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What stories have you written or want to write? Why?
What stories are you more fond to?
What has inspired you to make the story?
Are you hoping it’ll get you attention? Recognition?
What’s your goal? What are you trying to bring or demonstrate to the readers?

Disclaimer - No hate, no hostility, and/or no insults.

Extra: You can give advice and help one another with inspiration and tips. :slightly_smiling_face:

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i really wanna write a good fantasy story. like narnia or lord of the rings. i can creat a world and charaters and a start. but not an ending. i got at least ten i have started on. but no where for them to go.

right now i am writhing a mafia undercover cop story. not because i really wanted to write it but i had the entire plot written down and thought why not. then i can at least get something started while i try to make the story i wanna write


I’m currently working on 2 new stories but I won’t say what they’re about because I want it to be more of a surprise. But they’re about things I’ve not seen anyone write about on the app. One is adventure and the other is comedy. The comedy story is a short story and is mainly for my enjoyment but I do hope others will like it to. What inspired me to write the adventure story was the fact that there are not a lot of stories with a non customisable MC who is black, independent and achieves her goals with the help of no one but herself. I also wanted to write a story with a loving and happy black family too. I don’t want my stories to get me more attention I just want the people who do choose to read my story to enjoy it as much as I will working on it


I would love to read them when it comes out. :blush: I do like stories about black families, especially big ones. It’s something I can relate to.


I wrote 2 romance stories because I got ideas and I felt motivated.

None, I stopped writing


Nah, both of them are deleted.

I had no goal, but I would love to make a story with a life lesson and things like that.

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Thanks for linking my stuff :wink:

I’m primarily a fantasy writer. I can get away with romance, but to be honest, I do my best work when I can extract parts of our society and create a whole new imaginary world. My imagination is wild!

I’ve written:

  • The Queen of Freaks
  • Much Ado About Anabelle
  • The Good Witch

(All of which need a serious revamp because I’ve improved 100x as a writer and I hate the first chapters, especially of QofF)

I’m also writing The Darkest Heart on Chapters and The Queen of Freaks and When I’m Gone on Wattpad.

Again, fantasy! But also sci-fi, dystopian and gothic. I have a soft spot for horror, too. As you can probably tell, I’m not a big fan of modern-day realism :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been writing since I was a little girl! When I was 6, we did a occupations class at school and I said I wanted to be an author because the word sounded nice xD But then I actually started writing stories and I found it’s a great way to escape real life. So that’s 15 years of writing!

In terms of The Queen of Freaks, it was an amalgamation of different ideas over time that just erupted into my brainchild

Definitely! I have loads of stories that I keep to myself or release under a pseudonym on other sites because I don’t want them to garner attention. The ones I release under the name ‘ShanniiWrites’ and to the public? I would love all kinds of attention apart from hate. Criticism, discussion. I’m not ashamed to say it would be nice if my story was popular, but I’m happy working to get there. If people don’t think my story is good enough yet, I’ll just keep on working on it until it’s worthy of popularity.

I’m a Christian and I’m rather left-wing with my politics. I guess my stories are, subconsciously, challenging the notions of extreme far-right ideology like racism etc. Of course, my work is full of Christian imagery, but neither of those things are deliberate. Other than that, I just want people to see my characters as human and empathise with people from all walks of life. And have fun! I’m not trying to be preachy! I’d rather have the kind of story that you can enjoy at face-value even if it has deeper messages. I don’t want to seem like I’m writing an Aesop’s Fable!


So far I have only written one story which that story that falls in the drama category.
I wanted to write because I always wanted to put my creative thoughts down onto paper and bring to life. I like stories that have meaning to it but I also don’t mind a story that I can vibe off of. If that makes sense. What inspired me to make the story is what I went through in life… My story is based on real life experiences and I think that’s what I love most about it.
I mean in a way putting your story on episode is getting attention and getting recognition… So I guess. In a way, yeah?
What’s my goal? What am I trying to demonstrate to the readers? My goal is to show the readers just because you have a past doesn’t excuse the bad things you do. To always think about the consequences of our actions on yourselves and on people.

sorry about to long ass response lol


I really like that message.


Thank you. I was really hoping it sounded good lol.


I’m writing two stories right now (one Drama/Romance story and the other one’s for the Adventurous contest)
I started writing the first one because I had the plot in my mind for a really long time and I always wanted to read that kind of story but never found it, so I wrote it myself. The other one, for the contest, I wanted to start writing after I finished my first one, but then the contest was announced and I realized that it fits the theme perfectly. So I started writing right away and my best friend loves the idea so she always helps me with characters and new ideas.

My first story, because I’ve put so much time in it already and I recognize myself in the MC. However, my contest story is much more advanced when it comes to directing, but I already know it will take forever to publish new episodes…I like both of them somehow, but the first one is kind of more important to me.

First one: an endless search for this kind of “cliche” story, which isn’t that cliche if you get to know the characters
Second one: I guess my best friend

I don’t really want attention (I get really shy if I get too much attention although it’s much more problematic in real life…) but I hope to find at least a few people who enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

There are a lot of things. However, once “goal” is very important to me: I’d like to show that there’s always more to every story/character/person/life/etc. than you can see on the surface. You can’t judge someone if you know nothing about them.

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~A teen drama story for my first story Why? Because I wanted to write a story about a bisexual gal and I just wrote the first idea that came to mind lol It’s a trainwreck but it’s also my baby
~A romance tragedy with a male MC Why? I’m a hopeless romantic and wanted to try something different by doing a male MC. I also wanted to write about more serious stuff and have adult characters to separate it from my first story.
~Adventurous story Why? Had an idea floating in my head for a while but didn’t have the motivation for it till the Adventurous contest announcement and wanted to challenge myself, push my writing/directing skills and get out of my romance bubble.

