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Also when I let the reader customize their brother it goes all wrong. When I click customize a character and I am done the MC comes in again then it repeats and also when I am done customizing the brother it sends me to the MC place. I actually do not know how to explain it so
#MUM stands screen center in zone 3
#DAD stands screen center in zone 3

@YOU changes into YOU_default

@cut to zone 2

@YOU stands screen center AND YOU faces left
So… what’s your name?
label first_name_input
input What’s Your First Name?|What’s Your First Name?|Done(NAME)
if (NAME is “”) {
You do need a name.
goto first_name_input
} else {

label changing_appearance

So [NAME], what's your look?

“Customize character”{

@YOU goes to character avatar

goto changing_appearance

“Use profile avatar”{

@YOU becomes female profile

goto changing_appearance

“I look perfect”{


@YOU exits right

@pause for a beat

@CHARLIE enters from right to screen center

[NAME], Can you customize your brother too make him look like you

“Customize character”{

@CHARLIE goes to character avatar

goto changing_appearance

“He looks perfect”{


@MUM becomes YOU
@MUM changes eyebrows into Arched Natural
@MUM changes face into Heart Mature
@MUM changes eyes into Deepset Downturned
@MUM changes mouth into Medium Heart Natural
@MUM changes hair into Classic Bob
@MUM changes nose into Grecian Soft
@MUM changes into MUM_default

@DAD becomes CHARLIE
@DAD changes eyebrows into Round Soft
@DAD changes face into Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
@DAD changes eyes into Male Deep Sunken
@DAD changes mouth into Medium Straight Natural
@DAD changes hair into Tousled Loose Curls Long
@DAD changes nose into Hooked Grecian
@DAD changes into DAD_default

@CHARLIE exits left

@transition fade out black 1

You’ve used the same label for the brother as you have for the MC. You should change it to something different. Maybe try change_brothers_appearance?

I’ll try

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