DISCUSSION : Would you include gem choices in your story?


Honestly? This wouldn’t be such a problem if stories that DO use gem choices helped you gain a gem per episode.

Most of the featured stories are crap, and it’d be nice to get gems out of authors who utilize them so I’d be a little more willing to unlock a bonus scene. Which isn’t saying much, but the unlimited pass thing makes me wanna speedrun featured stories like the Pitch Perfect and PLL stories by tapping super fast. :roll_eyes:








Why do we have to give so much Diamonds when making choices. it’s not fair. If I have no more diamonds or not enough then it spoils the rest of the game experience.


I completely agree with you. I think that most authors should use gem choices, because a lot of authors are not appreciated. :sob: ‘They’re there to provide for everybody else and forget about their life outside of writing.’ I hate the people who think that. They put effort into writing a story, and they deserve to be respected. However, I can understand that some people don’t like the gem choices that affect the whole outcome of the story, because they would be spending gems after gems after gems. BUT most stories only have gem choices on things like outfits that only affect a tiny part of the story. The Episode Community should support one another. :smiley: :wink:


Hey question do anyone know which story don’t use gems? I rather read a story that I do t have to use my gems really liking the way deep desire and body tangle works