringing my imagination to life and I love sharing it with people who enjoy seeing what goes on inside my head. I do kinda want to start writing just for myself though as a stress relief because I’ve been mighty stressed nowadays lol.


I’m honestly not sure. I think it helps with my grammar and it also makes me more creative and makes me think more as i have to think about what should happen in my story. I just love writing on episode idk why tbf :joy:


Several reasons.

  1. Letting my imagination run wild and watching it come to life! :smiley:
  2. Continuosly improve my English as it isn’t my first language.
  3. Stress relief, when I write on Episode everything else disappears the problems, the stress, it just me and my hobby.
  4. I like a good challenge, I suck at informatics but when writing on Episode, I challenge myself.
  5. I love learning new things and every time I conquer a directing milestone, I feel amazing.
  6. It provides me a good excuse to go and research about themes, I always wanted to read about but never had time

I will stop here, this is getting to long… :sweat_smile:


I write because I need it for my mental health but I also really enjoy it :slight_smile:


Hey hey!
We’ve writing on episode for long. Haven’t we? But as I see this is the first thread questioning the existence of writer portal :grin: or why we write haha (sorry if I’m mistaken lol). Ok so for me, the only…ONLY…ONLY reason is…nothing special duh…I just enjoy it. Thou, don’t you think writing a story and sharing it with millions trillions gazillions :joy: of people is amusing? Ofc it is. That’s mah reason whatsoever!


I write to release what’s ever in my head , especially when I’m feeling down and upset.


Because I like making characters and making people feel represented. I also have a lot of ideas.


I write because I want to see what people think of my illustrated thoughts and dreams


I write because I want to bring my ideas to life, and bring a wonderful story to readers. Gotta bring all these ideas out since they’re already brimming at the surface. :kissing_heart:


I write for self-expression. Despite being a huge theater junkie, ironically enough, I’m horrible with words when it comes to expressing my innermost feelings. And as I grew up, I started to realize that other people feel the same way. So I use my voice and my characters’ voices as a way of reaching people who want to feel heard. Even if a lot of what I write is shrouded in comedy, underneath, there’s always a message that I feel other readers can see themselves in. Being able to connect with someone through a story is definitely one of the most rewarding feelings in the world! :heart:

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Since I was a young teen, I’ve constantly daydreamed stories in my head. I never even considered writing them down. Ever.
Until episode. I finally decided maybe I will turn one of my brainstorm/daydreams into a story and then I did.
And its SO MUCH FUN sharing my lil love stories.

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When I was around 6-8 I would always daydream during class. I loved writing essays (Not anymore though. Only if I could create my own story. :sweat_smile:) I hadn’t thought that I would ever write a story in my life though. Then I found out about an app called Wattpad, and it just…It made me decide that I should try writing. And to this day, I still write. A lot of people liked my fanfics on Wattpad, and that helps me continue writing. :blush:

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I write because I like the world much more inside my head than reality. :love_letter:

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I’ve barely tried writing on episode yet (coding is hard :neutral_face: Lmao) but I’ve been writing online for other websites for years, since 6th grade lol. (Whew, the stories I could tell :crazy_face:)

I’m not sure why I like writing, I guess it’s because I think I have really great ideas that I’d like to bring to life and write down. And if others enjoy them, that’s great.

It’s never really been an outlet, more of a hobby? If that makes sense.

I also like being able to include diversity, mental disorders, disabilities, etc because most of the time, these things are left out in media so not only can it be educational, it can also create “role models” or realistic characters that people can look up to/relate to.


I love this way of thinking! :heart_eyes:

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I love all these story ideas personally. :grin:

I can really only speak for myself but I do think my stress has lessened a bit since I’ve started taking writing seriously again and getting back into it more. It definitely gives the mind something to do. :grin:

Hey, there doesn’t have to be a big reason for everything. As long as you enjoy it that’s all that matters. :grin:

I know right?! I always get so excited when I figure things out.

A perfectly valid reason to do anything. :heart:


It won’t let me quote the part I want for some reason but: :joy::heart: