DISCUSSION : Would you include gem choices in your story?

Thank you! I like to think that I don’t abuse them :slight_smile:
I didn’t receive any negative comments on my test story and I know that some people did actually pay for some of the choices so I’d like to think that means that the gem choices didn’t annoy people :joy:
Going forward, there are definitely things I’d do differently though.

I hope that people don’t abuse this feature now that it’s released to everyone. I definitely think there are responsible and irresponsible ways to include gem choices. In my opinion, gem options should enhance a story and maybe add some bonuses, but they should not be needed to enjoy a story and they definitely shouldn’t be needed to get a good outcome (if a story has multiple endings).


Yes, those are the positive ways I see to use choices in stories. I am glad you make worthwhile choices for your fans. I worry authors won’t be like you and abuse it. I only hope Liz and the other Episode creator admins enforce the rules they say they will make to ensure that authors don’t abuse the gem choices they add in their stories but I have no idea if they will do so.

I also think that the readers will help keep an author in check :slight_smile:
I think a lot of people will stop reading a story if they feel like choices are being abused and that you need to pay money to enjoy a story. There is zero incentive to include choices if you’re not earning many reads. (A bonus 25% on nothing is still nothing lol)


Good point. That would hopefully get the author to rethink their poor choices (play on words intended) and not abuse them.


I know everyone has been worried about author’s abusing the gem choice options and giving poor quality scenes or bonus items… But what about just the amount of stories that will have (good and/or bad) gem choices?

Now that it’s been officially released, I’m more worried that every story is turning into a gem story. I’m sure for the first few weeks at least, everyone will be keen to test it out and every author will try one out to see what their readers think.

I used to turn to user stories to get away from featured stories when the gem choices became overwhelming, but what if I can’t do that anymore?

Will gem choices become so popular that people will need to put little badges on their covers saying they don’t have gem choices? Will they need to add it to their description? Lol.

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Personally, I can see it being very popular for the next few months, but then I think it will die down. I think once people realise that they won’t get much out of it (as in, they still won’t be able to get into the payment program that easily), then I think the motivation to use gem choices will decline. Adding gem choices really isn’t going to benefit that many people :woman_shrugging:

Ahahahhahaa actually that’s a good question :thinking:

I have two versions of one of my stories. The second I wrote GEM VERSION on one, people stopped reading that one and switched to the other :joy:

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Yes! Your gem version was what I was thinking of when I said that. We’ll need to get some gem free icons stat.

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Honestly, I think gem choices take away the fun and thrill of picking a choice because if it costs gems then you already know which one is the “good” option.

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do you agree with people putting ‘donate gems’ at the end of every episode?

I have no problem with that. Then it’s the reader’s choice if they want to participate or not. They don’t have to feel they have to be able to enjoy the story. While it’s not exactly the purpose for gems, it’s a valid option for the author to use.

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I missed you, I can’t do the discussions without you lol

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Actually I don’t because then you “pay” x amount of gems but get absolutely nothing for it? The author gets nothing either.
I would prefer there to be some choice that won’t impact the storyline/ending but maybe gives you a bonus scene. I mean, if it’s going to be priced the same as a “donation choice” anyway, might at least get something out of it.
My understanding is that you get your “gem chapter read” or your bonus payment as long as someone reads an episode with gems in it. They don’t need to pay for a choice.

  1. I personally think its the money?
  2. Maybe I would, maybe I wont… depends
  3. Money for authors non for readers
  4. We cant choose the “better” choice

do you think it’s possible that authors may make the ‘worse’ choice gems?

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Idk, but maybe yes

I actually found gem choices are actually better then one on featured stories.

now wouldn’t that be an idea…

“Keep this dress that someone already bought specifically as a gift to you for free
“Wear your regular clothes that you’ve been wearing for the past 4 episodes for 8 gems


maybe I really liked that clothes I’ve been wearing for 4 days hahahah


But do you like them enough to pay for them? :thinking:

who knows (lmao)