Disney characters?


Hey, I was wondering if I could take Disney characters to create a new story because I don’t now if that would be against rules or something.
I have an idea in mind, where Disney characters would go to the same Academy and I was thinking about making my story related to feminism, so I thought that maybe using Disney princesses I could make a better impact. Before thinking about the story any further, I just wanted to check first if there’s nothing wrong with that.
Thanks ahead!


I don’t think you’re allowed to use Disney characters as they’re trademarked for Disney. So, I don’t think you can use them as it would be against the Episode guidelines. :slight_smile:


Yeah, like @WinterMoon05 said, you probably wouldn’t be able to use them for copyright reasons. Although, maybe you could make characters similar, but not completely the same. Like base the characters off of the Disney ones, but change them so they are different to the original and are very different people? Sounds like a really cool story, though :smile:


I have to agree with the other responses. Perhaps, as @random_life stated, by changing the characters themselves a bit, but basing them off the Disney Princesses you would likely be enabled. Keep in mind! The princesses were not always property of Disney. You may be enabled to use those mentioned in The Grimm Brothers Fairytales, and old folklore. Anyways… good luck with your story!


Yeah, I was thinking about changing them actually. I’d be basically taking the names, and creating a completely new story, but I have seen some stories that are actual copies from movies, so I don’t why it should be a problem…


I’d have to go with the basis of that being perhaps overlooked, or even maybe a few differing events? And yes, the creation of a complete different story, I must say I believe it would be enabled… so long as you make it clear that you aren’t copying Disney. :slight_smile: Again, the fairytales aren’t originally sourced from Disney itself, they stem from other stories from different cultures. Such as before Cinderella was an animatic, The Grimm Brothers wrote a well… rather grim tale about it in their literature.

Overall, it just depends on how you go about it. From what I’ve gained so far, it’ll be an interesting story. Good luck!


This may help. A LOT of the original fairy tales are actually in the GRIMM Fairy Tales collection. Disney does not own the Grimm Fairy Tales. They were written before Walt Disney was even born. What Disney owns is their own artwork and re-imagining of the tales which are rather bowdlerized by Disney. The GRIMM tales are much darker. (A great read by the way if you want to know the origin of what you know as Disney stories).

That being said, you should only get in trouble if you use their artwork or likeness produced by Disney (which Episode will not approve regardless). Using their names should not be an issue if you make it your own story.


I made a story with almost this exact plot, and it got reported, then taken off :disappointed:


Thank you so much! Then I’ll try. All I want is to use their names and, for instance, Belle’s look would be like this.
But again, the story will have nothing to do with the one from the beauty and the beast. She will only be smart, and maybe I will try to show how sometimes men are intimidated by smart women, does it makes sense?
I’m actually so exited about my story, I wouldn’t want to make it and then thrown away. :frowning:


The original stories were not written by Disney. They are Classic fairy tails. You’ll be fine :slight_smile: