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Anyone watch WrestleMania last night?? Have a fun discussion of the wins and losses of each superstar(s). (Im sure going to talk about Kofi) (Raw is live rn as well :wink:)


I dont have cable but I watch on Youtube. I laughed when HHH took out Batista nose ring. n didnt even notice HBK was talkin :joy::rofl:

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omfg my parents said batista’s head was like his brain in the back of his head due to all the wrinkles xDD

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what! lol

ik xDD-PP

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Becky Lynch is from my country so obviously I love her no matter what! GO ON YER MAN!!!

I just watch the video with roman and seth n dean. Im gonna miss The Shield.

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I wish I would’ve watched WrestleMania, but the matches didn’t really interest me except for the Kofi Kingston and Becky Lynch fight. I watched Raw last night so I know the gist on what happened on Sunday.

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Am I the only one who feels that the length of the show seriously hurt the main event? Looking back at how things went, the crowd was at its absolute best during Kofi and Bryan’s match but were essentially non-existent by the time they got to Becky, Charlotte, and Ronda’s match to close out the night.

I honestly can’t blame them. The show was simply too long. Hopefully, WWE shortens the show going forward, but that’s probably not going to happen. That said, 35 was fairly solid. Not perfect, but fairly solid; it was good. If you didn’t watch, I don’t think you missed out on anything you haven’t seen before.

Kofi winning the title was my favorite part of the show because it was a really organic moment, honestly. The natural chemistry between Kofi and Bryan was unmatched. It told a simple, yet great story.

The main event disappointed me, to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for they achieved, but given the talent in that match, I expected a much better performance… and the dead crowd didn’t make it any better. That was probably the most anticlimactic finish I’ve ever seen in a Mania main event.

Are you still getting this issue?

I loved it when seth won! But kinda hated it when becky won… lease don’t hate me! Love HHH, and kofi!

smackdown live :blue_heart:


It was MIDNIGHT here (on the East Coast, where WM was held) when the main event STARTED. I was sitting on a couch in my PJs and I was fatigued, so imagine the people in the crowd who had to sit through the loading of the stadium, the “final touches” the “pre-pre show,” the actual pre-show, THEN the start of the event which lasted for like 4 hours, just to get to the main event. The ending was subpar at best. Idk if the ending was botched, or if Ronda was supposed to have her shoulders up (I missed RAW), but for a MAIN EVENT at the biggest event of WWE, it could’ve been better. It was a solid show overall, though.

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in my opinion, when carmella won i was shook. and my pus-- a-- cried when kofi won

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I cried… and I am not ashamed of it lol. I’m glad Seth won, but the whole “Brock strong. Brock break face. Brock great. Brock kill you.” Is so overplayed and annoying. It should have been a technical match to some extent. It was just Seth being thrown around for 15 minutes, a low blow, 3 curb stomps and a pin.

lmao, my dad was like, “he ain’tno fcking wrestler. he’s more like that wrestler that only shows up to pay-per views. he’s a pssy, he don’t got the balls to defend his title on rosters.”

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Well your dad’s not exactly wrong lol. It’s just frustrating as a fan, to watch one person dominate everybody else…once a month.

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omfg im watching smackdwon right now (:blue_heart:) and i just remembered miz and shane’s match. HIS DAD OMFG LMFO :rofl:

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