DISCUSSION : Your VERY first story (Published or Not)

You just found out there is a user section of the app . . . and decide to make your own story.

  1. What was your first story about? (Published or Not)
  2. How far do you think you have come sense that first story?

To answer your question:
1.My first story is called Mothers. It follows the story of two women who live different lives but come together when they discover they are pregnant. (Has a sequel as well)
2. I have published 6 stories so far and I think I’ve gotten better far as I can tell in spot placing and directing. I’m still working on adding choices, a lot of the time my stories barely have choices and episode readers perfer that over just reading.
They like to connect to the characters

I haven’t published any stories yet. But my first story was about angles, deamons an adopted girl. It was very cliche and my directing skills were awful I used only basic directing and It was full of mistakes. But I think I’ve gotten far. Now I’m writing a story with much more deverse cast and character development. I use spot directing and I choices that matter.

  1. My first story was a historical drama “Gwendolen” that I have since deleted as it had very very short episodes and poor directing. I actually plan to rewrite it at a later date.

  2. I have come a lot farther than I expected. Two published stories, featured with one. My writing and directing skills have improved SO much. I have gotten really into directing and character development and working on advanced branching and will apply it to future stories.


Here’s a thing about me: I’m an ideas/premises kind of girl, so different ideas tend to fluctuate. My very first Episode story I have in store was this weird mystery/drama involving these people who are potentially heirs to a reclusive billionaire. What sucks is I’ve never came with an ending.
Hopefully, my real first published story would be a bit simpler for me. Luckily, Episode has released a lot of different assets which made the process easier. Only problem left is my perfection/procrastination.

  1. My first story, wait for this was a mash up of cliches ohhh boy, #ClassicFallen It was called ‘Life of Sisters’, and so it was like five sisters who finally were all in high school together. (One skipped a grade). You had the geek, nerd, emo, popular and sporty sister. Of course, the popular was a jerk to the nerd, the emo was like cringe, and the popular’s best friend harassed (sexually) the nerd. (Young fallen why you so cray cray) The geek fell in love with Mr. Popular, the sports sister got into drugs. It was just a complete mess.

And most of all . . . I started with ‘I’m sorry for any mistakes this is my first story, it starts messed up but it gets better I promise!’

Thank god I never published that mess.

  1. I have nine published now. (holy crap) two are completed, four are locked. The rest are on going / on hold. But I think I have come pretty far. I remember in my first published story I didn’t know how to move a character in spot so he low key teleported. I just used the excuse he was really fast.
  1. The first story was called “All Greek to Me” and it was basically about Persephone living in the real world and then finding out she’s actually a goddess. It’s awful.
  2. I don’t think I knew what spot directing was back then, zooms didn’t exist, my characters had zero substance whatsoever, and there was no explanation to anything – the plot just happened with no questions asked. I still haven’t published a story, but I think it’s safe to say I’ve outgrown these mistakes.
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  1. My first, unpublished (gladly) story was called “Celebrity Crush”. It was supposed to be about two high school sweethearts who became celebrities overnight and was meant to be super dramatic.
  2. My directing is x4347505 times better. It wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t anything like it is now. My writing is x300 times more dramatic (sucker for drama, what can I say :joy:) and the dialogues are no longer cringe-worthy! Yay!
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My first story is life a roller coaster… Not yet published but working on it… hopefully you all like it once I publish it…

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My first Episode story…

Hoo boy.

  1. The first story I started was a) crap and b) an attempt to turn a story I wrote in my teens (which is also crap–why were you such a filthy perv, teenage me?) into something salvagable. That didn’t work, but I did end up including some of the characters in a different story, so it wasn’t a total loss.

  2. I’ve gotten much, much better at directing since then, and I’d like to think I’ve gotten better with plots as well–I mean, they actually make sense now…


my first story is published but not finished I know it’s probably sloppy because I’m new to this and I know there’s room for improvement it’s about the mc and her father move half way across the country to start a new life and move the mcs business but the reason they moved was because the mcs mother “died” and they needed a new start theres lots of plot twists in my story and because I’m new I don’t have choices because I haven’t figured that part out yet as I’m using my mobile phone and I don’t have access to a computer and theres no customizations because it’s important to my story

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HAhahahhahaha ok…

1. What was your first story about? (Published or Not)
It was a gang leader romance :roll_eyes::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: For bonus points, it was also a love triangle with the MC’s ex-boyfriend.

2. How far do you think you have come sense that first story?
Leaps and bounds. But most importantly, I found out that romance/drama really isn’t my forte. After I published my first story, I entered the Mysterious contest to challenge myself because I thought I’d be terrible at mysteries. I realised I do much better in that genre and that’s definitely more my style (as is thriller). Makes sense to be honest, considering those are the main genres that I read.

