DISCUSSIONS: Commissions for Artwork

Every time I try to find an artist on Instagram that makes edits, I always notice that the majority of artists ask for commissions. I don’t know if I am the only one who feels this way, but I think it’s kind of “unnecessary” to have someone pay for artwork. I can understand why some artists ask for money, but at the same time, a lot of people within the Episode community don’t have a source of income to pay for artwork. There are new authors constantly discovering and writing stories on episode (mostly young teenage girls), and of course, they don’t have a source of income yet… They may need a story cover for their story, but they can’t have someone to make it for them without some artists charging for it. Any thoughts about this?


Some artists believe that their talent is worth money. But everything is art, that’s like saying, I feel good to the point, to where you should pay for my backgrounds.



I don’t know… I mean, it kind of makes me sad that I have to pay for artwork that will benefit me for a short period of time… Don’t get me wrong, there are some talented artists within this community, but I don’t have money to pay for some of their artworks :frowning:


A lot of artists I see on instagram use commissions as a source of income. So if that is the case, I think it is reasonable (depending on the pricing). If they make original art as their hobby or for a living. But if they are making edits or episode related things, they shouldn’t really be charging any money. Because I believe it is not allowed to sell anything episode related :thinking:.


I agree with you. I don’t think they should be charging for episode related things either because it isn’t necessarily “real” artwork that could be used to outside of Episode; it’s Episode related only. I do know a few Episode artist who do make artwork for a living outside from Episode related artwork, so therefore, that’s a different story. I don’t mean to be rude about this at all.


I agree and disagree :see_no_evil: some artists use paid apps to make art


I don’t doubt that because I know programs like Adobe Photoshop is pricey.

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A lot of artists asking for commissions are actually artists who do this for a living or at least as a major source of income. Personally, I would expect to pay for something like that (e.g art scenes as seen in The Teacher).

If someone is charging for an edit using Episode assets, then that is against the guidelines and they shouldn’t be charging for it.

ETA: I’ve personally commissioned one cover. It was fairly pricy. While it looks great, I don’t think commissioning covers and/or artwork is actually necessary. Artwork or a fancy cover won’t convince me to read a story. Artwork may add a special touch, but I don’t think they’re really value added and for the average person, you’ll just end up a few $$$ out of pocket. If it’s something you can’t afford then I really don’t think it’s a big deal as it’s a luxury item, not something that you need.


I do agree with what you said about this. I mean, a person is wasting a few dollars just for artwork that is only used for Episode. It’s not necessary. I wouldn’t charge anyone any money just to make them a story cover for their story.

You’re right, a fancy cover won’t convince any reader to read a story, although sometimes it does. I don’t understand why, but for some readers, a cute art cover has to get them to read an author’s story… Just saying…

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The person I bought the cover from is an artist. It’s what she does. She’s aware of Episode, she might read occasionally, but she’s not actually part of the community. It’s her job- she probably doesn’t really care what I’m going to use it for and she’s not going to take that into consideration when charging :joy:. (No professional artist who does this for money is going to go “Oh, you’re using it on Episode? Okay, that will be free.”) I chose to pay the money because this was a revamp of one of my stories and I needed the cover to be different to the original and I was too lazy to do it myself. I don’t think it’s made a difference to my reads or anything.

If someone is trying to charge you for a cover using Episode’s assets (so not a digital art cover but an edited cover), then that is against the guidelines.

You can get great covers for free though :slight_smile:
I typically make my own. I was terrible when I started but I’ve gotten a lot better (there are loads of great apps out there both free and for a couple dollars). Then there are groups and artists on here and IG who do requests (for free) but they’re often closed due to demand.


I understand :slight_smile:

So, you actually posted a while back about you turning 18 and wanting to unlock the payment section so you can get paid. You want to get paid for what you love doing, right? Same with artists who do commissions! They enjoy doing it and it helps out with their income. There is nothing wrong with charging for art, it’s their choice. They have the talent and spent so much time practicing, even buying equipment to do the art. You don’t have to commission. No one is forcing you buy and put the artwork in your story. You don’t need to spend your money. You can indeed get free artwork done.


I understand what you mean. Yes, of course I’d love to get paid as a reward for something I love doing. No harm in that. I was just quick to judge artists charging commissions because I don’t really know what all they go through just to make beautiful artwork. I am wrong for doing that. On the other hand, it’s hard finding artists that does artwork for free. I always look on here and on Instagram; no luck.

hi sweetie, to offer you a point of view from an artist, charging artworks is absolutely necessary because firstly, art tools are not cheap! to make good art u need good mediums, and you have to pay. time is also used for the artwork, often a well painted digital artwork takes about 10 hours minimum for a professionally painted full body art. and to reach the professional skill, you need at least 10-20 years of hardcore practise. mastering skills in art is in fact, very difficult. time and money is invested, so if you’re going to request for a professionally done art, you got to pay.


It depends on the artist.

Some artists do all their artwork for free and take requests for free. They are either a powerhouse-art-God(ess) who can take on that crazy load and still, somehow, have time to eat and sleep…or they completely wear themselves out very quickly. For every hundred regular artists out there, there is just one of these superhumans, the artist we aspire to be. :heart:

Most artists do the artwork for free and don’t take requests because the workload is too much or they can’t handle the stress of requests. You have to remember, while there are plenty of very lovely, patient people making requests…there are also plenty of eager, pushy people who can be quite demanding. These artist might make special exceptions for friends, but other than that they don’t take any requests whatsoever. For them, it’s just better not to have to deal with the stress. These guys almost always just do backgrounds.

Then there’s the third category. These artists do some artwork for free, and when they take requests they do so behind a paywall so they get paid for playing roulette with the customer - sometimes you get a nice person, sometimes you get a super picky person who will always find something that needs to be tweaked. The issues with accepting money for requests is that you have to listen to the customer. If they don’t like something, that you probably have to redo it. This makes sense for a lot of higher quality book covers - you know the type…drawn by hand and looks like it costs money.

And then, finally, there are artists who do work and requests for money. There are probably just as many of these guys as the first type, so it kind of balances out. These guys are almost always professional and make a living off of stuff like this. You don’t get very many here, so you’d have to venture out to find them.

I don’t consider any of the above four artists better than the others. Everyone’s different - has different creative processes. I’m learning Blender to do backgrounds, and when I figure that out I’ll be posting them on the Episode Life website just because requests stress me out, lol, but everything will be for free because I think one of the best parts of this community is how much everyone contributes and shares.


I find the rule of thumb with art, especially covers, it that if it looks like it would cost money, it probably does.

I think it really depends on the type of art they do. If it’s the artist has their own unique style and it is professionally done then I think it is necessary to pay the artist. They spend countless ours in front of the computer to finish these artworks. It’s also their profession.

Many people take requests for free especially episode related art scenes and covers. You just have to know where to look.

I’m an artist, and I’d do requests for free if I wanted to or if I could. Sometimes I can’t draw, that’s besides the point LOL

I wouldn’t charge, especially for things like this here on Episode because I just don’t think Episode is the place for that. There are other places for that, like dA (if you can avoid all the cringe XD) and other places.

I do think artists should charge for their work, but I do not think artists should even offer or consider doing Episode art for people if they won’t do it for free. >.> It just isn’t the place.

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I understand what you’re saying. I judged something when I shouldn’t have because I am not an artist. Therefore, I said those things.

Thanks for sharing that with me :slight_smile: