Growing up, I was the ultimate Winx Club fan-no seriously, i have so many drawings of them, I re-wrote their episodes in my notebooks as comics, I wrote an inspired magical school for faeries- and so much more, it will shock you if I tell you every single detail :joy:

Stella was my first favorite, then it became Musa, Flora, Bloom and back to Stella. Both of our name starts with S which is just so superb :smirk: However this is all in childhood, haven’t watched it in a pretty long time :heart: Seasons 1-3 were my favorite (with 3 being the best, #1), 4 and up weren’t good imo (I loved the 4kidsTV version though the rai version was awesome as well & very funny however the voices from 4kidsTV are memorable to me). They’ve had a spin-off as well. Apparently, it’s coming back with another season in which Valtor will be back (IMO, they will butcher him and I really thought he died…)

My favorite episode was when the pixies beat up the trix and my fav couple was Bloom and Sky as well as Helia and Flora. I disliked Riven very intensely. Also the Trix coming back is starting to get a bit annoying. The Infinity Swan video made me giggle BTW <3



So who was your fav character? Fav couple? Most disliked character? Most disliked couple? Fav Episode? Least fav episode? Fav villain? Least fav villain? Fav transformation? Least fav transformation? Any other thoughts on this?

P.S I will probs make some polls later in regards to this magical stuff^^

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Omgggg, my literal childhooooood!

I always loved seeing them transform into cooler fairies by just picking up litter.:joy:

Aisha all da way

Riven x Musa foreverrrr

I didn’t like Stella much bc she always seemed kinda snarky.

I don’t remember episodes sooooo… I guess the evil bloom ones

This sexy boi right here.

Valtor for sure.

Dem cheekbones and hair :ok_hand:t5:

I haven’t seen the show in so long o don’t remember. I liked the transformations when they were on Earth. That was pretty cool.:joy:


Riven and Musa noooo, it was sooo toxic and he was so rude, i disliked him soo much :joy:

Aisha was badass :sunglasses: I loved her and Nabu a lot as well #goals

I actually loved Stella’s sassiness XD

Transformation video of Enchantix:

Normal transformation:

Also loved their charmix but enchantix was my favorite (i thought it was the last one) but they have so many more and Daphne is no longer a nymph and is married to Sky’s Cousin BTW :joy:

P.S I agree, Valtor made for a good villain, I don’t like that they’re bringing him back, he’s supposed to not be alive anymore (and he has a sidekick) :thinking:


Winx was my entire childhood!!! :purple_heart:

I loved Seasons 1-5, but after that I started losing interest in the show. Maybe it was because I was growing up, but I remember another reason was that I felt that the personality and attitude of the fairies was changing. For young me, the six girls I once idolised were starting to seem like show offs, it’s like they thought that they were the best fairies at their school or something, and it kind of bothered me those days that the Headmistress of the school was kinda starting to favour them out of all the other students at their school.

Maybe I was being silly by thinking thinks like that, but I was young after all :joy:

But seriously, I was obsessed with this show at one point. The seasons I watched the most was probably 1,4 and 5.

So who was your fav character?
Probably Musa, I don’t know why but I just liked her. She just seemed like a good person :slight_smile:

Fav couple?
Ok so when I was watching Season 5, I used to ship Aisha and that guy, Roy. But I doubt they ended up becoming a couple…

Most disliked character?
I kinda found Stella to be a little too dramatic at times. But I liked her as well at some points, so I’m just gonna say that I had a love-hate relationship with her,

Most disliked couple?
Didn’t really have one

Fav villain?
Darcy, she just seemed cool :sunglasses:

Fav transformation?
The one is Season 4 or 5, Harmonix I think. I remember loving the Transformation song.

Any other thoughts on this?
Yeah, it’s been like 5 or 6 years since I last watched this, but I feel like watching it again now :laughing:

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Dudeeee, Stella was the most relatable one.All the others wanted to save the world all the time, but she wanted to go shopping. :joy: I loved her. :laughing:



Ahh yas. So many memories. I’ve watched all the seasons except seven and eight.

I think my favorite character was Riven… like I enjoyed the love drama between him and Musa.

