Sky’s locks lol :joy: :blue_heart:

It’s upsetting, I guess I wouldn’t mind but the thing is they’re not supposed to be aging backwards, why are they getting younger, why do they look like little boys when they’re much older than that : /


Sorry if it seems like im complaining too much, it’s just im so used to their old animation and prefer it :sweat_smile:

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WTF??? :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::sob::sob:

what the actual fuck were they thinking??

The classics and no one can change that.


Also it made me so happy when Riven and Musa sang together. Literally I thought he finally changed (but I guess that wasn’t true :sob:)


Bump :fairy:

THESe H#ES WERE MY OG MAIN B#TCHES!! :fairy:‍♀ :fairy:‍♀ :fairy:‍♀ :fairy:‍♀ :fairy:‍♀


Bump because Winx Club is fun to talk about :joy: :flushed: :joy: :fairy: :sparkles:


I made an edit based off this show.

Too good to forget.:clap:t5::clap:t5::relieved:


That looks beautiful!

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Also, I laugh every time I see the change of character design for the specialists. They just look so hilarious :joy:

The way I saw it, the character designs for all the characters changed after season 2, then in season 5 they were altered again. And now they have changed it again.

i didnt realise how twisted winx club was until i saw the episode where the black girl was crying because her hair wasn’t straight anymore and it poofed up

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I’m more of an OG, I didn’t watch the tv show as much but I read the books-
They were a rollercoaster.
(I’m back again) :fairy:‍♀

Ahh, ty!

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Bump :fairy:

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I still re watch it when I’m super bored. (just up to season six, tho)

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I used to love the Winx!

So who was your fav character?
Well, my sisters and I would always split up characters when it came to cartoons. I wanted Bloom and Musa, but I was given with Tecna instead.
I also wanted Icy for the Trix, but I was given Stormy instead. Before, I loved Bloom, Musa and Icy but now, I love Aisha, Flora, Musa and Darcy.

Fav couple?
Flora had the cutest boyfriend, so… Flora and Helia! :joy:

Most disliked character?
Stella. Up to this day, I definitely hate Stella.

Favourite Villain?
Selina. Well technically, she used to be a villain and turned good, but since she used to be friends with Bloom and bla bla drama, she’s okay…

Least fav villain?
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… The Trix are annoying and I hate their voices somehow…

Fav transformation?
They were cuties on their classic but I liked the Enchantix {Most recent one I think?} more.

Any other thoughts on this?
I honestly forgot some of the show and only watched 1-3 episodes during summer {There. was. no. wifi. and. I. only. could. ever. watch. the. downloaded. series. that. we. have. so. I. watched. the. winx. with. my. sister.}

But, I do remember loving the transformations of each winx character and my enjoyment regarding the show.


Who was your favourite character?
Flora for sure. She was so sweet and helped everyone :relaxed:

Least favourite character?
Bloom. That girl alwaysss had to take the spotlight whether it was about her powers or her relationship :roll_eyes: or Techna because there was something about the way she acted as if she was better than everyone else

Favourite couple?
Flora and Helio. How could you not love those little cinnamon rolls?

Least favourite couple
Sky and Bloom cause Bloom always went with other guys EVEN AFTER knowing he loved her. Lol.

Favourite villain?
Icy or Trittanus. They were my idols :heart_eyes:

Dont judge I wanted to be a villain not a hero

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I can’t believe I’m almost a legal adult and because of this post I’m going to go rewatch Winx. @JemU776 WhAt HaVe YoU dOnE tO mE?!? :scream::rofl:

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holy fried chicken! the memories!!

to start, my fave was Flora, because she was all about nature and animals, right?

then when Aisha came, she was my favourite because she’s black like me lol