DISCUSSION: Why you gotta be so rude?

Ok, let me be clear, I’m not talking about everyone :slight_smile:

When I first joined this community after some time I’ve met most amazing people who I can call my friends now.
Everyone was so extremely nice and helpful.

But I do see another side now as well when people are criticising one another, they are ungrateful, they are just rude and so on…

Is it that hard to respond nicely these days?
To thank for a cover (not to mention people who are asking in other threads :expressionless:)
To not attack the authors because they didn’t update fast enough or they didn’t give you the options you want?
To be rude to your readers or just ignore them?
To appreciate the authors who are making edits/ backgrounds/ overlays for us FOR FREE.
To disrespect someone only because they are not agreeing with you?
To hate on Episode…
Asking for things like: I WANT THIS AND THAT
And not be like: Hey I would be glad if you could this or that for me.
Why pointing out EVERY little mistake?

It’s almost a daily thing now.

Is it that hard to use a polite language these days?

What are your thoughts?

And don’t forget to…
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Oh hell yes, I agree. I don’t wanna offend anyone, but I’ve been offering cover requests for a while now and I’ve stopped now, because I’ve mostly received a lot of ungrateful answers. Like no ‘thank you’ or even no answer at all after I sent the finished cover, and also just no manners at all when people ask me for a favor like doing a cover for them.
I’m offering this for free. (Sidefact: I’m a professional, so I would usually get paid 25€ per hour for my photoshop work) and people are taking this simply for granted and I’m just so done with it.

To all the readers/requesters: It’s not hard to say please and thank you and appreciate other people’s work and what other people create (no matter if it is a story or a cover or anything) it should never be taken for granted, so don’t demand everything like a spoiled child, but be grateful for what you get for free. It’s not only an edit or cover or story, it’s also always other people’s time and a glimpse of their creativity, knowledge or skills. And the least you can do is to be grateful and appreciate it.

Good vibes :star2: :heart: :bow_and_arrow::fox_face::penguin:


While it is nice to have a more positive community, you’ve gotta remember we’re imperfect humans.
We can get sensitive and say things we don’t mean. No, I’m not covering for people who are downright rude for no reason. For those people, don’t worry yourself about them. Why? Because they will ALWAYS exist.
Especially, over the internet, it’s easier for a lot of people to say something insulting to another person, knowing full well they would NEVER say it face to face.
Try looking for positive people, it might be a hard search but, they’re out there. :wink:


I personally don’t have any experience with the things I said above(yet), but I read a lot, and these are just my observations.
I just want to spread positivity! :heartbeat:


And I think this kinda post is needed. Some people can vent here if they want, others can add more things, some people will read this, and maybe it will actually help them to be nicer next time.


hi hi hello i come from the general chat section of the forums

i never have really requested cover art or even looked at that section, but it surprises me to know people are actually that rude and ungrateful!
sadly some people just dont see the hard work and blood,sweat,and tears that’s behind a pretty lil cover.
thankfulness is unfortunately a virtue some people don’t really put into practice.

i hope it relieves you to kno that while there’s some bad eggs out there, or people that just don’t realize how insensitive they’re being, we’re here to offer open arms and helping hands whenever you need it.

and behalf on everyone on the forums i can honestly say that the cover artists on here and the people that contribute to helping others out are amazing!! you deserve to feel appreciated!! even if it doesn’t feel like it, the forums aren’t really the forums without the authors and artists putting their talent out there


@Apes, there is definitely a need for more positivity in the community.
I have encountered a lot of negative people myself. :disappointed_relieved:
Not only should we encourage and pursue positivity. We also want to be prepared in the case that we do encounter negativity. :slightly_smiling_face: Especially being that it’s so widespread.


Although I don’t request any art on the forums I do like to see the creative ideas people have come up with and I have to agree. Some of the comments requesting on certain threads are down right rude :confused: I couldn’t speak to someone like that especially when they are offering their time and resources to help.

I actually have another Episode account which I’ve taken a hiatus from BECAUSE of hate I was receiving :disappointed_relieved: It’s not nice…



I’ve been apart of the Episode forums few a couple of years now (on different accounts) and I’ve never understood why people request on multiple different cover forums!

I am so sorry to hear that. I hope i treated with the respect you need. Your cover art is awesome!

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This is so true! There are so many great cover artist like you that are taken for granted all the time and it’s not okay! For so many people that are willing to be grateful and nice, being offered cover art for free would be a dream come true! I truly hope that this changes! xo

Posts like this can be important because they force people to look in the mirror.


The post is important, which is why I liked it. It’s a good place for people who want to speak on their concerns.
The point that I was making for those deeply hurt/affected, is not to take everything you see on the internet to heart. We live in a mean world where people hide behind computers to bully or make rude comments to other people.


That is true, I’ve encountered them myself. So, I didn’t at first understand why someone would report me for a joke, but I guess they took it to heart. It’s because a lot of people are going through hardships, and I guess Episode is just an escape from reality, so, they might be a bit more sensible. I understand a lot of them, I too go through stuff myself, but when have I ever let that out on you guys. On the contrary, I treat everyone here with respect because they’re the reason why on most days I’m happy. It’s all about perspective. We all have to put ourselves in someone’s shoes at some point, because there’s always another side to the story. We have to be comprehensive sometimes, not just put our own opinions as the ones that matter.

I LOVE AND CARE ABOUT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU :kissing_heart: :purple_heart:

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yes. I was on a thread and someone was saying horrible things about my friend. How is this ok? I confronted her but seriously, it’s rude!

Next time give them a link to this thread :smile:

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yeah. It got shut down anyway tho.

I agree some people are rude… it shouldn’t be that hard to say please and thank you but it seems like it’s a little less everyday!


It’s important to spread positivity.

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