Discussion: Why society can’t be nice nowadays


So, I’ve had real life encounters where when I was being nice, people thought I was being sarcastic. Society is so quick to jump to assumptions. I didn’t understand. Reply if this happens in real life or on online websites.


ehh sometimes
but I just don’t take it personal :smile:


I was really sick one day, and my friend was talking to his. I tried to hold it in but I coughed. The guy he was talking to him was like “OHHHHHH I get it.” I was so confused.


Omg hahaha lol
yeahh that happens A LOT
and it’s wayy to awkward


I haven’t really experienced it in real life, thank god.
But on some online social forums, I see it a lot more. I feel like you can do a million kind posts where you’re just trying to be nice but people have that “oh ok you’re just doing it to get a good image” attitude, ugh.


Your situation never happened to me so I can’t relate, but things like this does happen in the real world. Unfortunately, we live in a society where people like to bully others and talk about them negatively. It’s just the way of the world right now so society does jump to conclusions now these days. I’m a very quiet person in school so people would always think that I am a mysterious person because I am so quiet. That is not true.


Never happened to me