I’ve gone back and cleaned up my first story (the directing was terrible) but it’s still cringe-y and it’s now hidden from my profile. (Nothing against gang leader stories- some are good I’m sure, but mine was not lol)


1. What was your first story about? (Published or Not)
It was about a girl who worked at her fathers business and falls for her childhood friend who is the son of their rival company’s owner and blah blah. It was kinda awful. :see_no_evil::joy:

2. How far do you think you have come since that first story?
Very far. Now I have two stories (Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future & Quiet Confidence) which are doing really well. I’ve found me writing with someone keeps me more motivated lol. :grin:


1. What was your first story about? (Published or not)
Oh Gods, my first story. :see_no_evil: I like to tell everyone that my official first story was The Devil Within but… it wasn’t. Lol I had an unpublished one I had named Destined that was about a God and his cursed, reincarnated lover. Somewhat cliche but I LIKE to think there were some original aspects to it. :joy: I had full customization but my choices didn’t really matter (the ones I had created so far that was) and the first two chapters were like… STUPID short. :joy: The directing was so basic and awful. I’m so, so, SO glad I never published it. Lol

2. How far do you think you’ve come since your first story?

I think I’ve made leaps and bounds! I show more and tell less, my directing has become ten times better, that’s what I’m most proud of. And my episodes are definitely a much better length. Lol if you were to compare my latest story (Wild West) to Destined, you’d think I was two different authors. :joy: I’m very proud with how far I’ve come! And I only plan to keep getting better and better!


What was your first story about? (Published or Not)
My first story was about a guy who loves musical theatre and is hoping to be successful after hearing about an audition. Meanwhile, he gets help from his friends and 2 girls that he has a crush on.

How far do you think you have come since that first story?
I think that I have come pretty far, but I still have a long way to go. I have 2 completed stories and I am currently working on my 3rd story. My writing and directing skills have improved, but I am still trying to learn the more advanced aspects of storytelling and development.


What was your first story about?
It was about twins and one goes missing and the other tries to figure out what happens. I wanted to have the missing twin be dead by when I was reading the guidelines, I didn’t think it would be appropriate for 13 year olds so I changed it from being a super cool mystery story to like basically a soap opera.
How far do you think you have come since that first story?
So far! First story had basically zero zooms, zero pans, no spot placement and a choice every twenty lines that didn’t matter. But I went back once I started to learn all those things and revamped it, so I don’t think you’d be able to tell how basic it was anymore


I am really enjoying this thread. You have people who are like ‘oldies’ who are like I’ve come so far! (Thank Goodness!) whereas there are a few ‘newies’ starting their first story.


i remember my first story so clearly… i was on vacation in another continent and i decided to try the writers portal… i made like a copy of the demi stories but with myself and my sister :joy: i was so impressed with it because i used choices lol

i’ve learned so much ever since that story… it makes me cringe so much. i now use proper grammar, better choices, wayy more complex script writing, and i’m just way better in general lol. and i no longer copy stories.

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1, I have no idea what my first story was about :smiley: It doesn’t really have a plot, it’s just random dialogues between friends (and potential love interests) what I tried to make look like an actual story. I didn’t want to accept that my episodes were too short, but thanks to my readers, I finally realized it (which took me only a year…) My directing was awful, I only let my characters stand at an exact spot because I knew every time I wanted to make them move, they would “unexpectedly” start sliding and growing :smiley: I also had many teleporting characters, while my only character who can actually teleport is in another story of mine. I seriously think I should have tested the story more times, because not being a native English speaker is not an excuse for having “I don’t wanna loose my friend” in my script for like 4 months.

2, My directing still needs improvement, but I have learned a few things and I’m glad now I’m able to write chapters that are longer than the ads between them. I became faster with coding and I hate the fact that previously I had a lot of free time to work on my stories but I lacked creativity, and now I have a lot of ideas but I’m too busy to work them out.

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  1. My first that I started about was about a girl having problems with her family and meets a guys and falls in love… I started it and the story was basically crap because I didn’t added any zooms, pans or even spot directing there and most of all it didn’t have many to no choices in it…
    The plot was basically very…messed up. thank goodness that I never published it…because if I compare my Fantastical story with that one IT DOESN’T STAND A chance against it!
    And My story’s grammar was very dull I didn’t focused over it as I read stories where the grammar wasn’t good so I thought that it didn’t matter but after coming on the forums I get to know that do not compare your story to another… Make the best out of it…And my grammar in the Fantastical contest entry is pretty good…

  2. My directing is good but not great still needs a lot of improvement but I am looking forward to learning everything…I am faster at coding then before as when I started I was a turtle that walked at a very very slow pace but now I am faster well at least a little bit!