DISCUSSION : Would you include gem choices in your story?


But do you like them enough to pay for them? :thinking:


who knows (lmao)


I wouldn’t because I know how it feels when you’re reading a story and you have to pay gems for a cute outfit or a interesting choice. That stuff becomes annoying after a while and encourages the reader to stop reading so if I make a story it’s gonna be gem free cause nobody got time for that.


dab bump


I recently shared a screenshot of a possible scene with gem choices in one of my stories, and asked on a sale from 1 - 10 how much my readers would hate me if I added gem choices. (10 being they would cry.) I actually got alot of replies that said, they would hate me and they aren’t rich.

However, those replies stuck me as odd. . .

So I ask people who have included gem choices in their story, thus far, how is it working out for you?


I would never do that to my readers tbh and I feel like there’s no point to making such a choice if not many are going to select it. I think the goal with choices should be to give the reader some degree of freedom in the story, rather than emptying their pockets and depriving me- I mean, THEM, them of money for my- I mean. their anime merch. ahaha (Nah, I’d never waste money on choices.)