DISCUSSION: Your thoughts & opinion on EVERYONE using Gem choices


What are your thoughts & opinions on everyone being allowed to use gem choices, will YOU be using gem choices in your story? Will YOU be reading stories that include gem choices?


Personally, I think that Episode should’ve kept the feature to themselves. Gem choices in official Episode stories really bugged me since every single choice where something good was coming out of the chapter came with the cost of 20 gems. That’s why I’ve never went past 3 episodes of an official Episode story. If I were to add gems to my story, they would NEVER exceed 5 gems, because I think that people should have to actually think about the outcome of the choice they’re about to make rather than worry that they don’t have enough gems to go with the suitable choice.


It’s a no from me


I read episode stories always & user stories always but I’m not a fan of the idea of gem choices. Simply because while I will still read a story with gem choices, it can get very frustrating being constantly bombarded with them when they are the clear best choices.


On one hand, I’m glad that episode is offering gem choices to everyone now instead of just a small group, because it seems more fair to authors that everyone gets the choice, and I completely understand authors wanting to make money. On the other hand, if I see a gem choice in a user story I’m out. There are plenty of great user stories I can read without gem choices. The only exception is authors who only use gem choices for “you haven’t earned enough points with this character through normal choices, but would you like to unlock this chocie with gems anyway?” or stuff along those lines.


Hate 'em, won’t use 'em, will avoid stories that use 'em.


I won’t be using them or reading stories that have them :woman_shrugging:t3: Gems are the reason I don’t read featured stories and will now be the reason I don’t read many user stories. If they appear everywhere then I’m sad to say, I’ll probably move to a different platform and delete episode. Gem choices have no necessity within a user story and will ruin the experience for many, me included. They should have kept them for featured stories.


Hate them. A lot of my favourite authors are planning to add gem choices, which is kind of disappointing. I love their stories and now they are ruining it with gem choices lol. So no, I won’t read them :wink: It will be difficult to avoid those stories, but I’ll try.


I usually hate gem choices, I was beyond annoyed when episode decided to roll them out to authors. Although, I am happy they have came up with so many ways to ensure that the gem choices don’t cost too much or crop up too often. I’ll give them a try, can’t promise I’ll like it though.:expressionless:


I think it’s okay and I’m going to use it, but keep it at 2 gems per choice. These won’t affect the story and you won’t get your character humiliated or insulted by other characters over a simple outfit or miss out on love opportunities. I was think maybe gems for sneak peaks of the next episode or something else. Anyone have any other ideas that won’t affect the story?


No, I won’t be using nor reading stories with the gem choices.
I know this is a way episode brings in money to support the app but, I don’t really like the gem choices. In the past, I have used my gems on stories only to see the outcome was always some measly scene that had no effect on the story whatsoever. I thank episode for the opportunity and their time in making it available to us but, I’m going pass on this one.


I would never use gems in my stories …
It limits the choice of the reader by doing so and nothing much… I didn’t like the gem choices as the choices were given when there was a good choice if you don’t have a certain amount of gems you won’t be able to choose that choice that is good…
It was really annoying for me…
Episode should have kept this to themselves if I have to say but thanks for taking the measures in allowing non-featured stories use gems but I’m so not gonna use these type of choices in my stories…


Hate it. Like most others who have posted, I avoid featured stories because of gems. I’m not thrilled about every single person being able to use them now. There are also way too many user stories for Episode to keep up with all the possible abuse, honestly the more I think about it the more of a mess this sounds like.

Luckily some of my favorite writers have already said they won’t add gems to their stories. If other do then I will very likely stop reading their stories. I read a lot of different stories so there’s no way I could afford to use gems if they start adding them in.

You’re supposed to be able to choose your story right? Well gems usually determine your choice for you. So I will avoid gem stories and I won’t be adding them to my story.


I tested our gem choices in mine & im that 2.5% where people have to spend 15 gems in a choice :skull:


Jeez y’all, what’s with the negativity? It’s going to cost 2 gems for smaller authors, and 5 for medium and in the future you’ll be able to price them as your liking, you will be able to earn gems in many ways soon…


Some readers are 13 and don’t have money. There experience is then ruined by the fact they can’t get the bonus scene everyone is talking about or to have the story go a certain way. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and this was never going to be an extremely popular choice :woman_shrugging:


Everyone has to eat. I think we tend to forget that Episode is a business at the end of the day. If you think about it, this is actually a very smart business move by Episode. It could also backfire very easily if not handled properly, however. I think this is very fair. Episode is free to play, free to write and publish stories on, and more. We’ll see how it turns out in the end, but only if we give it a shot.

Anyways, how exactly will gem choices be ‘limiting’ the choice of a reader, when the reader is given options and opportunities to earn gems for free in the first place? Honestly, the only way I can see gem choices being limiting is if the author makes it where you have to choose between a regular choice and a gem choice with no other options. Now, most authors should know better than that as this is completely illogical and unfair.

On opportunities, I have collected 160 gems and over 40 passes and I haven’t spent a single cent of my money on either of them just by doing Episode’s daily challenges and reading good stories that offer a gem per chapter. Episode is working on ways for us to earn more gems, according to the official thread. Not to mention that this is completely optional - we are not forced to purchase or use gems, but authors can choose to have gems in their stories if they please. If I am given the ability to do something, that does not mean I am going to do it. It does not mean that I won’t do it either.

Not all stories with gem choices are bad just because of the gems, just like not all Classic stories are bad just because of the art style. It really depends on how they are used! If a gem choice isn’t used properly, it is the author’s fault for making it that way, not the gem choice itself. We can get creative and really make gem choices interesting and more worthwhile in the long run. I don’t know how yet, but I think the community should and will think outside of the box.

Anyways, I feel that the reason why gem choices are unpopular is that everyone doesn’t like the way Episode uses them in their featured stories and they also think that users will utilize them in the same fashion. It’s evident that right off the bat it won’t be used in the same way. Aside from the author’s way of using them, gem choices will be cheaper and more affordable (add the opportunities to get gems and there you go) and have restrictions in user stories. Why do you think most user stories are more popular among the community? It’s honestly not that bad…


You can earn gems by reading feautered stories??? That’s what I’ve been doing, I didn’t spend a single money on gems. As for the other part, it depends on the author, if author is a person who cares more about the money, they will have outfit choices where you either go with a prom dress or a pyjama…


I fully agree. (Love your avatar by the way :wink:)


Again, it’s personal opinion. I don’t like gem choices, I’ve never liked them and i won’t use them. I’m interested to see in a couple of months time when everyone is complaining about them because 1000s of stories have pointless gem choices and episode can’t keep up with all the reporting.