DISCUSSION: Writer’s Portal Update

Hi, Winter here! What are your thoughts on the new writer’s portal update - the visual character editor?
Here’s the thread about it: Writer Portal Update: Visual Character Editor

Personally, I partly prefer the old way because now you don’t have the names of the colours but in other ways, I like the more visual aspect of it. What are your thoughts? :grin:

~ Winter :snowflake:

Hover over the colors and the name of it will show.

I actually like it. Now I don’t have to keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling just to find what hairstyle I want. I also like that I don’t have to keep clicking and waiting for the avatar to load just to see what the each option looks like.


I didn’t know that, but I can’t do that on my tablet or phone, which I work on mostly. Yes, I agree. That was really annoying so I’m glad it’s not like that anymore. And the saving of characters is quicker now too.

I love it! I used to have my tablet and computer on at the same time - one in the app and the other in the writer’s portal. I’d use a customization template in my story and then I’d grab my tablet to see the features more closely. When I found the ones I liked, I’d go and change them on my computer, which was a lot of work. The update is saving me a lot of time and it’s exactly what I needed.


A lot of people have been comparing it to Sims and I’d say I agree with that. I like it. I was used to the old look though, but if I was just starting out now I’d definitely like this method more.

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