DISCUSSION : Your VERY first story . . . EVER!

Okay, sounds similar to my personal favorite Discussion : Your VERY first story (Published or Not)

However, this Discussion goes even beyond Episode- to your very first days of writing. Think back to the first time, you learned - you liked to write.

  1. When was the moment you learned that you like to write?
    1a. Do you want to become a writer?
    1b. If you don’t, why not? (or why did you change your mind?)
  2. Have you ever wanted to carry over your ‘earliest writings’ to episode?

i am dyslexia so writhing was never a thing i thought i would do. i loved making stories but i was in my late teen before i learn how to read. i dont know what the first story i begin to write was. but i know for sure if i did find it i would not could read for spell mistakes

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I was in 3rd grade when I started liking to write. I actually hated writing until my 3rd grade teacher gave me pretzels if I did a good job :joy:

I wanted to when I was younger, but my career choice have changed a lot since then. I do think it be nice to write children books though (stories like Series of Unfortunate Events)

I don’t think I could because I cringe at my writing from last month. I don’t think I could even try looking at something older without hating it. :sweat_smile:


I started to write stories when I was 16, I was always told I had a vivid imagination. I used that to my advantage. I have been told my stories are awesome that I need to get them published. :grin:

I have wanted to carry over my early stories to Episode.

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