I am like my second story the most. I am quite fond of my characters and always look forward to writing them and developing their personalities.

I don’t really mind if they don’t get that popular but it would be nice to have my characters appreciated and watch them grow as I write them.

No real goal here, just a hobby and distraction from shit going on in my real life :slight_smile:

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What stories have you written or want to write? Why?
I wrote one story (it’s completed and in the mystery section) and now, I plan to write an another story.
I really like writing and I write since years (first as a fanfiction-writer and since September '18 here on Episode).

What stories are you more fond to?
I’m a huge fan of crime/mystery/thriller stories!

What has inspired you to make the story?
Hmm, hardly to say. It has many reasons, to be honest. I wrote (fun-) facts on Instagram for a detailed answer why I wrote the story.

Are you hoping it’ll get you attention? Recognition?
Isn’t everyone looking for recognition? :smiley:
But my goal isn’t to become famous here. Episode is just my hobby.

What’s your goal? What are you trying to bring or demonstrate to the readers?
I want to show the readers that you can write a story without glorifying mafia/gang and teacher+student relationship stuff and without abusive LI’s. It can also be a good story, but only if the ideas come from you! I’m sure that everyone can be creative and can write unique stories.

And about my story: You should be aware of your actions and running away from your problems don’t solve it at all. And because a person has sometimes a rude behaviour, it doen’t mean that he/she is a bad person/the worst or deserve nothing good -> Don’t judge a book by its cover!


i am writing my story called breaking my psychos walls, it is with a lot of comedy and adventure and i like this genre very much :joy:. what made me write my story is that I’ve read so many incredible good stories that I just wanted to do one. And one more thing is what inspired me is music, because I hear different every day
music styles and that’s where the ideas and the interpretation come from, because songs also have meaning. Well, I would of course be happy, if many read my story, but honestly I just want, if you read my story has fun, laughs, and it works even if there are a few readers. what is my goal? I did not think about that, if I’m honest, well… that my readers are not bored and just read my story with excitement. what I want to tell the readers? Well, there are scenen in my story, that I once the reader want to tell, for example: you should not just trust everyone, or you should never change for someone, you must not get down from others. So somehow different things I want to tell :grin:

This is an interesting idea, but I think it needs a little bit of nuance on Episode now. I think it might help us!

In my opinion, it’s ok to change because of someone: because they show you a better way or that there’s more to life and all of these things make you want to change to help yourself. It’s not ok to change for someone: for their sake or to make them happy.


it is beautiful what you said :grinning:, and you’re right, sometimes it’s good, if someone changes you, but in good sign :smile:

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currently writing a mystery/thriller type of story called “mystery on hanging hill lane” why? well because i feel like the thriller/mystery genre is under appreciated and not many stories go into that category so i wanted to write one of my own and maybe help build up that genre.

definitely mysteries and thrillers :joy: i just feel like they’re more interesting. because sometimes the romance/drama genre can get overhyped when they’re all the same story. with that being said, i have many favorites from the romance/drama genre, but it’s just nice to read something that’s not the same played out plot.

pretty little liars :joy::joy: it’s been a favorite show of mine forever and i wanted to make something as captivating as that, so here we are.

i mean yea. like aren’t we all looking for recognition at the end of the day? like we want people to read our story, but not just to gain reads but to throughly enjoy the story as well. we’ve worked hard in the writers portal to make our visions come to life and entertain people, so it’s only fair that we gain some type of recognition for it.

my goal is to make a story that people will genuinely enjoy. i don’t want to just gain reads but i want loyal readers who actually enjoy my story and WANT to continue reading because they’re enjoying the content.

write what you WANT to write. don’t write it because you think it’ll get you reads, or you think this will make you popular. like just write it because it’s what you want to see brought to the app, and it’s something that you would actually read. overall, just make sure you’re having fun doing it.


I have written ,and am currently still writing it, a romance sort of fantasy with a bit of action. And also I’m working on a story about assassins, one with demons, one with gods and I have a few other story ideas tooo but I don’t know about them.

I’m more fond to romance, fantasy and comedy. (I just can’t write any comedy myself but reading it is nice)

My inspiration is anime and manga, and reading others stories made me want to give it a try.

I’m really not hoping much from my stories, just to get some readers that enjoy reading them. I admit a bit of recognition would be fine but not something I really need.

I don’t really have a goal lol, I’m just writing what comes to my mind and then hope people like it.

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What stories have you written or want to write?

I’ve written Sophisticated & Deceived and Popular Girl Gone Bad because they are gems. Popular Girl Gone Bad hits close to home for me because I wrote it when I was 12 years old before I decided to share it on Episode.
What stories are you more fond to?
Romance stories interest me. Anything romance, drama, sci fi, or thriller, I’m drawn to it.
What has inspired you to make the story?
My personal experiences and my life. That’s enough to write a story itself.
Are you hoping it’ll get you attention? Recognition?
My goal isn’t for my stories to get attention, but I would like some recognition once in awhile.
What’s your goal? What are you trying to bring or demonstrate to the readers?
My goal is to simply inspire my readers through my writing. Any of my experiences or life stories can be relatable to my readers, and who knows, they’ll probably feel drawn to it. The main purpose of my stories is to show and tell my readers what any regular, ordinary, teenager can do by just following their creative attribute.

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id love to write a sci fi story one day