DISCUSSION: Would you read a story with...?

I’m sorry but I’ve seen this too many times and I had to say something. I’ve seen topics saying Would you read a story that had blah blah? First of all, it’s your story yeah you probably want opinions on it, but at that point you’re asking what the readers would like when it’s your story. Every reader is different and you can’t please them all. Plus, if someone says they wouldn’t read a story if they had what you wanted to add and you get upset, it’s a problem because you can’t handle someone not liking your idea when you made it public.


Very well said! I don’t mind it, I answered to some, but it could really get annoying. I understand when it’s about triggers or stuff not everyone could represent right, but general themes about just plot or relationships would get really meaningless. It could very well be just advertising your story inderectly!
(using you in general, not you as in the reader!)


Its ur story why are you asking
Its a loaded question
Ur still gonna do what u want to anyways(and get upset if ppl give reasons for why they dont wanna read it)

Another annoyance…why do ppl ask about MC
Should my MC have curly hair
Should they eat pizza
Should they have freckles
Should it be CC
It seems like…u should have some ideas for tht


If it’s about stuff that could potentially be triggering to some people, then they should put a warning either in the description of the story or at the beginning of the chapter. Some of those topics are so stupid though.




“I dont say blah blah blah!” :joy::joy::joy: Alright, I agree with @Willowbean


very true .

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I also agree. Every time I see one of those threads or someone asks me about opinions I just leave with a:

Every person has his/her way of expressing himself/herself that it’s conveyed through writing.

As for allowing CC or not it depends about how important the aesthetics are for character development/building. What I mean is when this question appears I know that the author didn’t think about it at all.


Lol I’m the kind of person who sees these threads and automatically wants to respond like:


Here’s the thing though- I’ll read almost anything provided that it’s executed well.


I completely agree.
True, that I ask how does this character look, is he mysterious enough? just for fun. I mean it’s your story, you can’t make your story based on what other people think, that’s a road to nowhere, you’ll never finish your story since people have different.
Other annoyances:
I’m not posting any links to prevent problems.
Full or Limited CC?
Should this character have blue or green hair?
How many scars should my character have?
What should my character eat out the outting with the boy MC?
Should my story have a badboy?
Should my character have freckles, and wear glasses?
What should my characters’ name be?

No offense to them but before asking questions, you should have a plan or else it seems you don’t have any direction for your story.


Theres nothing wrong with asking questions(or wanting opinions) but certain stuff needs to be decided(ur readers shouldnt have say in everything)


One that I really don’t like is “Should there be one or two love interests?” Like… this is your story, you’re the one who is gonna write the characters… if you have two put two, if there’s only one let them have only one lol. Readers will always prefer one LI over the other in a multiple LI story just do what you want lmao


Thank you. Let ppl write what they want to write, iit’s their story, leave em and write your own. Do want what you want to do, these r yr characters, u give em a role to play, do their thang etc.



I am so tired of seeing the same question being asked all the time, especially since the answer from most people is always “As long as the story is good, I don’t care!”
I understand wanting some feedback on your story but it’s YOUR story! Do whatever you want with it as long as it follows the guidelines.