I hated Bloom. Like, literally had to outshine everyone else.

I disliked Tecna and Jimmy because it felt a bit cliche that nerd and nerd go together >.<

I don’t know if I had a favorite episode… but season three was defiently my favorite (the one with Valtor)

I don’t know the favorite on the top of my head, but I know I really disliked the 3D animations they used >.<

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Flora :star_struck:

Helia and Flora

Roxy. I don’t know why I just never liked her. But if I have to choose someone in the Winx Club I would say Bloom, because she always had to outshine the others with her powers and everything…

Aisha/Layla and Roy, I liked her and Nabu more then her and roy.

The first episode of season 4 when the black circle hurts Flora, I know it sound really weird cause she’s my fav char of them but it is cause that was the only episode that somebody actually cared of what happened/happens to Flora…

The episode when Bloom travels to that dragon world to get her Enchantix.

Tritannus. The water creature in the Sirenix season (Season 5)

Trix, cause it just got so annoying when they were coming back every season.

I can’t choose all of them was amazing :star_struck:

Like I said all of them was amazing, I can’t choose.

I might seem really obsessed…because I am freaking obsessed :joy::joy: Nah just joking, but seriously it was a really great show that the kids today will never experience in the same way…


Aisha (in my country called Layla) and nabu

uhm that was that princess diaspro I hated her

I don’t think I have one

I loved (and still do )every episode so like I don’t have one :laughing:

don’t have one xx

Valtor :heart:

every single villain had something unique with them so I didn’t hate anyone



Winx is awesome I really miss the show I remember when I was like 7 I forced my dad to create fairy wings for me :heart:

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I used to watch this too!!! (Sadly, I don’t remember much about it other than the characters and when they would transform :joy:)

Oh my chocolate CHILDHOOD MEMORY IN 3



I LOVED THEM SO MUCH THE STORY LINE AND THE MAGIC AND JUST RHDNDKDJSHSHDBDB :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I use to ask my mom if maybe I was a fairy and it was so hard for me to choose which one I wanted to be! :rofl::rofl:

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Yep!!! childhood!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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My favorite character was Riven. :joy:

Riven and Musa. (Nearly cried when he left)

I hate Techna. She really annoys me. Wait, actually, I really don’t like Roxy.

Bloom and Sky because Bloom literally went with other guys knowing that Sky loved her lol

Where Musa loses her voice (but then that’s the Episode Riven leaves :sob:)

Any episodes where the Winx try to convince Roxy she’s a fairy.

I love Tritannus and Icy.

I hate Rumpletilskin. (idc if i spelt his name wrong)



Last thoughts:

Winx was epic on the first round of seasons, but then messed up getting closer to season 7 and 8 because the boys just disappeared and Musa falls in love with another guy straight away (I think his name is Orlando).

I loved this show! My life was more or less mentally revolving around this show when I was between the ages of 3-9. I absolutely lived on this show! I haven’t watched it since I was 9, but it’s pretty memorable lol I liked it better when they got “prettier” later on, but i loved everything!

Omg!!! Winx club was my childhood!!! I never had thins line disney channel so I watched winx. I actually about a year ago watched every available season from netflix. It was so amazing and 100% worth it

My favourite character was Layla. Fave couple was Layla and Nabu. I wasn’t too much of a fan of Bloom and Sky and Riven and Musa.

I mostly liked harmonix and Enchantix.

But honestly winx was the thing that every girl my age watched! I still love it just as much but in a dofferent way. More in a nostalgic way

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Isn’t her name Aisha?

Well it depends on the country. In some it’s aisha and in some it’s layla.

Oh yeah. I searched it up and it says the RAI Italian version names her Aisha lol

So who was your fav character?
At first it was Flora and then Stella

Fav couple?
Umm… I think it was Stella-Brian I don’t remember exactly his name :thinking:

Most disliked character?
Tecna. I just hate short hair and her knowing everything!

Most disliked couple?
Definitely Riven-Musa

Fav villain?
Valtor 4ever :heart:

Fav transformation
I think it’s enchantix… or something like that

Hmm, I can’t really remember but I think it was Brandon or something :thinking:

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Yes, thank you.

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